Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Belated Father's Day

We were at the lake for Father's Day but I just wanted to post this picture of the boys. I took it of them all dressed up like dad and put it in his Father's Day card. One of them already wants to be just like him and I'm sure the other one is on his way. They have the best dad in the world. He is so great with them....and everyone else's kid for that matter. When we go to parties you can always find him dog piling and hanging out with all the kids. They all talk about him and love him to death. I'm so thankful these boys have him as their dad. Happy Father's Day! We love you lots!

Camo Boys

I realized they both have camo clothes....so we had to take some pictures. I slicked the crazy hair down.....he has so much already!!!

Kinda scary picture of myself.....but it's with my favorite little boys.

Rock Painting FUN

We did some painting today on the back porch. We painted dad a rock for his desk (paper weight) and lots of handprints. He got pretty messy but loved it of course.

High five anyone?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Fun with the Boys Lately

We got to have lunch last Friday with Aunt B. We drove over to New Braunfels and had a picnic in the park. They have the best parks over there. Weston had a blast playing on the playground. We wish it could've last longer.....but she had to go back to work :( We sure love her and miss her!!!

Weston was back in the other room the other night for awhile when we realized we hadn't heard him for a little bit. Logan went to get him and found him like this.....he had gotten in one of my drawers and got the hydrocortizone cream and basically bathed in it. It was ALL over him. Silly boy....
We had movie night the other night for the first time. We watched Toy Story and to our surprise Weston actually watched most of it. I didn't think anything would keep this little boy still for that long.

My little roley poley. He is getting chunkier by the day. He's the cutest!!

Caleb was hanging out in big brother's bed. I can't imagine these two sleeping together.....hopefully one day :)

We got out the exersaucer a week or so ago. He is doing great in it. He has a few head bobbles every once in awhile but he loves it so far. Check out that hair!!!

Here's my little chef.....he thinks the bottom oven is just for him. He puts all the pans in there and pretends likes he's cooking something.

Mini Vacation at Lake Buchannan

Last Sunday thru Tuesday we took a mini vacation to the lake with my family. We went to a place called Willow Point on Lake Buchannan. It was great! We stayed in little cabins that were right on the lake. Greg, Melody and the girls and my parents all came down. We had a great time. We got to play on the boat.....the kids loved it. We cooked yummy food, ate smores, played in the sand, and got a lot of sun while we were there. It was great to just be with each other. Weston loves his cousins and had a fun time playing with them. And of course he loved being with his Pops! Mom helped with Caleb a lot and it was really really nice to get a little break and get to play on the boat. Thanks mom!

All the cousins on the boat
They had so much fun jumping off the boat, over and over and over again.
Yes, that is my child peeing off the side of the boat. He thinks he is something getting to do that. I have heard his dad did the same.
Caleb gots lots of loving on while we were there.
Yummy smores!
I think this water spigot was Weston's favorite thing. He would NOT leave it alone the entire time we were there.
All the boys....
Weston feeding Pops breakfast

Kayden and Weston are getting to be quite the little buddies. They were sad to leave each other. I was really sad to leave too. I could have used about 3 or 4 more days of it!