Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Past Few Days

Silly boy eating his banana. He likes to shove way too much in his mouth....imagine that :)

It finally rained last week!!! It was great. So we decided to play in it. We were both soaked but we had a lot of fun. Funny story...I left the umbrella on the porch after we got done playing...well the next morning it was nowhere to be found. I figured it blew off the porch and the neighbors got it or something. Well this weekend we were driving out of our neighborhood and Logan all of the sudden said, "Hey, is that your umbrella?" Well sure enough it was! It was all the way down on our street....turn the corner and up the next street a little ways! Crazy!!!
He has some rain boots and so I really wanted to put them on him the next morning to go to bible study. He looked so cute in his jeans and boots. Sorry for the face though...he obviously wasn't in the mood for a picture!

Weston found his exersaucer the other day and has loved playing with it. His favorite thing is the music. He pushes the buttons and then proceeds with his dancing moves......pretty cute. He looks so tall in it now. I remember when his feet wouldn't touch the bottom. I found this picture of his first time in it....my how he's grown!

I kept Sawyer, my good friend Wendy's little boy, on Friday morning. The boys had a great time playing together. Look at these cheesy grins......looks like double trouble!

Dad's boots

This weekend was a baking extravaganza in my kitchen. I am NOT a baker. All that talent went straight to my sister. She is SO good at it. I'm not.....but I tried. I helped give a baby shower to my sweet friend Aren on Sunday. I made petifors and sugar cookies. They did turn out but I'm sure not near as great as what my sister could have done. Oh well...people ate them and I don't think anyone got sick :) I love to cook but anything that requires some special icing or something is WAY out of my league. The shower went great though and it was SO fun to spoil her. Weston is ready for his new girlfriend to be here.....just a few more weeks!

Tomorrow is Brittany's birthday. So we went and took her to lunch today. We went to this bbq place and they had saddles to sit in. So of course we had to get Weston's picture in it. Happy Birthday my sweet friend. I love you to pieces!!! Hope your day is extra special!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Camping with the Irons

We went camping this past weekend to Inks Lake State Park with Grant and Brittany. We had a blast. We got there late Friday night and stayed till Sunday morning. Weston did great! I have to admit I was a little nervous about how he would do sleeping but he did great! They had a huge tent so we switched tents with them. We were able to set up the pack-n-play in the tent for Weston. He slept all night both nights....not a peep! The weather was great for us and we just really had a great time. Here's some pictures....

My 2 boys planning out the hiking route.

This was our home sweet home for the weekend. We took Weston's bike and he had fun riding that around.

This is our "guard" dog and favorite dog! Bailey is the sweetest. Weston got several lessons during the weekend on how to be gentle. The first one was after he threw his drink at her. But good Bailey just sat there. She's such a sweet dog. She loved hiking too.

Hiking on some trails.....and my silly boy :)

He climbed his very own mountain all by himself!

I think he got dirtier than he's ever been....which is boy language means he had more fun that ever. He had dirt in every place I think imaginable. Dad gave him a water spigot bath one time. He'll love us for that one day.

We had some games that we brought...one was called bola ball. We played that for awhile on Saturday afternoon. The Irons beat us twice :(
FUN weekend....we're ready to go back and I can assure you a certain little boy is ready too!

18 Months

We went to Weston's 18 month appointment last Friday. He of course is still off the charts for his weight.....31 lbs....but was 75th percentile for his height...which was 33 1/2". I have met so many people lately that have told me their 3 and 4 year olds don't even weight that much.....oh well :) That's my boy! He is really healthy and his doctor is really pleased with how he is doing. We are so thankful for him!!

My Husband

Logan's hair had gotten really long so the other night before I cut it he made it into a HUGE afro....pic in it and all. I had only seen him do it once before. It was pretty funny....thought I'd share some pics of it. What a hottie....sorry...he's MINE!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Labor Day in Kansas

We had a great time in Kansas for Labor Day. We decided to fly up there this time. It was SO much better than driving. Weston did great on the plane for the most part. It was just nice to have Logan there to help this time.

On Saturday after we got there, Weston got his first taste of Pawpaw's brisket. He loved it of course. We had fun with all of Pawpaw's side of the family that night.

Weston loves using Mimi's sweeper. He really earned his keep helping her with all the floors. I think he got this one spot extra good.
On Tuesday it rained about 5 inches in one day!! We had forgotten what rain was being down here in Boerne. The boys (Kai and Weston) went outside and had a blast playing and splashing in the puddles. Weston decided to drink the water in the puddles too....silly boy.

Eli was there for the week too. He is growing and getting bigger and bigger. I loved getting to hold him and love on him.

Weston had a blast playing with Kai. They played in the sandbox a lot and outside with Kai's trucks. I think Kai taught him a lot of words. It's just so cute seeing them together.

Mimi and Pawpaw bought them a battery powered jeep. They had a blast riding in it together. They looked like brothers from the back with their curls.....too cute.

We went home on Sunday and got delayed an hour in Dallas on the way home. Weston was the entertainment for everyone at our gate. He was all over the place. He was so worn out that he acutally fell asleep as soon as we got on the plane to head home.
I celebrated my 29th birthday (yes, still hanging on to my 20's!!!) while we were in Kansas for the week. Logan had gone back home to work for a few days before coming back for the funeral so we weren't together for it. But they sure did make me feel special. Mallory got up and made me waffles for breakfast. Then Judy let me take her appointment for a facial. It was so relaxing and such a treat. Then we all went out to dinner that night for pizza. I love them all and so glad that we are close. Thanks for making my birthday away from home extra special! And thanks for having us there for a whole week. We had a great time and can't wait for Thanksgiving.