Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weston's First Word...."coke"

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and push pause on the music player because you have to listen really carefully and you can hear Weston's first word...."coke"!!

Roadtrip with the Neals

This past weekend we went to Ruidoso, NM with some of our friends from church, Matt and Aren. We all 5 rode in the Neal's Honda. It was a tight squeeze but sure saved a lot by just taking one vehicle. The trunk was completely full....it was like a jigsaw puzzle trying to get everything to fit. It was Weston's first trip to Ruidoso and I think he liked it pretty well. He did great considering it was a 9 hour drive. On the way on Friday it was mostly night time so he slept a lot, but on the way back yesterday it was daytime the entire trip. He took a few little naps but mostly it was the great entertainment of his parents in the backseat that kept him from losing it. It's amazing what you'll do and how dumb you'll act to keep your child entertained for 9 hours! Logan was pretty good at it. We did a lot of relaxing at the cabin most of the weekend....watched movies, read, took naps, and ate. We went hiking for a little while on Sunday afternoon. Weston loved it. Most of the pictures are from that day. He couldn't have been happier riding on his dad's back and looking at all the trees and scenery. It was pretty cute to watch him be that happy outside. We hiked up to a river and let him crawl around for awhile. He got to put his little toes in the cold river and found a stick to chew on. He was happy.

We had a great time with the Neals....they are great friends. Fun memories from the weekend.....almost running out of gas, shouldn't have stopped at McDonalds, pasta in water, "would you rather", hot tub, honking at the 2 kids, jolly ranchers, "bonjour", seeing big deer, Matt's sliced thumb, annoying waitress, packing the trunk, and hiking to the river. Our hope was that we wouldn't scare them away from having kids by spending a weekend with us and Weston. I don't think we did :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First Tooth

We finally got our first tooth on Monday. He woke up real fussy from his nap and he had a runny nose. I put my finger in his mouth and felt his gums and sure enough his first little tooth was poking through! He hasn't been very happy at times the past couple of days....but he is getting through it with lots of drool and fun teething rings. Guess we better start saving for the tooth fairy :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We took Weston to the Pumpkin Patch in Boerne yesterday. It was a lot of fun but very challenging to get him to look at the camera. There were too many distractions around for him. I probably looked like a lunatic trying to play peek-a-boo to get him to smile. Oh well. We had fun. Oh and although you can't see it in the picture.....we couldn't keep his jeans buttoned...they were way too tight.....poor little guy....he's jeans are already too tight for him :)

He's going to kill me someday for taking these. I think the people around us were wondering what in the world we were doing as we were stripping down our child.....oh well....the rolls with a diaper in with the pumpkins are just too cute.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weston's TWIN!

We had to go get our tires rotated and guess who we got to meet???? Weston's TWIN!! Do you see the resemblance?? So of course we had to get their pictures together....Michelin Man has been his nickname since birth!

7 months old!!

Weston turned 7 months old on Saturday. He is SO much fun. I love him more and more everyday....didn't even know that was possible. He loves to giggle a lot....we call him Mr. Giggles. He will think the silliest things are so funny....like mom brushing her teeth.....seeing himself and you in the mirror....sometimes even just looking at him in a certain way will get him. He loves standing up and holding on to his little table that we got him. He'll stand there forever and just keep pushing all the buttons. He sorta sways his hips back and forth.

I finally got a video to upload. Our internet is so slow out here that it takes forever. We did this the other night. He is really getting around now....but he normally needs a goal of some sort. He is finally rolling all the way over too.....that took awhile from him back to his tummy.....it is a big belly! We think he is slimming down a little....still lots of chubbiness.....and I love it to pieces!!!

I'm running the half marathon here in San Antonio in a few weeks. Weston is my little personal trainer. We've been running outside more lately since the weather has been cooler. It's TOUGH on these hills in our neighborhood pushing him in the stroller.......so I think he is giving me an extra workout. He loves to ride in the mornings and help mom up those hills :)

Lately he has loved my cell phone. We got him a play one that makes "moo"ing noises. I normally answer the call and then hold it up to his ear. He thinks it's so funny to hold it up to his ear and babble. We've done it with his Grams and dad on the phone and it's really cute to see his expressions while they are talking to him.

Grandma Martin and mom came down for a night last week to keep him for the day. I helped with a booth at UTSA for the pregnancy center. It was so fun to have them here and for them to get to babysit! Thanks for making the long drive for such a quick trip!!!

Dad loves to give him a mohawk at night after his bath. It's pretty funny and it makes for some interesting hair styles the next day.

I love this picture.....I just think he's thinking, "I sure love my mom!" (or that's what I'm hoping he's thinking!!!)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Gramps!

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Gramps! I love you very much. Sorry I didn't get to come see you.....but I'll see you in a few weeks. I'm ready to show you all my new tricks!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Brittany and Grant

So we've been praying for this for awhile now and it finally happened.....Brittany and Grant sold their house in North Carolina and are moving back to Texas!! Yeah!! And even better news is that they are moving to the hill country!! They stayed several days with us last week while they looked around at the areas for houses. I think they are really interested in New Braunfels. They will be SO much closer to us!!! I can't hardly stand it......my best bud so close!!! We had SO much fun with them while they were here. We got to celebrate Brittany's 28th birthday while they were here. They both loved on Weston so much too while they were here....he loves his Aunt Brittany and Uncle Grant lots and lots. Here are a few pics from the past few days.

We went to eat at the Gristmill on Friday night with them. Weston was starting to get a little fussy at the end of dinner so I gave him one of my rib bones to suck on. He loved it!! He made a mess all over dad's lap. It was great.

Here is him helping with the laundry. He's such a good helper....although I could barely lift up the laundry basket....those were some heavy clothes!!

Saturday night we had a night out with our little boy and went shopping for him some new "big boy" toys. I think his dad had more fun playing with all of them than Weston....notice Weston's new keys on Logan's pants. We got him a few things and he was super excited to play with all of them.
Just a lot of cute pictures of him with all his chub!......lots of rolls everywhere!