Thursday, May 29, 2008

Girls Weekend

My 2 best friends came to see me this past weekend. Jenifer is in Dallas and Brittany is in North Carolina. They both flew in for the weekend. It was a blast. We got to talk and talk and talk! We took them to our church, went to the lake, ate some yummy mexican food, exchanged our best recipes, went walking, and shopped in Boerne. Logan was great and even cooked us breakfast and served us out on the back porch! He was great! They loved Weston and got to love on him all weekend. I'm giving them plenty of practice :) We all had a great time together.

John Deere

My other little boy got a new toy. Our yard was screaming for a good he finally broke down and spent the money and got him his first lawnmower. I was watching from inside the house and he was just smiling as he rode it all around the yard. He looked a little funny on that thing because he is so tall :) but he sure was having fun. I hope he has that much fun everytime he mows the yard :)

All night

He is such a great baby.....he's been sleeping through the night for almost 2 weeks now!! 11 1/2 hours without a peep. I think I'm getting spoiled but I sure am thankful for it right now. I think all his cute little rolls are sure helping him make it longer at night....and I'm sure it's that great crib he is sleeping in :) I love my little boy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My first camping trip

Last Friday I got to go on my very first camping trip. We went to Kerrville. I had a blast. I got to cook hotdogs and smores on the fire. I got to sleep in a tent too! My mom made me a little palet right beside her sleeping bag. In the morning, we made breakfast tacos and then we went hiking. We also went down to the river to but no swimming for me was still a little chilly. I had a blast and I can't wait to go again!

My new chair

My mom just bought me my first chair! I barely fit in belly sorta gets in the way. I like it though and I feel like a big boy in it since I can sit up in it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Answer to prayer

Yesterday we found out that my sister and Greg put an offer on a house Tuesday night and they accepted yesterday!!! No counter offer or anything...they just accepted!!! The crazy thing is that they will be living two streets over from my sister-in-law!!! Crazy how that all happened....but I am so excited for them. They have been living in a 2 bedroom apartment for 3 years....with 2 little girls!!! I can't imagine that and I know they are so ready to be in a house. They definitely deserve it....actually they deserve a huge mansion for doing that for so long. Now we must keep praying for the cafe to sell.....hopefully very soon!!!

Off the Charts!!

I went to my 2 month doctor's appointment on Tuesday. The nurse couldn't believe how big I've gotten. She got me up on the scale and I filled up the entire scale. I weighed 14 lbs and 13 oz!!! She looked on the chart and I am off the charts for my weight....above the 95th percentile!! I am a big and healthy boy. I think my mom has some super-charged breastmilk :)

I got my head length measured (50-75th percentile)...and then came the not fun stuff....I had to get 4 shots!!! I screamed but my mom made me feel better...and I did get some pretty cool bandaids.....can you see my crayon on my leg?? I sure slept a lot the rest of the day. I hope I don't have to go back there anytime soon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Life as a Mom

Well I can't believe it's already been 2 months since Weston was born. Time flies when you're having fun.......and it has been amazing so far. I love my little boy so much. Yes, there are hard days when he won't take a nap or he's really fussy....but then he'll look up at you with those cute little eyes and smile and my heart just melts. I love him so much....more and more everyday. I am learning more and more everyday how to be patient and selfless taking care of him. It's hard sinful nature just wants my "me" time and it's something that I'm having to really work on. Logan has been amazing as a dad. He's been great to give me a little break when he is home in the evenings. He babysat for the first time last Saturday and did great. Weston's face just lights up when Logan gets home and comes over and talks to him. It's awesome to see. Staying home has definitely been a huge change for me but I'm really enjoying it and wouldn't trade the time with Weston for anything in the world. Is the house cleaner??? And a hot meal waiting on the table when Logan walks in the door??? Um...I don't think so...but am I getting to spend all day loving on my little boy....YES!! I am so thankful to the Lord that we are able to make it work for me to stay home. I feel so blessed by the Lord to be a mom to the cutest little boy there ever was.

Mother's Day

I treated my mom extra special on Sunday. Me and Dad brought her breakfast in bed! She was so surprised. We made her pancakes....she loved them. Then I gave her a present.....I got her a gift certificate to get a massage!! I just had dad pick it up for me. Then I got to have my first of many trips to the lake. It was great. I got to put my swimsuit on for the first time.....and boy was I cute in it! My mom and dad both skiied and I just took it easy in the boat. I really only like when the boat is in motion.....I don't like that sitting still. I can't wait to go again.

Me & My Dad

I sure love my dad. He even got me my very own Tilson hat to wear. It's just my size. He let me drive his truck too!!! I think I'm on my way to growing big and strong like my daddy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

8 weeks!

Look how big I'm getting!!! I love to smile now too!! I love my pops....I got to hang out with him during the party on Saturday.

Dinner with the Kriegers

While we were in town I got to see Jason, Mallory and Malakai. We met them for dinner. Malakai is ready to start playing with me!! My aunt Mal got to love on me too.

Kiersi turns 2

Kiersi celebrated her 2nd birthday this past weekend. She had a barnyard party at Grams and Pops house. So her Uncle Logan built her a barn to play in. She loved it! The Tilson truck was quite a site driving from San Antonio with a big barn in the back.

She had a fun party. Her mom went all out for it and even made a cute barnyard cake. She had a big bouncy house to jump in that she never wanted to get out of. Even Kayden got in and played. She had a bubble machine too. Her pops took everyone on a hayride out in the pasture to go see the cows. We even got to feed the cows! It was a lot of fun. She got a stroller for her baby doll that she loved. I think Weston had fun too at his first ever birthday party!