Monday, September 27, 2010

Last of the Season

We headed out to the lake Saturday morning for one last trip to the lake before the summer is over. It was honestly the best water we've had all summer! It was like glass and no one was out there. We each got to get one last ski in before the end of the season. Weston had fun swimming around the boat too. Caleb did great and loved riding on the boat. It was a fun morning!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stomach Bug Gets Us All

Well despite my best efforts at disinfecting everything, we woke up yesterday morning to Caleb feeling much better but not the rest of us. Logan and I both woke up saying that something just didn't feel quite right. Weston already thrown up once when we got him up. It was not a fun day at all. Weston threw up most of the day and was just miserable. It scared him to throw up that much and he kept saying "fro up".....really sad to hear. We had bowls and towels all over the house. I have done so many load of laundry and cleaned the carpet so many times in the past few days. Logan and I actually never threw up but just had the aches and chills all day. It seemed like an effort to even get up from the couch. Caleb was doing fine all day though...thank goodness. I was telling Logan that it was the Lord taking care of us by letting it happen in the order that it did because I'm not sure how I would have dealt with Caleb being so sick if that would have been yesterday. So far today everyone is feeling better. I sure hope this bug goes away and NEVER returns. You are not welcome in this house!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

ER visit last night

What a night.....Caleb came down with a stomach bug yesterday afternoon. He started throwing up around 4:00pm and we couldn't get him to stop. We tried everything and nothing seemed to stay down. It was terrible. He was dry heaving and getting so pale. We called the pediatrician and he told us a few things to watch for and if he wasn't better to take him in. We decided he wasn't getting any better and decided to take him in around 10:00 last night. Our sweet neighbor came over and stayed here while Weston was sleeping. We headed to the ER at the children's hospital in San Antonio. We had to wait forever. We finally saw the doctor around 12:30am and they gave him some medicine to stop throwing up. We had to wait to make sure he'd keep that down, which thankfully he did. Then they gave him tiny doses in a bottle of pedialyte. This was torture for my Caleb. He doesn't take tiny doses of anything :) He was so hungry that he would just scream when the bottle ran out each time. We were having to give him doses of 1/3 of an ounce. He was sucking the bottle dry every time. We had to keep doing that every few minutes and make sure he'd keep it down. Thankfully he didn't throw up again. If he would have then they would have given him an I.V. I was really glad we didn't have to do that! He responded really well to the pedialyte and then we were discharged around 2:00. It was a very long night to say the least but we're just so thankful he is ok. He's done really good today. He's slept a lot and been on pedialyte most of the day. We even got some smiles tonight so we know he's getting back to himself!
Not sure who else takes pictures in the ER, but he just was so cute in his little hospital gown that I had to take a few. I hope we never have to go back there again!

He had so much suction on that little bottle that I didn't even have to hold it! He had a death grip on it!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weston turns 2 1/2

I feel like I need to give Weston a post since I have updates of Caleb all the time. Weston just reached the 2 1/2 mark last Saturday. He is SO fun right now! There never seems to be a dull moment with him around. He loves to do anything and everything with dad. He loves being a helper. He loves to help me vacuum and mop, squirt any sort of bottle of cleaner that I might have, and definitely loves helping me cook and make dad's lunch ("unch"). He doesn't know a stranger....always talks to or waves at people when we're out in public. He definitely gets a lot of people to smile! He loves to dance...normally jumping up and down or shaking his "booty". He likes to turn on music on a toy and then say "dance mama". He is still a great eater....eats basically anything and everything. He still sleeps really good at night....8 to 7. The naps have been rough but this past week we're back to taking a 2 1/2 hour one. Nap = happy mama :) He talks constantly and we love listening to him tell us about things and ask us "what's that"....ALL the time :) He is learning to say his prayers and it's neat to hear what he wants to pray for......always trucks and cars....but usually a lot of other people or things too. He just about has his ABC's, numbers 1 to 10, and basic shapes & colors. He has a bit of trouble with the ABC song but it's really fun to make him sing it. He can almost spell his name....tends to leave out the "s". Here's some pictures and videos of him recently.
We got a kite and he learned to fly it the other day. There wasn't much wind so it made it a little tricky.

