Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Party!!

We got to spend the morning at our friend Allison and Reid's house. They had quite the Halloween party. She used to be an elementary teacher so she definitely knew how to make it a "kid friendly" party. She had little stations all set up in the backyard of different things.....painting pumpkins, decorating sugar cookies, playing in the leaves, sandbox, etc. It was all SO cute! We dressed Weston up like a UPS delivery guy and Caleb was his package. I bought Weston's outfit but we went to the UPS store in town and they gave me all the packaging to make Caleb's outfit. They were both pretty cute and everyone loved it.

We even dared to get ALL the kids together for a picture. It was quite an accomplishment!!
This is one of Caleb's little buddies....Tyler.

These were my two favorite costumes besides my boys :)
Calla is some type of superhero...but the best part is that she has underwear on her head with holes cut out of it for a mask! Carter Welch was dressed up like Jonah in the cute!!
Another favorite was Reid....he was an Aggie yell leader! So cute!!!

Here's some more pictures from the party.....

On our way home we pulled into the neighborhood and guess who is about to pull out of our neighborhood??? A REAL UPS truck!!! I was SO excited! I rolled my window down really quick and waved her down. It was a lady driver and I told her that Weston was in the backseat and dressed up like her. So I got him out and got to take some pictures with her. She loved it and of course he did too. She let him get into the truck and take pictures there too. Fun morning!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Week with Grams!

Mom came down on Monday and stayed until this morning. We had a really fun time with her this week!
On Tuesday we drove out to Medina to Love Creek Orchard. They have a pumpkin patch and lots of fun things for kids to do out there. Weston had a blast doing everything.
Here he is climbing on the pumpkins that I'm sure he wasn't supposed to be on....they were trying to sale these.

We got to ride on a hayride

Here's my 2 little pumpkins......(notice the strange hand)

Weston got to go through the hay maze and find a pumpkin. He also found some big piles of hay to jump off.

This was probably his favorite part of the whole morning.....a lawnmower powered train made out of barrels. He loved it!

Here's his pumpkin he got to serious. Grams got to run him out to the side pasture and let him "water" the grass.

We also got to feed the animals.....I think Caleb liked this part....he was about to grab the goat!

Caleb already had his official 6 month birthday but Grams has a tradition of making each grandchild a little cake for their special day. So since this was the first time she's seen him so made him one.

He was much more interested in the bowl than he was the cake.

Grams finally smashed his hand into in and he messed in it for a little bit....don't worry I didn't let him eat any of it. I can't imagine what that would do to his's only known milk and a few baby veggies so far.

Pops actually got to come for a night! He had a job to go see sorta close to here so he came and spent the night on Tuesday night. Weston was sure excited to see him!

Sorry my child is always in his underwear.....seems to be a common occurence in our house :)

On Thursday we attempted to get the boys pictures in the pumpkin patch in Boerne. We've done this every year with Weston so it was fun to do it again with both of them.

I think this is the best picture.......can you tell who is pushing who?? This is the greatest!
Change of clothes....Grams got them these outfits so we had to get some pictures in them too!

Grams took us all out to eat Thursday night. The boys actually both did great! Yea! Do you notice something funny about his eye? Not sure what he got bit by but it was swelled up pretty good. We told him he looked tough.
By the way.....Grams is a "baby whisperer".....she's got a way with my babies :) We sure loved having her here all week. Can't wait till next time!!