Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mr. Giggles

I took this earlier today when he woke up from his nap. I don't know what was so funny....but he sure had the giggles.

He has just started this thing where he just jabbers with his mouth....he does it on here. It's pretty cute if you ask me!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Personal Trainer and my 1/2 Marathon

So I ran yesterday in the Rock-n-Roll 1/2 marathon here in San Antonio. It was SO fun. I know that sounds nuts to most of you but I just really love running and doing a race is a lot of fun to me. It actually was the biggest marathon in Texas....30,000 runners! There were people everywhere!!! It started at 7:30 so it was nice and cold....which is great to run in. I actually ran it faster than I ever have.....1:48. That's 1 hour and 48 minutes to do 13.1 miles. I felt really good through most of the race and so I pushed myself pretty hard at the end. My goal was to do it under 1:50 so I was really excited. I found out today that our Governor, Rick Perry, beat me by 1 minute!! My 2 boys were there cheering me on. It was the best to see them....actually even though this sounds really corny...it almost brought tears to my eyes to see them on the sideline. They got to see me at mile 2, 8, and then at the finish line. Logan put Weston in the Baby Bjorn and they were both all bundled up. Logan wore a bright orange toboggan so I could spot him easily. It worked! It meant SO much to me to have them there. I painted Weston a shirt to wear....it said "Mom's Personal Trainer". This is pretty true because I really think pushing him around the neighborhood in the jogging stroller really helped me run faster! So it was a fun day. We celebrated last night by going over to some friends house for dinner. One of our friends had run in it too so they made dinner for all of us. It was so sweet of them to do that....they spoiled me!

This is a quick video that Logan took of me at mile 2 while I saw them. I was handing my gloves to him.

Operation Christmas Child

Weston and I packed a box for a little boy for Operation Christmas child. He had a great time playing with all the toys while we were packing up the box. We sent a picture of us to him and put an envelope in the box for the little boy to hopefully write us back.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mimi, Gramps, Davy Crockett, and the Blue Car

Mimi and Gramps came down last Friday and stayed with us till this morning. We had a great time hanging out with them. They of course spoiled Weston to pieces. They brought him a blue car that you push and he can ride in. He loves it. He puts his little hands up on the steering wheel like he is really driving....he even has a horn to honk. It is great entertainment for him. His Gramps pushed or should I say "pooshed" him around the house in it all weekend.

We went to El Chapparal for dinner on Friday night. Weston tried to eat Mimi's plate while we were there. He got to try some avocado and tortillas! We also of course had to make a Carrabbas visit. Weston didn't get to eat much there....a little bread...but mainly his yummy green beans and oatmeal. Doesn't that sound yummy?? He sure didn't mind it.

Logan and Barry worked all Sunday on building a well house to cover our big ugly blue holding tank in the backyard. They got it all framed up. They also did some much needed tree trimming around the house.

We went shopping at Target while they worked.....sounds like a good deal to me! Mimi spoiled Weston and got him some clothes at Target. He is really needing some jeans that fit so we got him to try all kinds on while we were in the store. We have to keep going up in size to get them to fit his belly but then they are WAY too long.....these are 24 months in the pictures....pretty funny looking. We settled on 18 months and are hoping Grams will hem them at Thanksgiving!

They brought down Malakai's jumper that he is done using. Weston had a big time jumping in it. He knew exactly what to do in it.

Mimi put him in his bumbo seat and he got "tuck". I think he's a little too big for that now :(

This is Logan's Davy Crockett hat from when he was little. Judy found it and put it on Weston.....really funny. He didn't even seem to mind it.
Thanks Mimi and Gramps for making the LONG drive down to come see me. Thanks for spoiling me rotten, playing with me, my new clothes, and especially my new blue car!......Luv~Weston

Just cute pics of my boy. He was 8 months yesterday!!! Gosh I love him SO much....that smile gets me every time.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crash and Burn

Here's Weston walking behind his new toy.....well trying at least.....make sure you watch till the end...and yes, he was fine afterwards.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Under the Weather

Poor little guy has been sick all week. He must have caught something last weekend because Monday he came down with a fever and kept it for several days. We went to the doctor but it wasn't anything too severe....just a cold. Do you know that he even was smiling and laughing at the doctor's office!! He was hamming it up there.....funny little boy. He sure was cuddly for a few days though and just wanted to be with his mommy. I have to admit that I loved that time with him. He normally is up and down and all over the place these days. We stayed at the house pretty much all week.....so you can bet that mom is ready for the weekend!!! I think he is recovered and back to himself today. This is his first time to be sick though....so we are so thankful for that!!!

We are glad he is feeling better because Mimi and Gramps are coming to see us today and staying till Wednesday. So of course we had to make some special chocolate sauce for their visit. I thought it was time for Weston to try some of the secret recipe from the Cross family. He loved it of course....it's chocolate...and he's a Cross...what do you expect???

So he has 2 teeth now! I keep trying to get a picture of them and that is quite a feat with this little guy....that's about as good as it's going to get.....you might have to click on the picture so it'll be bigger.

This is one of his favorite things right now.....to stand up at the table and pull all his books off the shelf. Who knew this could be so fun??? (especially when Mom picks them up)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lost Maples State Park

We've been wanting to go out to Lost Maples State park in the fall because we've heard that it's just gorgeous to see all the trees changing colors. Well we went Saturday and it was beautiful!! We had a great time. We packed a lunch and put Weston up in his pack on his dad's back. Here's some pics of the day. I've never seen a state park that crowded. We actually had to wait in line to check in....but once you were on the trail it wasn't too bad. The trees were just amazing to see. It was a lot of fun.

My new toy!!

Weston played with a toy like this at playgroup the other day and did great behind it so of course I had to go get him one :) So his dad put it together Saturday morning and he's been playing with it ever since. He is taking steps behind it while he pushes it. He's such a big boy!!

Little Bumble Bee

Weston was a bumble bee for Halloween. He was the cutest bumble bee I'd ever seen...stinger and all. I bought him little girl black tights to wear with it. It was hilarious to see his chunky little legs in tights. I had to take a picture of it. The other one is of him with this little ghost hat on. It's so tight he looks like a gangster or something.
We had a playgroup party on Friday for lunch. It was pretty much chaos...but tons of fun....kids everywhere and costumes everywhere. We attempted to get them all on the couch for a picture but it didn't work very well. Most of them were losing it but of course little bumble bee was just sitting on the couch watching everyone. It was pretty funny.
We had a neighborhood party on Friday night. We strapped the bumble bee in the stroller and took off for the party. All of the kids were a lot older than Weston but he just sat there and watched them all. He had his little pumpkin all ready for some candy. Logan and I got to judge the costume contest. It was fun just to have a kid to dress up! We were talking about how much more fun everything is now with a kid....especially holidays!!!

We had Kiersi's cow costume from 2 years ago and we had Malakai's Tigger costume from last year. I had to try try them all on him. He was a pretty good sport about it. The cow costume was pretty small and I couldn't even get it to zip all the way....imagine that :) The Tigger costume was really cute on him.....it even had extra stuffing to make a bigger belly....we didn't really need that :)
We gave him this sucker on Saturday night and he went to town on it. One things for sure...he knows how to suck! He had orange drool running all down him. He was not happy when mom had to take it from him. I think the little bit of sugar that he got from it went straight to him! He was so hyper that night.....it took him awhile to detox from it.