Thursday, January 3, 2008

It is finished!!!

It finally happened....on New Year's Day....Logan finished Weston's crib. It looks and works perfect! I absolute love it! We moved furniture around and now Weston actually has his own room. I find myself just walking by and smiling. I can't wait to be in there with him!!
I think it wore Logan plumb out. He was pooped.

Our 2 year Anniversary

We celebrated our 2 year anniverary on New Year's Eve. We got all dressed up (yes, i found a dress to fit and he wore a tie!) and went to the Melting Pot. They had a special New Year's Eve menu, so it was a 5 course fondue meal! It was a lot of food but a lot of fun. We came home and watched our wedding videos and toasted with our bubbly sparkling grape juice. It was a fun night. We kept thinking how every anniversary, holiday, birthday, etc will be SO different next time......Weston will be here!
I'm about 30 weeks now. He is kicking like crazy. Sometimes it actually feels like I have an alien or something inside of me. I love it though and I thank the Lord for all those little kicks, knowing that he is doing what he is supposed to.

Christmas Break

We have had a great Christmas break. First we went up to Denton and stayed with Mallory and Jason. Logan's parents came down from Kansas. We had a great time watching Malakai play with all his toys.
I think Logan is getting more used to holding babies now....I sure hope so....Weston will be here in like 2 months!!!
After Denton we headed on to Weatherford. It was the best because Brittany and Grant were actually in town too from Charlotte! So we got to go to our old favorite....the Pizza Place. It was exactly the same :)
Then we celebrated with my family. Kiersi and Kayden were so fun to watch. They loved opening their gifts....or at least the sacks and paper on them.
On Christmas morning we went to Ruidoso with all of my family. It acutally snowed on Christmas night as we were getting in to Ruidoso. So we had a white Christmas! The boys skiied one day and froze playing golf another day. We stayed around the house and shopped some in town. It was a great trip.