Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Caleb's New Haircut

Mama cut my hair today. I had hair all over me by the time she finished. I had to take a bath after she got done. I think I look pretty good.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Our mini Christmas

We did our "mini" Christmas on Friday night with just the 4 of us. We read the Christmas story, ate leftovers (yes i know...fancy), opened stockings, and cooked smores in our fireplace. It was a fun night together. Here's some pictures.....

Nothing else mattered once he saw he got a Thomas movie.....
Caleb got a toothbrush (even though he doesn't have any teeth) and was SO happy!

Yummy smores!!!

We made sugar cookies the other day. Weston was a big helper! Icing is his favorite part....he squeeze it as hard as he can.
These are his 2 cookies.....looks delicious doesn't it?

Jabber Jaws

This is hilarious......Logan does this to Caleb often and I can't ever stop laughing. I love my boys and all their chubbiness!

Playdate with Chance

Chance and Megan came over on Friday. The boys had fun "playing" together if you want to call it that. They are only 3 days apart. Chance is so cute and smiley!!! He loved watching Weston. We loved having them over....we'll have to do it more!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Caleb is 8 Months

Caleb turned 8 months this past Sunday. He celebrated the day by crawling for the first time that night!!! He didn't go far but he is getting around. It's so to watch him. His favorite is the army crawl and then roll until he gets to where he wants to be. He's got that down pretty good. He's doing great.....eating great and starting to try table food, no teeth yet, wearing 18 month clothes, still loves to suck his middle 2 fingers, sorta drinking from a sippy cup, loves standing up to his play table, fascinated with anything electronic, definitely throws a small tantrum if you take something away from him that he wanted, takes 2 great naps, and still LOVES his big brother. If he is playing with something and Weston comes over, he immediately wants whatever his brother has. He watches him all the time and thinks he is really funny. His dad can always make him laugh too. I love my "one-sock wonder"....he's always losing a sock somewhere....normally pulling them off. He's the best and I can't imagine our family without "Cay-wub".
Helping mama do the laundry :) It's our favorite chore to do together because he loves to ride in the laundry basket. But mama's back hurts really bad after that.

His big brother is checking his ears to make sure they look healthy.
He just started sticking out his little tongue when he's working on doing something especially crawling. It's SO cute!!

I am SO thankful to the Lord for giving us these boys. They continue to make our life so much better...definitely more fun....no dull moments in this house :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Locked Out

This morning Weston and I were in the backyard playing in the sandbox while Caleb was inside taking a nap. We had been out there awhile and he asked for a snack. I said ok, let's go inside and get it. We get up to the backdoor and it's locked! He had obviously been playing with the backdoor and locked the bottom lock. I started to panic because we don't have a key hidden and all the other doors were locked. I remembered the garage door was up a little for our cat to get in and out of the garage. So we went over to the garage door and I asked Weston to crawl underneath it. He did and he fit!!! I told him to go inside and come out on the backporch. He had to crawl over the tongue of the boat, over the lawn mower, and over boxes that Logan had stacked up. It took him a minute but he did it! I heard him go inside and I ran over to the backporch and he came out and said, "Hi Mama!" He was really proud of himself.....I was proud too...and really glad that big head of his and belly fit under the garage door! Once again I'm reminded how there is never a dull moment in our house these days!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Home Extreme Makeover

The company Logan works for, Tilson Homes, is building a home this week for the Home Extreme Makeover show. They are doing it for a wounded soldier from the shooting at Fort Hood that took place a year ago. Logan has been able to go and work on the house this week. It's been a really neat experience for him. They poured the slab on Tuesday morning and they will reveal the house in it's completion on Sunday! Here's a link to see a picture my hubby in action....http://heartoftexasbuild.com/photos-day-two.aspx
Here's the story on the soldier too.....really neat that they are getting to do this for him and his fiancee.....http://heartoftexasbuild.com/the-family.aspx

Bethlehem in Boerne

Even though Dad was working last night, I loaded the boys up and went to the Bethlehem in Boerne at a local church in town. It was so neat to see how much more Weston understood this year. He loved seeing the soldiers, townspeople, angel, and of course baby Jesus. His personality was definitely showing last night because he was just walking around talking to everyone....the kid doesn't know a stranger. He loved all the animals too....camels, sheep, goats, and even a bunny.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa Visit

We took the boys to Bass Pro Shop on Saturday night to see Santa Claus. Weston loved him and ran right up to him and gave him a high five. Caleb didn't mind him either. Of course he had to wear his Thomas hat and t-shirt. I wonder what he wants for Christmas???

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bye Bye "night night"

I think we've finally given up Weston's "night night". Earlier in the week I thought that I might try to just get rid of it cold turkey. So on Tuesday, I told him it needed to be washed and to go put it in the washing machine. So he did. He asked for it at naptime that day and I told him it was still being washed. Then at bedtime, I told him the same thing. He didn't ask for it or say anything about it yesterday. I'm hoping it's going to stick....we'll see. So farewell "night night".....you've been great....calmed us down from many things, helped us go to sleep many nights, wiped away many tears, and probably harboured many many germs :)

New Braunfels Children's Museum

Allison and Reid asked us to go to the New Braunfel's children's museum today. It's awesome! We had a really great time. It's perfect for their age.

Weston got to put up siding on a house and fix the plumbing pipes underneath the sink. Reid and Weston drove the ambulance and if you'll notice, that's Weston posing as the sick person on the gurney.

They had a really fun mini grocery store where they got to do their grocery shopping. Weston was really excited about the mac-n-cheese and the pancakes!
Allison was the butcher :)
Best surprise was that Aunt B and baby Parker got to come and see us too! Aunt B helped Weston find all his groceries and then checked him out at the cash register.
He got to ride in a kayak....
Go fishing.....and ride a horse....
Dress up like an astronaut....and paint....
He got to look in a microscope at parts of a bug and play in a lot of water (think this was his favorite). He kept asking if he could go swimming and was basically trying to take his clothes off so he could go get in.....silly boy!
Reid got to dig in fake rocks......and Weston climbed on the rock wall....
And they got to see a BIG girafee!
Caleb had fun sucking on his fingers and watching his big brother and Reid. He did great this morning and is such a good trooper about going along for the ride.
Of course I had to get some pictures of baby Parker....he's grown so much!!!
We had a really fun morning! I think we'll be going back there sometime soon!