Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

What a fun weekend! Friday night we went over and spent the night with Brittany and Grant. We went and ate dinner at Rudy's and then headed over to one of their awesome parks in town for a train ride. Weston loved it. He got to meet the engineer too!

Do you think Weston loves his uncle Grant and Aunt B or what??? Look at this kid!!! He loves them to death and I love seeing him with them.

Jenifer and Blair came in town on Saturday morning. That night we all met up in Boerne and went to eat some yummy mexican food at El Chapparal. Then we all went to our house and played games after little boy went to bed. The girls got beat but we sure had fun. We figured out that we just laugh too much to win. On Sunday night we met up at Brittany and Grant's house and cooked out for dinner. We had some yummy steaks and made homemade ice cream. We played washers in the yard too. Bailey (the dog) was a hit with Weston. He didn't want to leave her alone. He loved having their awesome big back yard to play in too.

Monday morning we got up and headed down to the Comal river and played in the water. They had tubes that we played in. The water was a little chilly so I didn't know how Weston would like it but of course he LOVED it. He is like a fish in the water. He isn't afraid of anything and I definitely have to watch him closely. We walked up the river a little ways and put our tubes in the water and floated down. The tube had a bottom to it so he just sat in there with me while Logan swam beside us and entertained him. He loved it.

We headed home after we played for awhile on the river. Talk about a tired boy.....I took a picture for evidence of how hard he crashed in the truck on the way home. We had such a great time with our friends. I love those girls to death!! (and their hubbies are ok too :) Thanks Jen for yall making the trip from Dallas down to see us and thanks Britt for hosting all of us. It was a blast!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moving, Rent House, and Total Destruction

Well it's been a little while since I've posted....that's been due to the craziness going on with us the last few days. We moved last weekend into a rent house in town. It's been quite an adjustement. I have been telling people it feels like we live in the median of I-10. The subdivision that our rent house is located in is right off the interstate. I can sit on the "backporch" (small concrete slab) and see the trucks and cars flying down the interstate between the rails on our fence. So it's been quite an adjustment from living where all you hear is the peacocks down the street to the interstate sounds. Another small adjustment was the beaming lights coming through our bedroom windows. The first night we literally woke up around 1:00 in the morning thinking it was dawn. Oh no, it was just the parking lot lights of the La Quinta in our backyard beaming through the windows. Needless to say I made a little trip to Walmart the next day and bought some fabulous black curtains to take care of that problem. It's been much better since.

So Weston is adjusting. It's been sorta hard for him because he doesn't have his favorite backporch anymore to play with all his toys on all day. But we're learning some new fun. We have stairs now in the rent house (which bless those of you with 2 stories). I've never lived in a 2 story besides college and sorry, but it's NO fun. I get all the way up the stairs and realized I forgot something. And to top that I have to haul a 30 lb weight up the stairs and manuever over the baby gates that are made for 7 ft people without killing myself and my child. I'm learning though.....Weston definitely LOVES climbing up the stairs. He's learning about coming down. Normally he just starts crying when he gets to the top and can't get down but he's slowly figuring out how to come down. He likes to side-step his way down by holding on to the wall. It's pretty cute.

So total destruction....what's that about. He's about 30 lbs and 2 feet tall. It's been like a tornado is in this house when he comes through a room. I guess it has something to do with being in a new place with new things to discover but he has dragged out everything imaginable and gotten into everything imaginable! I feel like all I say all day long is "no sir", "no touch", and "no Weston". Here's a few pics to show you what he was up to when I thought he was just "playing" while I was trying to unpack my closet.

And this was dinner the other night. I made Mexican stack and he decided to throw it from his high chair. It's SO hard not to laugh.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cousins Birthday Party

We drove up this past weekend for my nieces' birthday party. My sister decided to have one party for both of them since both of their birthdays are in May. Yes, one on the 2nd and one on the 26th....just over a year apart. Yes, bless her. It was great. The party was a baking theme....they got their own chef's hats to decorate when they got there....then my sister had made each kid their own apron (yes, I know....she gets mom of the year)....and then they got to make their own pita pizzas and sugar cookies. If you'll notice the amazing chef hat cakes that she made too! It was a lot of fun to be with all the family and to watch Weston in his camo apron and chef's hat.

This is the girls on Sunday morning before church. This is one of the MANY dresses they got for their birthday. They are too cute in them! I guess Weston wasn't in the mood for pictures.

This is what happens when you have girl get bows in your hair (thanks aunt mel) and you get to play in the kitchen :) Looks like he knows just what to do....he's probably hoping there is food in there!!!

We also got to see the's so nice that they live in the same neighborhood!! Weston helped Uncle Jason with the helpful. He loved getting to play with his cousin Kai in his sandbox. I'm not too sure how Kai felt about it though.....these pictures are sure to look at Kai's face....looks like brothers. And notice all the curls.....I think we're heading down the same road or at least I hope :)

I think Logan is pretty good in that sandbox. I think he was having more fun moving that dirt than the boys were.