Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week at Grams & Pops

We were gone all last week visiting familiy. We had Logan's 10 year high school reunion the first weekend in Abilene. I'll post those pics soon. After Abilene we went to Weatherford. We said bye to Logan (not fun) and he headed back home. We spent the first 2 nights with my sister. We got to see the girls and also got to see Mallory and Jason and the boys. It was so fun to meet Eli. He is precious.....Weston didn't like me holding him one bit. He pitched a nice little fit while I had Eli in my lap. We got to all go swimming one night at the pool in their neighborhood. Weston had a blast! Here are some cute pics of him and the girls. We went back to Weatherford for the rest of the week.

He played with Pops lots during the week. He got to play in the sand box, feed the ducks (which he wasn't too sure about at first....there were too many!), see the cows, swim, and go riding on the golf cart (definitely his favorite).

He had fun with Grams too. She even got in the sand and played with him! Who knew Grams liked to get dirty??? She always made him a yummy smoothie for breakfast which he gulped right down. Weston had a great time being with them for the week.
We stopped by and saw Grandpa Rick one morning. Weston wreaked havoc in his office for a little while. It was like being in the zoo with all the animal heads everywhere.
We also got to see Tara and Paxton. It was the boys first time to meet each other. Paxton is about the same size that Weston was at that age so it was fun to see them together.....what a pair!

Weston got to see Mamaw and Papaw too. Mamaw even got down and played with him in the floor. He loved seeing them.
The Martin side of the family came over for dinner on Thursday night. He was definitely the center of attention and loved every minute of it. He sure loves his cousin Chad....something about it :)

Ashley came in for the weekend and came over on Friday. We got to swim together and hang out. She's coming down to stay with us in a few weeks and we are super excited about it.

On Saturday we had the Platt (my mom's side) family reunion. I have a very large extended family as you can see by the pics. This is just my aunt's kids and grandkids on the left and my uncle's kids and grandkids on the right! We had it out at the lake house in Weatherford. It brought back many memories to be back at that place. It made us miss it a lot! We'd LOVE to live on the lake again one day.....
My little boy was pretty tired after all that. He did some good sleeping at their house. One morning he laid his blanket down on the floor and just laid down on it with his burp cloth. He was just about asleep. He's the cutest. We had a great week. Thanks mom and dad for having us!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

16 Months

Our big boy is 16 months today. He is more and more fun everyday. I love being his mom......best job in the whole wide world. I'm not even going to take a guess at what he's weighing in at these days....we'll just say "a lot" and leave it at that. He is a jabber box these days and giggles and laughs at lots of things. There are several challenges lately with him biting and not sharing and just being a typical kid....but we're working through those :) I just love him to pieces and think he is the best that there is!!!!

Here's our little "Linus". Mimi bought him this shirt while she was here and it's pretty much perfect in describing him. He loves his "night night" or whatever you want to call it. But I will say he doesn't care what it is....could be a burp cloth, t-shirt, soft blanket, or whatever he can find.....he thankfully isn't particular in what it is as long as he has something. He gets that in his hand and then the thumb goes right in......that's what we call a happy Weston.

These are some tools that Aunt Melody gave him for his birthday. It's like he's rediscovered them in the last week because they are definitely his favorite toys lately. Interesting use of the pliers wouldn't you say?? I think his dad taught him how to use them :)

He is mastering the art of the spoon and fork these days. It is quite a bit messier at meals times but it's so cute to see those fat lips sucking down whatever is on that spoon. But for some reason he'll eat more vegetables when they're on the spoon! Whatever works!

Here's a video of Weston and some applesauce....

This is dad's lunchbox....also know as a small ice chest. Weston loves playing it in when dad gets home from work....as you can see the trouble is that he doesn't really fit in it. Imagine that :) But he still tries to squeeze all those fat rolls down inside. He has gotten stuck several times. He likes it when his dad pushes him around the living room in it. Just to give you an idea of the size of his belly, he IS wearing a diaper.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Elijah Graham Krieger

So this is a little late getting on here...but this is my newest nephew....Elijah Graham Krieger. He was born on June 30th....7 lbs and 14oz. He's the cutest! I've heard he likes to eat like his cousin Weston....sounds like another big boy on the way :) I stole this pic off my sister-in-law's facebook page because I haven't gotten to see him yet. I'm going up there soon and I can't wait to squeeze him!

July 4th

We celebrated the 4th with our holiday celebrating friends! We joked about it because last holiday we went to Brittany and Grant's too. So I guess next holiday we're headed that way :) We had a great day.....played in the river....ate some hot dogs and some yummy food. Matt & Aren came with us too! Lainey and Bailey had a great time together (the dogs). Lainey is a miniature of Bailey...it was pretty cute to see them together. We got to meet several of Brittany & Grant's friends too. Weston had some friends to play with. Fun day!