Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kiersi and Weston

I kept asking Kiersi where Weston was and she would touch my belly and smile. She is the cutest.

Weston's Room

After a LOT of hard work from Weston's daddy, aunt Mallory and uncle Jason, I think his room is just about ready.

Mallory painted the scripture on the wall, while Jason, and Logan, and I painted the stripes. They were both so sweet to come all the way down here and help us with the room. Malakai helped too!
Logan built the changing table to match the crib. It is awesome. He didn't use plans or anything.....he is the best!
Picking out the bedding turned into a huge ordeal. I had wanted to get it made, but the fabric took almost 3 months to come in and I didn't like it when I finally saw it. So I ended up ordering this set online. I love it and I'm glad to have it done.

I find myself going in Weston's room and just sitting in the rocker. Logan makes fun of me and tells me I'm "nesting" again. I love being in there for some reason and I just sit there and think about what it's going to be like with Weston in there. I can't wait to hold my little boy and kiss him. It's going to be awesome to be a mom.

Baby Showers

We are so blessed by the people in our lives. This little boy is sure getting a lot of love before he is even here! Here are some pictures of the showers. They have all been so special to us.

Almost 38 weeks!

I just don't think this belly can get any bigger. Can skin really stretch any farther? I think Weston is really getting ready to make his grand entrance into this world. We can't wait! The doctor thinks that he'll be early....but who knows. We are just praying that the Lord will bring him when he is good and ready!