Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby and House Update

Well we are all moved in! We moved in the rain and cold last Saturday. We have some amazing friends that helped us get everything over here. Thank you to all of them! There was even a guy here that we hadn't ever even met before that day!
We've had all kinds of help and it sure has been great. Brittany and Grant came over on Sunday and helped us unpack stuff and put together furniture. They even brought us lunch! So sweet of them. Then mom came Sunday night and stayed till this afternoon. Gosh, she was a HUGE help. Not sure what I would have done without her. All of the room are basically done and settled. Only thing we really have left is wall decoration. I sorta feel like I'm on vacation....guess it'll take awhile to really feel like home here.
Well on Tuesday I thought it was it....I was having lots of contractions and for awhile they were coming like 5 minutes apart. Mom and Logan made me lay down and I finally got them to go away. I had more that night but more sporadic. I've had several since then but nothing too regular. I went back to the doctor this morning and I haven't changed any since last week. I, once again, was really thankful to hear that. Sounds like it might be a few more weeks. He actually measured small today (don't know how by the size of this belly!!) so I'm thinking he needs longer too.
We have moved Weston into his big boy bed and that is definitely taking some adjusting too. He is doing okay for the most part at night time but naps aren't going so well. Weston is definitely going through a lot of change with the new house and new bed. I'm just glad he'll have a little while (hopefully) to get used to those things before he has a new little brother.
I'll post pictures soon of the house and stuff.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tractor Dance

Apparently this is our tractor dance.......hope you enjoy it.

Kiddie Park

We had to take a break from packing and go have some fun at least one day this week. Catherine was off for spring break so we took the boys after my appointment yesterday to the Kiddie Park in San Antonio. The boys had a blast riding all the rides. Weston's favorite was definitely the boats. He was soaked when he got off. He hung out his arm and splashed the water the whole time. I tried not to think about how dirty that water was everytime he put his hand in his mouth to taste it :( The place is really perfect for their age.....they weren't scared at all...well except the ferris wheel....there was a few tears shed on it. Afterwards we treated them to Chick-fil-a.....their favorite! It was a really fun day to hang out with our friends!

Packing and Baby Update

My, what a week can do. I'm going to the doctor weekly now and I went last Thursday. My doctor went ahead and checked me to see my progress. She said I wasn't even dilated to a "1" yet and not effaced at all. I was relieved because there are way too many things that I'd like to get done before Caleb gets here. Well, I went back to the doctor yesterday and to my shocking surprise things had definitely changed. I am now dilated to a "2 to 3" and 50 % effaced. I was shocked! I guess that's what a 2 year old's birthday party and packing a lot of boxes can do to you. I told the doctor that we were moving on Saturday and she said, "I hope you make it to your next appointment." What?? Are you kidding me?? I'm only 36 weeks and I have a house to move into this weekend and lots of unpacking to do. Of course I know that it's only the Lord that controls when this baby will come, but still I was really surprised by the quick turn of events. So I'm trying to do my best to not push myself and take it easy. And yes, for all of you that are worried, I stopped running this morning. I figured I needed to quit anything that is making me progress at least for a week or so. Actually that's why I'm even blogging right now....I thought sitting down for a few minutes might do me some good.
So my poor husband not only has ALL the stress of finishing the house but now the stress of his wife going in to labor any day :) He has been great and it hanging in there. It's almost over.....we're moving in the morning so hopefully it'll all work out.
I've packed up all the boxes and they are now taking over this rent house! We're down to paper plates and paper cooking for me this weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We have carpet and a driveway!!

We got carpet on Monday. Weston was checking it out making sure it was what he wanted. We both took our shoes off and ran through the house. It's so soft! We love it.
They are pouring the driveway today. We went out there while ago and Weston made handprints in it.
This was from the other night. He sure loves to be right down there where dad is. He loves to help him with anything that he is doing!!
We're moving in this Saturday if everything goes as planned!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birthday Party!!

We had a great time this past weekend. Grams and Pops came down on Thursday night and then Mimi flew in on Friday afternoon. Weston loved having his grandparents here! We sure missed Pawpaw though :( We started the weekend right with some Mexican food at El Chaparral on Friday night. He sure does love his bean soup and rice!
We had his party on Saturday afternoon at the park. Here is the invitation that my sister created that I sent out to everyone.

It was a gorgeous day to be outside and at the park. We were so thankful for the awesome weather! My sister and Greg and the girls got there just in time before the party. Of course Melody did the cake and did awesome on it. I got 2 really long sub-sandwiches for the food and did chips and dip in sand pails.

We gave out trucks for the boys and sand pails and shovels for the girls. Everyone got to use their party favors in the big sand box at the park.

Weston had so much fun with his cousins, Kiersi & Kayden, this past weekend. He is finally to an age that he can really interact with them. He loved being right with them all weekend! It was a lot of fun to watch those 3. We were sad that Kai and Eli couldn't come to the party :(

He gets all kinds of hugs and kisses from these girls! Those next 2 pictures are my favorite.....the look on his face tells it all!
Here is our best attempt at getting most of the kids lined up to take their picture. I think only the babies didn't make it in there. He has so many fun friends to grow up with. We are so thankful for them and their parents!

And my sweet friend came too! She had been camping the night before and made the drive over. Weston was excited to see his Aunt B.

Lots of fun in the sand box.....even Pops got in there and dug in the sand.
Here's Braden in the tree and Thatcher playing with his truck.
Brynn and Sawyer are getting some sandwich. McCoy is trying to get a drink of his sister's Hi-C.
Lots of eating and playing in the sandbox. Catherine is liking the sand too!
Cute Ellie is showing off her trucks :) Avery is hanging out with mom.
Ava is getting tired and ready for some cake!
Weston was pretty funny to watch with his candles. Everyone sang to him and then he tried to blow them out through his nose! Well it wasn't working but he was starting to get some snot running out his nose. Silly boy. So I told him to blow out his mouth and he did and he got the candles to go out. He was sure proud of himself!

The cake was yummy! I think Weston liked it too. We didn't let him eat quite as much as last year.....although I'm sure he would have loved too.
After the party we came home and let him open his presents. The trucks really distracted him. Once he opened one of those he paid no attention to anything else. We had to take them away for a little while.

Kiersi and Kayden stayed till Monday. They had so much fun jumping and getting thrown on the mattress that was downstairs. They did it over and over and over again.
Weston with the these pictures!!!

Great weekend!!! We had a blast at the party. Thanks so much for my sweet family for helping out so much.....Mimi flying all the way down here for 24 hours...meant a lot to us that you were here, Mel and Greg driving all the way down and making the cake, and mom and dad coming and helping out so much with the house and the party. As you can tell in those pictures Caleb is getting quite large. I'm almost 36 weeks and definitely feeling it. I was really glad for the extra help! Thanks family!