Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Project

We had a fun (if you call it that) weekend working in the yard. We planted lots of plants and flowers. We also finally finished the area around the sandbox in the backyard. It was quite a project but we love it and are excited about how it turned out. It was challenging trying to be working in the yard with the boys right there....but they got good and dirty and loved every minute of it. Here's a before picture...... And an after picture..... I also got my handyman to hang up some brackets for my hanging baskets. Let's hope they last and I don't kill them like I do most flowers/plants in the past. I'm hoping that since there are so many of them that I'll remember to water them. In the past I've only had one or two....so we'll see :) And here's the best helper of all.....gosh he makes us laugh. He proceeded to take his truck to the other part of the gravel pit and dump it.....all by himself.

The Park with Parker!

Last Friday we got to drive over to New Braunfels and meet Aunt B and Parker at the park! We had so much fun getting to see them. Parker is getting so big and changing so much. Gosh I love that little boy SO much!!!! We played on the playground, had a picnic lunch, and went and saw the ducks. Weston had a lot of fun being the "big" boy. Here's a bunch of pictures from our time together.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weston turns 3

This post is a little late but the next post will explain why. Last Friday, March 11th, Weston turned 3 years old! He woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was refusing for me to sing Happy Birthday to him at first (guess this is what a 3 year old is like :). By lunchtime he finally snapped out of it and was happy it was his birthday! We (me and Caleb) put a candle in his peanut butter sandwich and sang to him.
I can't believe my little boy is 3 years old. He is so much fun is constantly making us laugh. He is definitely "all boy" and would much rather be outside than anywhere else. He is talking all the time now and cracking us up by the things he says and repeats. He is one of the strongest 3 year olds I know. One of his favorite things to do is chasing our cat around the garage and yard. He normally laughs so hard he can't breathe. He loves reading books and working puzzles too. He loves hearing stories about Jesus.....I hope and pray that this is a life-long love of his life. We are so thankful for him and couldn't imagine our life without him!

We left as soon as they boys woke up from their nap and headed north to Weatherford for the weekend. We let Weston open his gifts from us and Mimi and Pawpaw on the way.

Mimi always sends the best cards.....they sing to him and he loved it!

On Saturday at Grams and Pops house we had a "mini" birthday party for him. Grams got a cake and some family came over. It was great to see everyone!

The cake is always this little boy's favorite part!!

Kiersi and Kayden were there to celebrate too.

Grams and Pops got him a remote control car. He had so much fun making it go around the room. Caleb had even more fun chasing it. Sadly, Weston ran it in to a chair and broke a piece off of it the first hour he had it.
Little brother was so excited for his big brother....he clapped for him.
It was great to see Mamaw and Papaw and Grandma Martin too.
Silly boy wearing mama's shoes :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jen's Baby Shower and Pawpaw's Surgery

Last weekend we were up in Weatherford for Jenifer's baby shower. She's having a boy, Hunter Kenneth. She's due April 15th and I'm SO excited she's having a boy. It's so fun that all 3 of us will have boys!!!! We had the shower at my mom's house and it went great. She got so many fun things. Oh, and even though it looks like I'm more pregnant than her in these pictures....don't be fooled.....I'm not :) she is :)

We had fun the rest of the weekend just hanging out at Grams and Pops house. There was lots of golf cart riding and choo choo train watching. Caleb had fun just crawling on the driveway eating sticks :)

Then......the fun began. We headed to Melody & Greg's and Mallory & Jason's house on Sunday night. They both live in the same neighborhood. Logan's dad was scheduled to have heart surgery on Tuesday and so Logan and Mallory flew up to Minnesota for the surgery. It was at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. So I kept Mallory's two boys and my two boys at their house while they were gone. So yes, that's 4 boys under the age of 4!!!!! It was....well.....exhausting at times....definitely challenging....but I got to know her boys so much better and love on them and that was the best!
We stayed the night at Melody & Greg's house because Jason was home from work and kept his boys at night. We would just go over early each morning to be there when he left for work.
Weston and the girls had so much fun together. They are tickling/tackling each other. It was their pre-bedtime ritual every night.

Mom came over and helped on Tuesday and I took the older 2 boys to a play place called "Going Bonkers." It was a lot of fun.

It was basically big tunnels and stuff you climbed up through made of seatbelt type straps. Once you got to the top you could slide down the slides. This was definitely the best part and Weston's favorite part! He had to go down them every way possible.....his favorite....backwards & upside down.

These 2 boys were so fun......we had a great time all together.

Meal time was always an adventure....trying to please 4 hungry mouths at the same time. But we managed and no one seemed to go away hungry......not even Sawyer (the dog).....somehow he always managed to get a snack :)

Weston and Kai were buddies all week. They played all kinds of things. It was so fun to watch them. One day I heard Weston tell Kai, "I love you Kai". Kai then responded with, "I love you too Weston".
These 2 were so cute together too. This was the only way I could do outside......put them both in the stroller so I could chase down the older 2 if I needed to. They had fun clapping and pulling each other's hair.

Dinner out with Aunt Mel and the girls at Freebirds.

These are my favorite pictures from the week.....all 4 boys lined up on Aunt Mal's bed to watch cartoons. Don't worry it didn't last long....actually just about long enough for me to get these pictures.

One day we headed to their neighborhood park. I only could do this thanks to Aunt Mel and Uncle Greg's help. They all seemed to have a good time just playing and being out of the house.
Eli was trying to push Caleb.......and then later Caleb found the mulch and decided to eat it.

Uncle Greg helping with the monkey bars....
Love these boys.....
Fun with the girls in the backyard.....

Does this look like trouble to you???
Giggle boxes.....silly boy brushing his teeth and had an audience.
Big fun in the sandbox....they spent a lot of time doing this together.
So best of all, Barry's surgery went perfectly. They were able to repair his heart valve and everything went smooth. He is out of the hospital and actually back at home now. Logan and Mallory got home on Friday and I have to admit I was really glad to see them. It was a fun week but I was one tired Mama :)