Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Extravaganza at Church

On Friday, our church put on an Easter extravaganza. Mom was still in town so we all headed up there for crafts, cupcakes, Easter story, and an egg hunt. The Easter bunny was there too but I don't think Caleb was a fan.
Weston got to make a palm tree and I learned that he likes to cut with his left hand!!!

Our church did this amazing thing called "The Journey to the Cross". It was 5 rooms that you walk through and read cards about the life and story of Christ. It was really neat and awesome to do with your kids. I don't know how much Weston understood but he for sure knew what the cross was when he saw it and who died on it for him.

He was FULL of energy for the egg hunt. He was running and picking up the eggs as fast as he could. He would find candy on the ground that had spilled out of eggs and start eating it.....yes, really clean I'm sure. We LOVE our church and are so thankful for how they love on our boys and teach them about the Lord.

$1 Well Spent

So last fall we went to a garage sale or rummage sale that was at a storage unit place. It was really disorganized and nothing was priced. I found this box of a water slide and took it up to the table where you pay. I asked the lady if it worked or had a hole in it. She said she didn't know. I asked her how much it was and she asked how much I thought it was worth. I said how about a dollar since we don't know if it has a hole in it. She said sure. So we got it out last weekend. It's amazing! Logan doesn't think it had ever even been used. It's like 8 feet long and had 2 different pools with a slide in between. We put it on the backporch and it has provided endless hours of fun for a certain little boy. It he wasn't eating or sleeping on Saturday, he was in the pool! He loves it!!

Caleb likes it too and loves to just watch his big brother in action and make his lips do this and say, "oooohhh" cute!

He was soaked of course from big brother splashing him but he doesn't ever seem to mind. He just wants to be doing what his big brother is doing!

These 2 are just cute pictures I thought I'd add.....Caleb sucking on a rib bone and Weston hugging Caleb....yes, I did say hugging!!! My prayers are being answered of them actually loving each other :) at least for the moment I took this picture. I see glimpses every now and then.

Our Easter Sunday

These are my favorite 3 boys in their Easter Sunday ties. They are the cutest!!

We did a little Easter egg hunt for the boys in the front yard that evening. It was sad not being with family but we decided to do our own like we did last year. Weston screamed every time he saw an egg and went sprinting after it screaming the whole time. He was just a little excited about it! We got Caleb to crawl and pick up a few....although he'd rather pick up mulch or dirt than an egg.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grams' Visit - Park and Stawberries!

Grams came last week for a visit. It was so fun to have her down here all to ourselves. We had a great time just being with her. We mostly stayed at home and played but we did do a few things.

On Wednesday we went to the park in Fair Oaks. The boys loved it and of course immediately found the rocks to play in.

On Thursday, we met Catherine and her boys out at the Marburger Orchard in Fredericksburg. We picked lots and lots of strawberries. Weston and Braden ate their fair share of them a long the way. The older boys enjoyed it a lot although they found some pile of bags and had a blast climbling all over those. The strawberries were sweet! I think I got over 6 pounds. I froze them and have been using them in smoothies! Yummy!! They have peaches and blackberries soon!!! We can't wait to go back!

This is on our slide upstairs in the playroom. He will go down on his back....and he lets go all by himself!!! He cracks up and loves it.

Grams brought all kinds of surprises down for their Easter surprises so her and the boys had a blast playing with everything.

She also got to build a fort with Weston and they played under there for awhile.....he was loving it!

We had such a great time with her. Thanks for making the trip down to see us. We love you!