Monday, March 30, 2009

Weston is Walking!!

Well I think it's official now. Now there are lots of falls and still some crawling going on but for the most part the preferred way of travel is walking. It's the cutest to see his big pot belly sticking out as he tries to balance it while he is walking. I can't believe my little boy is walking! It's the best though...and I think my back will be grateful :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Piles and Cheerios

Last week when Malakai was here he loved going out to our backyard and playing in the "piles" (pile of sand). So the other day I took Weston out to play in it. He had a blast digging in the dirt and filling up his bucket and dump truck. He of course had to eat some of it....everything still seems to go in that mouth of his! We were both covered in sand but it was fun. As soon as his dad heard about it he brought another load of sand for him.....plenty of sand to go around now!

I get these emails every week of games and things to do with your child at his particular age. Last week it said to get a string of some kind and teach them how to string cheerios on it. It said it helps them use their fingers. So I tried it the other day with him but the only thing that Weston knows to do with cheerios is EAT them! I would string a few on there for him and hand it to him and he would immediately eat them off. Oh was a good laugh and fun to watch him. I don't think any kind of learning games with food involved is going to be very effective with my child :)

1 Year Appointment

We went yesterday to Weston's 1 year appointment. You should have seen those nurses. At one time he had 3 nurses in there at one time going on and on about him. He had all of them wrapped around his little finger. He is such a flirt! He was putting on a big show for all of them. They were saying they wanted to take him home. It was pretty cute! He weighed in a 26 1/2 pounds (still in the 95th percentile) and was 30 inches tall (50th percentile). He gained about 2 1/2 pounds from 9 months and grew 2 1/2 inches. Dr. Coleman was very pleased with how he was doing and of course so is his mom!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weston the Walker

It's not officially walking yet but it sure is cute to see those pudgy little legs taking steps. He did a lot more than this the other night but of course he wouldn't do it as far once we got the camera out. I'm sure he isn't too far off from officially letting go all the time. Gosh we love him!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Little Man

Erika & Chris

We drove up to Waco this weekend for Erika's wedding. I had the honor of getting to be a part of her special day. She has been such a special friend to me. We met at Baylor and did Phi Lamb together and have just stayed close since. It was such a great weekend to celebrate with them. It was so obvious how happy and in love they are. She looked so beautitul and everything went so well. I am so excited for them and can't wait to spend more time getting know Chris. Weston was sick this past weekend so my super duper mom drove all the way down and kept him at our house for us. It meant the world to us because it would've been really hard to have him with us at the wedding. So thanks mom for helping're the best!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

First Birthday Party!

Oh did we ever have some fun on Sunday. We had Weston's first birthday party here at the house. We did a construction theme for it. It was tons of fun. All our immediate family made the trip south and came down. They were such a huge help with everything for the party. My 2 brother-in-laws were hanging up signs and caution tape while my dad and father-in-law were cooking all the hamburgers. My mom and mother-in-law were helping me get all the rest of the food ready while my sister made his cake. She did amazing! It was a 3-D dumptruck and then made a hard hat for Weston's cake. I loved it and I know Weston loved it. We took lots of pictures of everything so I'll just let you see the fun.

My child didn't hesitate one bit when that cake was set down in front of him. He started scraping the sides of the hat and then just started cramming all that icing in his mouth. It was making me sick to think of his little tummy getting all that sugar. He's never really even had sugar before! He got mad when I tried to take it from him. He was covered in yellow icing. There is no telling how much of that stuff he ate.....a lot! We just took him to the big utility sink and gave him a bath. He was pretty cute. He had a big time with all his new toys that he got too. He definitely got spoiled with all his new fun stuff.

A huge thanks to all his friends and our friends for coming to the party and for all his fun gifts. It was such a fun day to get to spoil my little boy.

Monday, March 2, 2009