Tuesday, April 29, 2008

6 weeks

My mom's friend, Lynn, came to visit me. She sure squeezed and loved on me a lot. It was fun to see her.

My aunt Kay stopped by to see me too! It was my first time to meet her and I sure did love her. She told my mom some good stories about raising 3 boys! My mom better be ready for things to come :)

I got to hang out on the porch with my mom and dad. Stormy decided to get in the picture too. We planted plants all day on Saturday. We hope the deer don't come and eat them all....we put Stormy on guard.

I smile a lot now....but my mom and dad have a hard time catching it on the camera.

Monday, April 21, 2008

My first roadtrip!

I got to go on my first roadtrip! I went up to Weatherford and got to visit lots of people. I met my Mamaw and Papaw, Mamu and Popa, and Grandma and Grandpa Martin for the first time. They squeezed and loved on me a lot. It was a lot of fun. I also got to see my cousin Ashley and aunt Diane and my aunt Pam. My aunt Pam and I matched with our Aggie shirts on. My dad was extra proud of me that day.

My aunt Mallory and uncle Jason came over to see me too. They brought my cousin Malakai. He is crawling around everywhere. I'm not sure if I'll ever keep up with him. We tried to take some pictures together but it's still really hard for me to sit up. I need some more practice.

My aunt Melody and uncle Greg came to see me too. My uncle Greg sure did love holding a little boy. We found out too that he is going to be an assistant principal next year!! We are really excited for him.

Monday night I got to go to my first Ranger's Game. My grams bought me a baseball outfit to wear. I sure looked cute. It was a lot of fun mainly because my grandpa Rick got to see me. He sure loved holding me. He said that I could be his grandson! Another grandpa....I am sure excited about that!!!

My grams kept Kiersi and Kayden on Tuesday while we were there. She bought us all matching overalls. We took lots of pictures together. I think Kiersi likes me a lot. She loved to help my mom burp me and always helped me keep my socks on. Kayden is almost walking! She is growing fast!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Meme and Grumpa come to visit

Mimi and Grumpa came for Easter and stayed several days with us.

We worked in the yard....well my dad and Grumpa worked in the yard while my Mimi climbed the trees with Stormy :) They made a new sidewalk for us all the way to the driveway! It looks great.

Mimi took good care of me. She made some yummy food for my mommy and daddy. Uncle Timmy and Darlene came and visited us too. We had birthday cake for Timmy and Mimi's birthday.

I even got to go to church for the first time on Easter sunday. I slept through the entire service! Mimi gave me my first bunny. I love it very much.

Grams stays to help

Grams stayed with us for a week and really helped out. She cooked some yummy food for us too!