Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I figured I better start getting good at cutting boy's hair if we have 2 boys. I've always cut Logan's hair but that's different since it's curly. I've done Weston's once before but it was a lot shorter and I didn't use clippers. So last night I got him in the tub and started at it with the clippers. I think he looks super cute with it. The best part too is that I don't have to remember to fix it before we leave the house!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bumbo Brothers

I thought it was about time to break out the bumbo chair. Caleb likes it but he says his head is just so heavy......hard to hold up there. Weston couldn't stand it and had to sit in it too. He used to get stuck in this thing. Does that mean he has slimmed down?? I don't think so :)

At least Weston acts like he loves his little brother.....


So this is what happens when you leave a 2 year old in their room for too long when you think they are napping. I actually knew that he wasn't napping but I was so tired that I went to lay down. I thought he was playing with his trains.....little did I know. I opened the door and found this......every piece of clothing was pulled out of the drawer and was in piles, every train and train track piece was thrown all over the room, and the best of all.....he had taken off his diaper with poop in it and put it up on his train table. We're still not sure exactly what went on in that room concerning the diaper. Our best guess is that he took off his diaper and the poop went everywhere and he picked all the pieces up and put them up in the diaper........the fun of little boys.

We kept Braden Friday night and Saturday. Logan called it "reverse babysitting" because Weston was more entertained and easier to take care with Braden there. They have the best time together. They chased each other all over the house and I think pulled out every toy and book that we own. We all loaded up and went to Weston's buddy, Cayden, birthday party on Saturday. Well seeing as how 2 carseats barely fit in my backseat we had to all go in the Tilson. That's right...we fit 3 carseats in the back of Logan's truck. We were quite a sight!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting Chubby

Here's some pictures of Caleb this week. For some reason it doesn't take my boys long at all to start getting chubby! I really think in the last week he has changed a lot! He already has some rolls on his legs that you have to pull apart to get clean. His arms are starting to look just like his brother's did. And check out his belly already! I have to admit I love it! Chubby babies are just the cutest. I guess I have the "super" charged milk again that I had with Weston. I'm not sure what he weighs....guess we'll see in a few weeks at his 2 month appointment.

"Poo Poo Potty"

Well I think it's official that we're not going back to diapers (in the daytime at least). We didn't do the cold turkey approach but it's been a month now in big boy undies and he's really doing well with it. "Poo Poo Potty" is what he says when he needs to go. So when you hear those words, you better get him to the potty quick!
At first you'd take him 5 or 6 times in about 10 minutes with most of those being false alarms, but now he is getting a lot better at knowing when he needs to go. He had been sitting all the time to potty. Well I totally gross out because when we are out in public it is SO gross for him to touch the toilets. So yesterday we were at Chickfila and I thought I'd try him standing up. He went immediately....no problem! He was so excited about it that he went standing up when we got home too.
We think our neighbors probably think we're the white trash of the neighborhood because our kid never has pants on.....but oh well! It's so much easier to take him to the potty when he just has his undies to take off AND he little heiney in those undies is the cutest!!!
He is still wearing overnight diapers because he pees a ridiculous amount at night. But even that is getting a lot better. He is dry after almost every nap so hopefully we can get night time down before too long. We haven't had any major nasty accidents.....yet :)

This is one of favorite things to do right now.....push around his dump truck or ride his fire truck up and down and up and down the driveway. I love watching those chubby little legs run......that's one of my favorite things to do!

Here's our CRAZY boy saying some words that we love to hear him say. Can you say ACTIVE?? He is nonstop......the only time this boy is still is while he is sleeping!

I should have put this on the last post.....too cute not to put on here....dad's boots!

Last of the Landscaping

We decided to go ahead and get a few more plants. I really love them. We have a magnolia tree now, rose bushes, and a lot more green bushes around the front. I obviously don't know plants, because I don't remember any of their names. I just know I have really pretty yellow flowers that I can't believe the deer haven't eaten yet. I'm sure it's just a matter of time. We also extended the backyard with more grass. Logan had this idea to do an area of granite gravel for the smokers and hopefully a picnic table. I think it looks great and best part is that it's done!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Month Old

My sweet little boy is already a month old! Gosh, time flies quickly....well sort of. Some days it seems as if I see every hour on the clock and so I'm not sure I'd say those days fly by. He has already grown so much....getting chubby and I love it! Here's some pictures of him...
Lounging in the garage with my 2 boys....
What a great big brother.....he had his arms and legs all wrapped around him. It was pretty cute!

Silly Boy

These are just some silly pictures of Weston the past few days....
Wearing dad's belt....

Dad's boots...

Acting like Caleb I guess??? Do you think he's regressed?

Girl's Birthday Party

We drove up to my sister's last weekend for the girl's birthday parties. Kiersi turned 4 on May 2nd and Kayden will be 3 on May 26th so she just has their parties together. And boy was it a party! Nothing is done simple in my sister's mind. She's a little Martha Stewart in the making (minus the going to jail thing). It was a pirate and princess party. She had the girls all dressed up as princesses and had made princess skirts for all the girls. Then she had pirate hats, swords, and eye patches for the boys. Amazing food...or course....and amazing cakes...of course. Weston had a blast....they had a bounce house and he didn't leave it!
My little pirate....

Mallory and Jason and the boys were there too. Gosh they've grown.....that Eli is adorable! He makes me just want to squeeze him and take him home with me. Pops made 2 little buddies real quick when he started feeding them cake. Kai was calling dad Pops before the night was over.

This was on the road.....potty training is going pretty good. He had to go but I guess he wasn't a fan of going on the side of the road because he wouldn't sit long on his potty chair. No accidents in the car though! Way to go little boy!

Caleb got his fair share of attention too! Some of my extended family were there at the party and so he got plenty of loving on. Here's his Great-Grandma Martin and cousin Ashley....

His Great Grandma Platt and Great Grandpa Platt....this is the Grandpa that he is named after.

His Great Aunt Diane and of course his Grams (that never wanted to put him down all weekend :)

It was like a vacation for Weston because he got to be with his Pops non-stop. This is the best thing in the world for this little boy. I don't know what it is but he absolutely LOVES his Pops. Sunday afternoon after his nap, he got to ride the golf cart in between his dad and Pops. Logan said he had one hand on his leg and one hand on Pop's leg. They went down in the pasture to the railroad tracks that run in the back of my grandparents property. They waited and got to see the train come by. This was like a dream for Weston! He loves trains! Then he got to get on Pop's tractor too. He was in heaven the entire afternoon.
We had a great weekend. Logan took Monday off and so we got to spend a little longer in Weatherford on Sunday. Thanks to my mom for taking Caleb on Sunday night I got my first 4 hour stretch of sleep!!!! It was amazing!!!! Oh, and we also got to go to North Side (my parent's church in Weatherford) and see all my dad's hard work on the new sanctuary. It's amazing! I know he put countless hours into it and it looks great. We are so proud of him and all he did for that.
It was a great Mother's Day weekend. It was really fun to be with family. When we got home on Monday I got my gift from my boys. It was a grill/griddle that goes on your cooktop, running socks, and a frame that is a chalkboard that he wrote "my boys" on. I loved it all. I can't believe I'm a mom of two but I sure am thankful for them. I love being their mom!