We needed something for our mantle so we came up with the idea of letting our little artist design it. I bought a huge canvas and some paint colors that would match the living room. We let him just go at it. We thought this would be SO fun for him and entertaining but come to find out it was literally exhausting for us. Have you ever tried to make a 2 1/2 year old focus on a specific task for any length of time? He was much more interested in the bug in the garage or his tricycle or anything other than finishing the painting. We finally managed to get him to cover all the white spots for the most part. Even Caleb got to paint a few strokes while he sat in the bumbo. I'm sure we'll treasure our new mantle piece forever!
Finished masterpiece.....

This is one of his new talents.....climbing up the wall while hanging on to the closet rod. I'm sure he'll figure out how to flip over soon enough. He'll try ANYTHING!
Not quite sure why he is growling at Caleb....but it's funny to watch. At least it's followed up by some kisses. He loves talking to Caleb and showing him new things. It's so fun to watch them together.
We love him more and more. It's so fun to watch his personality grow and develop. We love you!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Caleb turns 5 months!

Well our little boy turned 5 months on Sunday. I can't believe how much he's growing and changing. He's the best little boy! He's such a good and easy baby. I'm not sure his weight.....a lot :) He's got some monster thighs that are so squishy!! We love them!!! All his little buddies are eating all kinds of foods now but not him......our pediatrician says we don't need to start any of that till his 6 months (don't need any extra calories :) still just Mama for now! His biggest love these days are his fingers and toes. He always seems to have one or the other in his mouth. It's pretty cute to watch him. He still has a ton of hair and it's normally crazy looking. He loves watching his big brother do anything and everything. Weston loves talking and interacting with him more and more. I love to watch them. He is a rolling maching lately.....only from tummy to back but he does it constantly. He still sleeps about 11 hours and mainly on his tummy and loves it. He is a great napper during the day too. I can't complain about anything!!! I love this little boy to pieces....his smile is contagious and his giggles. He loves being tickled and standing on his feet. Here's some picture of him that I've taken the past few days.

My 30th Birthday Dinner

You'd think by turning 30 you would have learned a thing or two. Well we planned on going out for my birthday dinner with my family on our way back from Kansas. We stayed a night with my mom and dad and drove over and met Mel, Greg, and the girls for dinner. I dumbly picked Olive Garden. They just have the best commericals on at night that make their food look SO yummy! So I was thinking we'd have help there with the kids so it couldn't be too bad. Boy was I wrong. We never go to sit down restaurants with the boys anymore and I remembered why after that night. We got there around 6ish and they said it was going to be a 30 to 40 minute wait. I said, "No way....let's just go next door to Freebirds." Then the hostesses said she could have our table ready in 5 to 10 minutes. Well ok then....we can do that. Well 45 minutes later we were seated. Caleb had already finished the bottle I had made for him and was very ready to sleep by this point. Weston was beyond hungry and bouncing off the walls as usual. Needless to say dinner was pretty much a disaster. Of course we had a to wait awhile for our food so in the meantime Weston is eating as many breadsticks as he can possibly fit in his tummy while Caleb is screaming and mom and me are taking turns trying our best to comfort him. Meanwhile, the girls are sitting at the other end of the table just SO quiet and eating their food. WOW....boys and girls are SO different. We made it through....somehow or another and I promised myself never again to eat at a nicer restaurant with the boys. It's just not fun for anyone! So what a birthday dinner! Sorry to my sweet sister and brother-in-law for driving over for a crazy dinner. And to my sweet cousin for coming and joining us too!!! I loved having you all there to celebrate even if I couldn't have a conversation with you because of the screaming kids :)

