Monday, December 21, 2009

Schlitterbahn and our family Christmas

I just had to get a picture like this....too cute. Aren't those chubby little legs looking longer??? :)
Our favorite Schlitterbahn employee (Aunt Brittany) got us some cheap tickets for their holiday in the park. We went Saturday night and had a great time. Weston loved seeing all the lights...and there was TONS of them! He obviously wasn't able to ice skate yet....maybe in a few years...but liked watching them.
He got to go on the big bouncy slide with his dad. They made him try it on his own first....he was trying it...but it would have taken super dad helped him up!
There was fake snow falling and he loved watching it. It's in that first picture even though you can't really tell. We all got to ride the big carousel....he loved it....thought he was big stuff up there on that horse.
Do you think he was enjoying it?

There was a smaller carousel that was actually hot air balloons that went in a circle. You had to be 36" to ride....well he isn't quite that but I asked the guy if he could do it and he let him. He had to ride it by himself and he loved it. It was cute to see him spinning around on a big boy ride. He was all smiles!
We ended the night by seeing Santa Claus. It looks like he wasn't too sure of him...but no tears or screaming tantrums :)

Last night we did our little family Christmas just the 3 of us. We started off by Logan reading the Christmas story. I thought it be a great idea to get down our nativity scene and let Weston look at the characters as Logan read it. Well here is Weston holding baby Jesus and looking at him. So that is BEFORE....
This is AFTER......poor baby Jesus got thrown into his mother, Mary, and he shattered into pieces. He now only has one legs.....I sure am glad that Jesus is a loving Father who forgives our sins! It's going to take lots of hot glue to fix him back up :(
It's funny how much he has learned in a few months. He hasn't opened a present since his birthday party in March....he didn't know what to do then....but suddenly he knew exactly what to do last night. He was using the full body approach and getting that paper torn off! His Mimi and Pawpaw got him a basketball goal. He is loving it already. We skyped (webcam) with them last night so they could see him opening his gifts. We'll sure miss them this Christmas!
We got him a Tonka truck that makes all kinds of noises and motions. He had been playing with it in the aisle of Walmart anytime we were we thought it would be a good gift. I think he likes it!

Trying to be like Dad

This was too funny....I thought it deserved a post all by itself. Yesterday morning we had the potty chair out and we were trying to get him to go on it. Well he stood up quickly and turned around and acted like it was a urinal! Where in the world did he learn that? His dad. It's just so funny to me because he sees me going to the bathroom (unfortunately all the time) and yes, sees his dad going sometimes but yet knows that he is a boy! He knows he is supposed to do what dad does! Anyways...we were cracking up watching him try. He didn't go but he's definitely on the right track....leaning...bending his knees....hands down there....silly silly boy.

Update on Baby

Several of you have asked to see the "bump"....I don't even really think it can be classified as a bump's more like a basketball :) He is seeming to grow much faster than his brother did at this point. I am feeling great...almost 24 weeks now. I still like to get my afternoon naps but I'm able to function if that doesn't happen. I have officially outgrown most all of my normal jeans.....just not comfortable...and the rubberband method only worked for so long. I'm still running but in the confines of my house (treadmill). I can't imagine what people would think to see this belly running down the street! I just can't imagine right now loving another little boy as much as I love my Weston but I know it'll happen. We have decided for sure on the name too....didn't know if I had said that yet. He'll be Wyatt Franklin Cross. The Franklin is after my Papaw Platt (my mom's dad). I am so excited for him to be here and for Weston to have a brother....but no hurry yet...he's still got lots of cooking to do before he's good and ready:)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tacky Christmas Party

Last Friday night we went to some of our friends Tacky Christmas party. It was themed after the movie "The Christmas Story". We weren't really that dressed up until we dropped Weston off at Scott and Catherine's house. Scott had this hideous Christmas jumpsuit that Logan borrowed. It was something. Logan was pretty self-conscience in it all night and hid in the kitchen. I couldn't handle looking at him without cracking up. But I guess it was all worth it because he won the costume contest for the guys. He even got a mini trophy and a can of Ovaltine (from the movie).

These were the top 3 girls.....
Best dressed guy and girl
Best Dressed Couple
Here's some other pics of our friends at the party. It was a really fun night to be with everyone. Thanks Hobbs for hosting everyone! Can't wait till next year!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Silly Silly Boy

These are just some funny pictures of him from the past few days. We got the Christmas tree out of the box so of course he had to get in the box.
The other morning he came downstairs and I turned on Elmo while I got ready. I had just changed his diaper and he just kept laying there....sprawled out on the floor watching Elmo. It's like he was thinking, "Gosh, this is the life!"
At dinner Monday night, I gave Weston some green beans. He actually was eating them which is a huge deal! But the funny thing came when he all of a sudden started acting like he was sticking them in his ears! He thought it was so funny and so he kept doing it and just cracking up. Who taught him that?

We have Plugs!

Mom and Dad came down last weekend to wire the house. Logan and dad worked HARD all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but got all the electrical wiring done on the house. I think they were pooped! Here's some pictures from the weekend....
Mom and I helped some....yes, I even pulled wire and drilled holes being 5 months pregnant!! Are you impressed?? It was BRRR cold's snowing in that picture of the yard....yes, you have to look real hard...but there was some flurries!!! Weston was bundled up....I didn't have any gloves for him so I put socks on his hands. He had a blast watching his dad and Pops in action.

We thank you both mom and dad SO SO SO much for making the trip down here to work and to help us out like you did. It means so much to us.
Weston and I went out to the house yesterday and swept it all out. We were sure tired after we finished. Notice the clean floors......sure hope it passed the white glove test :)