Thursday, February 25, 2010

Melissa's Baby Shower

Last weekend after my women's retreat I got to drive to Dallas for Melissa's baby shower. It was so so so fun to see all my roomies! Melissa is due a week and a half before me. She's having a boy's their first! It was so fun to celebrate him and shower her with gifts. She got lots of great stuff....but more fun was just getting to be with her. Paige, roomie from Tampa, flew in for the shower too. It's the first time all 4 of us were together since my baby shower for Weston....2 years ago! We took a belly to belly picture......these two boys are going to be buddies....but sad that they live far from each other :(

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Da Da look alike

Sad story from the day.....
We met Aren and Avery for lunch at chick-fil-a today. We were in the parking lot about to go in when a guy and his wife pulled up next to us. When they got out of their car all Weston kept saying was "da da" over and over. I looked at the guy and he was tall with dark curly hair. I tried to tell Weston that it wasn't his dad but it just looked like him. So we walk in and as soon as we get in the door Weston runs toward that guy and tries to grab onto his leg. I tried to catch him and then explained politely to the guy what my child was doing. He just smiled and kept ordering. Weston LOST it....he started crying and then looking around like he didn't know where he was. Poor thing had thought his dad didn't want him. I tried to console him but it just wasn't working. He kept crying "da da" and looking at the guy. I finally had to take him to the bathroom and calm him down....and then the chicken helped :) The guy did look a lot like Logan....I felt really bad for Weston. Obviously you can't quite explain that to an almost 2 year old. He just thinks his da da didn't want to pick him up :(

We have tile, granite, and a propane tank!

This is the kitchen and utility room tile

Boy's bathroom tile

Entry tile

Granite in the kitchen

And the lovely propane tank :)

2 Year Check-up

Well he isn't officially two years old for another few weeks, but we had to go back to the pediatrician to check his ears, so we decided to go ahead and do his 2 year check up. And if you ask him right now how old he is he'll tell you "two" and hold his 2 pointer fingers up for you. It's pretty cute!
Everything was great.....he was a wild man in that office though. I was exhausted when we left! He had that paper that they put down on the table ALL torn up, was dancing on the table, trying to escape out of the room, and crawling under the table on the shelf. The nurses just have no fun with him.....just kidding. He is a hit when he is in there....pretty funny. They all just keep wondering if his brother is going to be as big as him....who knows???
Well as you can see he is still breaking the scale :) He weighed 32lbs and 12 oz....still off the charts (above 95th percentile), and was 34" tall (50th percentile). Pretty funny but the nurse measured his head while she was in there and then when Dr. Coleman came in he measured it again just to be sure she was right because it was SO big! I was cracking up....yes, I know my kid has a huge head! Hopefully it's full of brains like his dad.
We are very thankful for our "healthy" almost 2 year old. He is the joy of our life......minus a few minutes here and there :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Me and My Big Boy

My mom took this picture when they were in town. I love it. I just wanted to have it on here. He looks so big in this picture....few more weeks and he'll be 2!

Weston's New words, Dr. Appt, and a Birthday Party

This is a video from last night. He is saying all kinds of words fun! Here's a little taste of our jabber box.....

I took Weston to my doctor's appointment the other day. Since I'm going every other week now it's hard to ask friends to keep him that much. So I braved it and he came along.
This normally could spell disaster but the sweet nurse that he loves gave him a big sucker to eat. He was in heaven. He has only had like 2 suckers before so he doesn't really know what they are. He figured it out really quick and LOVED it!

Last Wednesday we got to go to Ms. Ellie's 1st birthday party. It was basically my old playgroup from San Antonio that was all there. It was so fun to see everyone and how much all the kids have grown! They got to decorate their own cupcakes.....Weston was a definite fan of this activity...especially the sprinkles!

We took a group picture of all of them on the couch. I have pictures from LONG ago when they were just babies! Can't believe they are so big so quick!

Monday, February 8, 2010

We have paint and light fixtures!

Here's a few pictures of the house from yesterday. We took a risk and went with a dark trim color....I really like how it turned out. I did a bluish gray in the boy's bathroom, a green in the office which turned out really LIME and needs to change :), and mustard yellow in the powder bath. All the rest of the walls are just a light tan. Notice all the swept floors...that's thanks to my super mom! She swept and cleaned out the house for us. We got all the light fixtures up this weekend too...thanks to Pops, my hubby, and his helper, Hector. They will all have globes on them too.
This is my little mud room when you come in from the garage....sounds silly but I'm super excited about it. I think it'll be great for all the shoes, diaper bags, lunch boxes, coats, etc.

Pop's Birthday

Pop's birthday was this past Friday. They drove down Thursday night to spend the weekend with us working on the house. So my poor dad had to work on his birthday! We celebrated Friday night with some Mexican food of course. It was a lot of fun. Then I had actually made him a birthday cake. It was ok....nothing like what my sister can do....but I tried. I put a golf scene on it....he seemed to like it and best part was that it tasted good! So they stayed till last night working all weekend on the house....SO SO SO nice of them. Weston sure loved having his Pops and Grams here all weekend. He loved being out at the house watching and helping them work. Thanks mom and dad for coming down and working so hard!

Update on Baby

Well....I'm almost 31 weeks now (9 more weeks to go)! It sure seems like it's going fast now. I know life is about to change drastically in the next few months....move, new house, baby! I'm super excited about it all. I'm feeling great....tired in the afternoons but I'm still managing to at least lay down while Weston is napping. I'm still running and it's feeling pretty good for the most part...some days are better than others. I really enjoy being pregnant and I'm trying not to wish it away....however, I am SO excited to meet my little boy. I can't wait to hold him and kiss his little feet! A few of you have asked for belly here they are :) Looks pretty huge to me!


I knew his hair was getting long (I mean look at these pictures.....that last one is first thing in the morning....I was calling him my little Einstein!) and Logan had been after me about cutting it. I decided not to attempt it this time and take him to get it cut. MISTAKE I think. I told the girl an inch....then she just started cutting and cutting and cutting. It's like before I knew what was happening and all those curls were falling off and it was too late. He looks SO much older now. I felt tears coming....not sure if it was pregnancy hormones or what....but I'm just not sure about my little boy looking so much older! Everyone has loved it but I'm just having a hard time with it. I will say one huge positive.....there is so much more cheek and forehead to kiss and squeeze now. I love putting my face up to his and feeling that big squishy's the best!