Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun with Mimi and Pawpaw

We had a fun week with Mimi and Pawpaw staying with us. We played and played and played. Logan and his dad played golf on Thursday so we took Weston to Dynamoze (indoor play center). He had a blast with Mimi. I think Mimi had a blast too. She is so great with him....I love seeing him with her. Here's several pics from the day.

We came home and somehow the clothes came off and he headed right for the kiddie pool. Mimi taught him how to drink from the waterhose. He had fun with all the bubbles too. Sorry for the indecent pics and indecent video :)

This is hilarious.....Mimi had a bag of ice that she was trying to put on his teeth to help soothe his molars that are coming in. He thought she was pretty funny with that bag coming to get him. You can't watch this without laughing.
He loves being with his Pawpaw too. He read him lots of books and got him his own lawn mower! He had fun pushing that all around.
Weston didn't want them to leave so he tried to get in Mimi's suitcase. I think she would have had some trouble lifting it!!! Thanks so much for driving him all the way down here and staying with us. We had a great time!! We love yall so much!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Week at Mimi and Pawpaw's House

Weston had a great week at Mimi and Pawpaw's house. She gave me a DVD of all the pictures and there were over 500 of here's a few of the pics. I know he had a blast. He slept like 12-13 hours at night and took really long naps. He loves sleeping in the basement at their house. I'm sure he got spoiled rotten....but it makes me smile because I know he got lots of loving on. They stopped at Mallory's for the night on the drive back so he got to see all his cousins. When they got here Tuesday night, he looked older to me. I missed him so much and I was REALLY ready to squeeze my boy.