Monday, August 31, 2009

My Silly Boy

The title of this post is the best way to describe him these days.....silly! He's just so fun. He constantly is keeping us entertained by all the funny things he does. Here's some pictures from the last few days.
When Logan was little I've been told he did this smile a lot....they called him "China boy"....well Weston does it ALL the time.

Back to Emerald Rainbow on Saturday....we love that place!

We made cookies the other day and I put down a bite in front of him and he just stared at it. Then he finally tried it and of course wanted more and more and more :)

His dad outlined him in his sidewalk chalk the other night. Looks a little skinny don't you think???

On Saturday night we went out to a place that we'd both heard about. It was called Alamo Springs. It's out past Comfort towards Fredricksburg somewhere in the middle of nowhere! They are really famous for their burgers....actually voted #3 burger in Texas. So we went and ate a BIG burger. Do you like the look on Logan's face....that was after the burger :) Weston's too :) It was yummy and then we headed over to the bat cave. There is a place where all these bats (supposedly 2 million) come out each night. We waited for awhile on them and they finally started coming out right before dark. Weston had a blast pointing at them and looking at them up in the sky. It was a late night but the weather was actually so nice that it was a lot of fun being outside.

We went on a "date" yesterday to Schlitterbahn. Scott and Catherine kept Weston for our trade-off date for the month. Brittany got us 2 free tickets and it was SO much fun! We picked a great day to one was hardly there! We never even had to wait in line. It was great! We rode tons of rides and had so much fun with our pals. Thanks for the tickets and for going with us!

For the first time last night he blew bubbles! Before when we've tried he would just wave the wand around or suck in. But last night he did it! He was sure proud of himself.

I promise we don't have bugs crawling around our house. This one got on Weston while he was outside and came inside with him. He had a lot of fun playing with it. He tried to smash it, step on it, kill it, and smother it with his burp cloth but nothing seemed to work. It's pretty cute to watch him with it. I'm sure there will be plenty more bugs in our future!

We are Starting....FINALLY!!!

It seems like it's taken forever to get everything ready to start....but finally it's time! We've got the plans, closed with the bank, and now are ready to go. Now comes the fun part....or stressful part :) They started clearing the lot last weekend so I got a few first pictures. Weston had a blast helping his dad measure off where the house is going to be. He found lots of fun sticks to play with and of course lots of dirt!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Nieces

My nieces are the cutest! They both had their first day of preschool yesterday so my sister took their picture. My sister is actually teaching at it too!!! It does make me smile a bit just because I didn't ever think she'd be in the education world....but I'm sure she is doing she does at everything she tries!! Anyways...just had to share a picture of my girls. I love them to pieces!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Grams & Pops and Thad & Sarah

Grams and Pops came down on Wednesday to see us. We had a great visit with them. We went to the Dollar Tree one morning and Grams bought Weston some fun toys. One of which was this blue recorder. I didn't know if he would be able to figure it out.....well he did and boy was he proud of himself! He played it a lot for us and would just grin.

We all went to Emerald Rainbow on Friday. I really love that place and Weston has such a great time at it. I actually bought him a season pass to it while we were there. I wanted my parents to see it and experience it with him. They loved it. They climbed up the big slides with him and got in all the bouncy castles with him. He loved doing it with both of them! It was really fun to watch them together and to have them here with him. Here's some pictures from the day.....
This was one of my favorite parts....watching mom and dad crawl in the bouncy castles!!!

Weston and Pops had a great time with the trains. Weston didn't want to leave the trains.....I think this is a definite favorite of his these days.

Friday night we went to eat some Mexican food (of course) and then went out to the plaza on Main St. and walked around. We had such a great time with Grams & Pops....thanks so much for coming down to see us! We love you lots and lots!

Thad is one of Logan's old college roommates and really close friend. They came into town on Saturday. We had a great time with them and Weston, as you can see, had a great time with them too. We went to Fralo's and had some pizza and just played at the house. We had a mattress down in the living room to sleep on and before they left on Sunday Thad and Logan had some fun rolling Weston around....he LOVED it. Here's a video of it. Thanks for coming to see us!!

Trip to the Lake and the Double Fall

We went to the lake last Saturday and had a blast. It went much better with Weston wearing his new life jacket/swimsuit. Amy, a former student of mine that I've stayed close with, came out with us too. She actually learned how to slalom ski! She did great. Weston hurt his arm a little bit getting in the boat, so he actually fell asleep for a long time on the boat. We went out early to the lake so the water (what's left of it) was so smooth and perfect. Fun day!

So we are starting to think that Sundays are just a bad day for Weston. Sunday two weeks ago is when he hit his head in nursery. Then last Sunday he was riding his battery-powered car on the driveway and fell off the side and hit the same exact spot he had hurt the week before. He was really upset and hurting. If that's not bad enough he had come inside and we were cleaning up the bump and he fell again on the stairs and hit it again! It was one rough night for my little guy. Poor thing. It looked like some kind of alien growth on his head.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Children's Museum with Ashley

Ashley, my cousin, came and stayed with us for a few days last week. We loved having her here! We had a great few days. On Friday we went downtown to the San Antonio Children's Museum. I thought Weston might be too young for it but he loved it! We had a great time. Here's lots of pictures of the day.
There were fish tanks at the he of course just wanted to stop and stare at those forever. He found a chair just his size!
Next was the bubble room. The first picture is of him and I'm trying to make a big bubble around him. He thought it was more fun to pop it, so we didn't get very far with it.
How does he measure up to David Robinson??? I think he's got some growing to do!!!
This was probably one of his favorite parts. It was a front end loader that he got to operate and ride in. He got a hard hat to wear too. He did NOT want to get out of it!!
The first picture is his hand prints.....can't you tell! Then he got to operate the crane.....his little legs were a little short for it.

This was another favorite of was a kid-sized HEB grocery store. They had little shopping carts, produce section, and lots of food on the shelf to choose from. He had a blast pushing his cart around. He knew exactly what to do. I think he's watched mom a time or two. He got lots in the produce section.....that's my boy :) Here's what he ended up with in his cart. It's pretty funny to see what all they pick up.

Here's a video of my little grocery shopper.....
We got to go into a little class they were having. Weston made a masterpiece of fruitloops and lucky charms....well actually he ate most of it while I made the picture. He didn't even care if it already had glue on it....he ate it right off the paper!

They had a kid-sized airplane that you could get in. Weston loved pushing all those buttons.

At the end was a big section with lots of balls. They all went through tubes and different things to get into one big pile at the top. Then all of a sudden it would drop all the balls on you. He loved watching it and playing with all of the balls.
We had a great time! Thanks Ashley for taking the time to come see us and making the drive down to see us. We love you lots!