Monday, September 13, 2010


We got back from Kansas on Friday and then headed to Schlitterbahn on Saturday. It was a great day to and not really that crowded since school has already started. Thanks to Brittany we got some cheaper tickets too. We left Caleb with Scott and Catherine for the day. He did great for them and it was good not to have to worry about him there. I don't think he would have liked it too much yet.....maybe next year. Weston LOVED it! We weren't really sure how much he'd be able to do but he basically could do everything except the body slides. They had tubes with bottoms in them for the younger kids and life jackets. He wasn't scared of anything!!! There were a few tube rides that I was even a little nervous on and he was just grinning and laughing the whole time. The only time he got mad was when we'd get clogged up with other people in tubes and have to wait a little bit for the path to clear on the ride. He had so much fun. I do have to admit I was worn out though when we left. He'd walk some but it was a lot of walking so we mostly were carrying him from ride to ride and the other one would be carrying all the tubes. I'm sure we were quite a sight. I overheard one mom talking to her child telling them to look at Weston going on the ride and to not be scared because he was doing it and he was so young. We got there about 10ish and he lasted till about 2:30. He had a blast....and so did we! Fun day!

Labor Day in Kansas

We spent all last week in Kansas. I think we are starting a tradition of always going for Labor Day. We had such a great time there. The boys did great and had fun, the weather was nice, and it was just nice to get away and relax. Mimi and Pawpaw had a great time with the boys too.

Mimi found a blow up bounce house at a garage sale and Weston had a blast jumping in it and falling out of it. Honestly though I think he liked turning it off and on more than being in it. Silly boy.

Caleb got to be a big boy and sit in the high steak dinner yet but he is ready!

Caleb took a ride in the dump truck....he fit pretty well!

On Sunday all Mimi's side of the family came over. We got to play with Kinley and all the boys. It was a lot of fun. They played in the sandbox, fed the ducks in the yard, and played on the playset.

Caleb got some good loving on by Aunt Erin. She put him right to sleep!

On Monday we went to All Star Sports. It's like kiddie park here in San Antonio. Weston wasn't afraid of anything....he rode them all and loved them all.
Caleb had a good time too......watching big brother :)
Look at those legs!!! I love them!!

Mimi had Weston's room all fixed up for him. She has a toddler bed down there for the boys to sleep in. She even had Thomas the train wallpaper border in the room. He was in heaven and spent hours playing down there with all the trains and toys. And yes, he even stayed and slept in the bed!!! We had to lay down there next to him and rub his belly or ear....but whatever works...right?
On Tuesday, Wyatt came over to play. They are a few months apart but as you can see exactly the same height! They had fun playing trains together. They make pretty good buddies....just wish we saw them more :(
Caleb has fallen in love with his toes! He loves to hold on to them and recently loves to put them in his mouth. He's happy as long as he can hold his feet!
Weston and Pawpaw on the mower....big fun!
Caleb got to meet Pookie.....
Speaking of is Weston having quite the conversation with her.....this is hilarious. He was watching trucks on youtube and telling Pookie all about it.
That is Weston in Caleb's carseat.....pretty funny looking but I think he was quite comfy. We thought he was about to fall asleep in it.
Weston giving Mamu some kisses

I got to celebrate my birthday up there too. They spoiled me with a yummy brownie cake and homemade ice cream and chocolate sauce. It was delicious! We thought someone was in bed but to our surprise he came walking up the stairs and came out around the corner and caught us eating dessert. So we had to relight my candles and I got some help blowing them out again.
This kid acts like he's 2 going on 60. He drank his morning coffee every morning with Mimi and Pawpaw. He would drink it black!! And he thinks it's good!!! And we wonder why we have trouble getting him down for a nap :)
Making waffles with Mimi....
We decided to stay an extra day, so on Wednesday we got up and headed out to the zoo in Wichita. It was an awesome zoo! There was an entire children's area where you can feed the animals while they are just walking around you.

Weston and the birdie....
Poor little Caleb.....he got to sleep in the carseat and his little feet were poking out :)
All of the big animals happen to be right up next to the glass. It was awesome to see them all that close. Weston loved it!

What a great week! We had so much fun getting to be up there. We love their new house too! It was such a relaxing few days. Thanks for letting us stay! We'll be back for Christmas in a few months! We love you Mimi and Pawpaw!