Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cookies, Sea World, Hair cut & Poop Story

I made cookies the other night for some friends and Weston just thought he had to have one. It's so funny to watch him try something that he isn't sure about. Well of course it didn't take him long to figure out how much he loved it and then cram it in his mouth and beg for more.

Brittany and Grant asked us to go to Sea World this past Saturday. She got some free tickets for their Christmas season. Logan was out of town hunting so Weston and I met them there. We had a great time....Weston loved it! It was so fun to see how amazed he was at the animals.

He has a stuffed Shamu from last summer when we went. He likes to play with it now and calls it "mamu".....pretty cute.

His hair had gotten SO long....so I decided to try cutting it myself. I made him a drape/smock....that didn't last long. He did pretty good while I was cutting it. I won't say it's perfect by any means but thank goodness it's curly so you can't tell too much. At least you can see his eyes now! He looks so much older when it's cut.

We went and picked up Braden from daycare yesterday and kept him for the afternoon. It was so cute to see those 2 in my backseat.....a picture of the days to come! Not much extra room in that seat for anything else!

Well I did actually take a picture of this "story" but I think I'll spare you from seeing that. This morning I was upstairs typing up an email while Weston was downstairs. Normally he'll come up and see what I'm doing but I was noticing that it had been quiet for awhile. This isn't a good sign. I finished up and went down to see what he had destroyed and found him sitting in the floor playing with the dvds. All I could see though was this huge piece of poop coming out of the back of his diaper. It was basically hanging out. I was yelling poop poop and trying to get some paper towels when I noticed little pieces of it were already on the floor. I was trying to get him not to step in them when before I could react he reached down and picked them up and put them in his mouth!!!! GROSS! I was telling him to spit them out and he did quickly.....so nasty. I must have used like 20 wipes getting all that cleaned up. It was all over him and on his feet and ankles. I know Logan is sorry he missed out on that :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fly Through the Air

Weston loves to play airplane. We were playing last night and he was throwing his arms back behind him like he was really flying....pretty cute. Look at that smile....do you think he likes it? As soon as I put him down he is ready to go up again.

We have windows!

They are finished framing now. We have windows and walls and a roof.....yea! Here's a few pictures of it from this weekend. Weston was having a blast. He found some long stick to carry around.....he thought he was big stuff.

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's another BOY!

I had my 18 week sonogram this morning. I felt like it was such a huge countdown in our little family's life! Well it was definitely clear that we are having another boy! We are really excited....that's secretly what we were both hoping for. Logan was ridiculously excited in the room when she announced the news and pointed it out to us....it was pretty fun to see that. We think Weston was wanting a brother too! But better than that is that everything is measuring perfectly and we have a healthy baby boy so far. He actually is measuring a little bigger than schedule.....just by about 4 or 5 days. We are thankful that the Lord is giving us another baby....and so far a healthy one. The pictures aren't very clear....but I think you get the point.
My mom came down for a few days and went to the sonogram with us this morning. Weston sure has had fun with his Grams the past few days. I think she's probably worn out or at least her back is from being with him....but we sure are glad she came down. She was out in the waiting room with Weston when we found out. Logan went out to get her to send her in. She said she knew the minute she saw Logan's face that it was a boy.....he was smiling ear to ear.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fun Saturday!

Silly boy....he just looked cute so I took his picture.

Saturday morning was another Home Depot kid workshop day. We headed over there to do the craft. Weston made me a trivet. Weston definitely knew what to do with that hammer....little scary at times since he is throwing everything these days. Weston's buddies, Jake and Grant, came too. I think they all had fun.

Early Saturday morning, our sweet friends had their little girl, Avery Elizabeth Neal. She is precious! We actually had a date Saturday night so the first place we headed was over to the hospital to see them. She is doing great.....and mom and dad are too! If arranged marriages were still around, she is definitely one we'd have our eyes on for Weston :) Here's a few pictures of her. I don't think she was too happy when I unwrapped her to take her picture.....and silly me didn't even get a picture of the superstar....mom!!! We are SO excited for you two.....lots of fun times ahead!
Also notice the two dads.....Logan is teaching Matt how to "swaddle"....it was pretty funny to watch those two.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween....a little different this year

Well it was an interesting weekend. Weston got sick on Friday, so we ended up spending Halloween at home. He is better so we decided to dress him in his costume last night. Can you guess what he was? Not sure about the do-rag on his head....looks like a chef's hat. Oh well :) He was pretty cute. We were giving him chips to bribe him to smile!

We were supposed to go to a party on Friday night with our small group from church. We were going to be a knife (Logan), fork (me), and spoon (Weston). We didn't get to go Friday and I had worked so hard on cutting those out :), so we posed with them. Next year I guess we'll get to add a plate :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fun in the Pumpkins

We had a pumpkin patch in Boerne. We almost waited too late to go take pictures in it. While we were there they were loading up the rest of the pumpkins to take somewhere. We got a few in before it was too late.

He got to paint his pumpkin. It's a masterpiece!! He of course had to lick the paintbrush though....I'm sure that was really good for him.
New toy....he loves it...can you tell?