Friday, July 30, 2010

Surprise Trip

Last Friday I woke up and found a card on my sink in the bathroom. The outside of it said "change of plans", then I opened it up and it said "roses are red, violets are blue, pack your bags for next Friday, the boys are coming too!" Everyday this week he has given me a clue by telling me something I need to pack. Then yesterday he gave me a list of what all I need to bring. I thought it was the beach but I'm really not sure. He is either trying to really throw me off or we are staying somewhere kinda random. I'm so excited and can't wait to find out. I don't think I'll know until we get there tonight. I don't even know when we're coming back....he won't tell me much of anything. So it's been a fun week with me trying to catch him off guard and asking lots of questions. So I guess my next post will be pictures of our fun getaway! Honestly it wouldn't matter if we went camping in the's just that he thought of this idea all by himself! He wrote a poem! He bought a card! He thought about things on his own!!!! I've got an awesome hubby! He's scoring big points with this one!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bumbo, Lake, Burger, and Friends

Brothers watching Elmo together

Do you seen the resemblance? The first one is Weston taken about when he was almost 3 months old. The second one is Caleb taken last week. Pretty cute with all their rolls :)
Last Saturday we took Deb and Alberto to the lake. They have 2 cute girls named Sammie and Ruthie. We had tons of fun with them. Logan taught Alberto how to ski. It was a lot of fun watching him out in the water.

Yummy burger after a day at the lake....

Here is Caleb and some of his buddies.....
Tyler came over last night for dinner....he's a month younger :) Sorry for all the drool....we love our hands right now
Then today for lunch we went over to Aren's house for lunch and to play. Here's one of his many girl friends, Avery....
And Brinley.....
And all the boys.....Cayden, Thomas, Weston and Caleb
And then the whole group....Aren (with baby #2 coming soon) holding Avery, Cayden, Brinley, Thomas, Weston, Caleb, Ashley (with Tyler coming soon) and Ellie

Monday, July 19, 2010

Week at Grams and Pops House

I left last Sunday afternoon and took the boys up to my parents house. It was my first road trip alone with both of them. They actually did pretty good in the car. We had to make several potty stops for Weston but oh how nice it is to have a boy. We would just stop at the roadside park and he would go in the grass! I took this picture when we were almost to my parent's house. They were both sleeping at the same time!!! Don't only lasted a few minutes.

We swam in the pool everyday and one day actually went twice! He loves the water and it's hard to keep him out of it.

Him and his Pops were connected the entire time. As soon as dad would get home from work, Weston was glued to him. They did everything together!

Aunt Pam, Aunt Diane, Grandma, and Kristen all came over Monday night to see us. It was great to visit with them.
Tuesday was my mom's birthday, so we got to celebrate with her. We went out to lunch and then Melody and the girls came over to swim and eat dinner.

All the kids had to go ride on the golf cart with Pops....that is the best fun to them.

Kiersi loves to give those kisses to Weston. She makes me laugh.
Do you think this little boy loves his Grams and Pops house??

We went up to the office on Wednesday and Weston got to ride on the forklift with Pops. He thought he was big stuff doing this! They even lifted me up in the air.

Wednesday afternoon Aunt Mallory, Kai and Eli all came over for the day. It was so fun getting to see them and let the boys all play together.
Kai and Weston had fun playing together. Weston wasn't very nice to his cousin and got in trouble several times. They act like brothers!
Pops got out the tractor when he got home and got all the boys on it. They got to ride it around with Pops. Kai didn't stop talking the entire time he was there. That boy loves tractors. He was calling my dad "Pops".....not sure how Papaw is going to feel about that.
I love this you think these two look alike?? They even have the same profile :)

Caleb is definitely going to be Eli's little buddy!
He loved getting to pee in Pop's grass.....silly boy. I love seeing that little white bottom. He has a pretty good tan for a 2 year old!
We got to see Mamaw and Papaw several times during the week. They sure do love my boys!

Grams bought Weston a bubble gun that he played with. Pops took him riding on the lawnmower too. He loved it.....he loves anything with Pops.
We went and got snowcones on Thursday night. This was Weston's first time to eat a snowcone. I think he liked it pretty well.
We had a great week in Weatherford but we were definitely ready to get home and see Dad! We missed him lots. Thanks for a great week Grams and Pops!