Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weston's Play Days

This is trouble.....he is just about reaching the door handles now.....I can't even imagine what that will mean in the days ahead.

I bought him these muscle t's at a consignment sale in town. They look so cute on him with his chubby little arms. I just had to take some pics of him.

We've been spending lots of time outside these days. Weston loves his backporch and it's basically turned into that...."his" backporch. He has his toys scattered everywhere and him and Stormy have a great time playing out there all day. Here's some pics of him outside.....don't mind the belly hanging out :)

If the fridge is open, he is right there pulling out something. 9 times out of 10 it's the hershey's syrup bottle. why?? Why does this child have a love for getting into chocolate already?? I think I know the answer....he is a CROSS :) It runs in the family. Ever since I married into this family I have to admit I've eaten more chocolate in the past 3+ years than I probably have my whole life. I don't know what it is but it sure is yummy. But one thing I will say is "dark chocolate" :)
This past Friday night we got a group together and went to Gruene and ate at the Gristmill. We had a great time with our friends...they are great and we love our time with them. Here's a pic of the dad's and their boys. So cute!!!!
He loves to get out his golf clubs now and hit the balls around the house. You'll notice in the video he gets somewhat distracted....but it's still pretty cute to watch. I know his dad gets excited watching him even though they are plastic clubs :)

Friday, April 24, 2009


It's funny because just last weekend Logan and I were talking about how we felt like we should be doing something. We were saying surely there is some project or something that we need to be working on. I said maybe we should just relax because as soon as we get one call that someone wants to buy the house then everything changes......the madness will begin with finding a rent house, finding another lot, architect, and packing with a 1-year old! Well to our surprise last weekend might have been our last "relaxing" weekend for awhile. We got an offer on Wednesday morning for our house. We put in our counter offer and they accepted it that afternoon! So of course everything isn't definite yet....they have a 10-day option period and they are doing an inspection today but hopefully all will go through. So we are looking for a rent house now :) Weston is excited about having a new house to explore. I can't imagine what he's going to be like when we start packing!! I'll be packing and he'll be unpacking. Oh what fun that'll be :) Right now the closing date and the day we have to be out is May 25th! So here we go!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

New things with Weston

Weston is on the move these days. He is constantly into something! Since he's been walking everywhere his new thing is finding random stuff around the house and just carrying it around to other parts of the house. I've found shoes on the bathtub, an alarm clock in the trashcan, measuring cups in the hallway, hair gel on the toilet, and many other random things in random places. It's so fun to see him toddling around the house. He loves balls....throwing them, putting them in his mouth, and bouncing them on the tile floor. On Saturday we found him in his crib taking a nap with his pants off. He had just taken them off while he was trying to go to sleep. He's a blast and I love every minute with him!

These boys are becoming good buddies! They've been seeing a lot of each other with the tutoring that me and Catherine have been doing. They are starting to play with each other a lot better. It's so fun to watch them interact. Weston was reading him a book :) and then trying to steal his pacifier :(

His hair is becoming more and more crazy these days. We've got lots of curls in the back and now one on the top. This was his hairdo one morning.

Last week it was raining one day which of course we were very grateful for the rain but we were getting a little stir crazy inside. We stole an idea from Malakai and got out some dried pinto beans and had some serious fun in the kitchen floor. He of course had to put most of them in his mouth and then let them fall out. You can definitely tell we had a few beans to clean up when it was all over but it was fun....that's all that matters....right??

Ever since he started walking he's been playing so hard these days. Sometimes I'll just find him collapsed on the floor like this! It's hilarious but I guess he just needs a little rest :)

We bought him a big blue ball at Target this weekend. You would have thought we got him the coolest toy in the world. He loves the ball and loves to just kick it around on the backporch. Funny that you buy kids all these expensive toys and they'd rather just have the $2.50 ball :)

On Sunday afternoon we went to the driving range. It was REALLY windy but we still managed to have some fun. Dad showed us a few things about hitting the ball. Weston had fun playing with all the baskets and balls lying around. He was big stuff out there with his little plastic clubs.

Even though he only has 6 teeth we are still trying to keep them brushed every night. I read on another one of my friend's blogs that her little boy loved the electric toothbrush. We tried it the other night and he likes it much better than the regular toothbrush! Whatever works!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter. Weston was already up at my parents house in Weatherford. I met them halfway last Monday and he got to stay the rest of the week with them. It was a nice break but by about Wednesday afternoon I missed him really bad!!! We went up on Thursday night and came back last night. We all went to Melody's house on Saturday and all of Logan's family came over too. So Weston got to hunt Easter eggs with all of his cousins! It was a lot of fun. He didn't really understand much except how to eat the stuff inside of the egg.

So Malakai has an obsession with construction trucks and tractors and the Easter basket that I got for Weston had construction trucks all over it. This was a bad idea. All Malakai could do the entire time was stare at Weston's basket. It was pretty funny. Mean Aunt Mandy didn't get him a truck basket too. Silly me.

I bought got him a new outfit to wear to church for Easter sunday. He wore a tie with it too! I didn't think the tie would last....but he kept it on the whole time. He was pretty cute in it all. We had a great time with all our family this weekend.