Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun with Parker & Outside Fun

This kid ADORES the sand. He actually goes face first on his belly and sorta swims in it. He's crazy! He is always covered basically from head to toe but he has so much fun. A friend told me baby powder.....it gets the sand right off. We tried it the other night and it worked awesome!
Our little fish is doing amazing with his swimming. He can basically swim anywhere by himself in the pool, jump off, go down and get things on the bottom (with a little push.....i think he's rather buoyant :), and anything else you dare the kid to do! He's really fearless but super fun and loves the water!
We went to Aunt B and Parker's house on Friday. The boys had a great time playing together. It was fun to get to be over there since they normally come here. Weston fell in love with Parker's stuffed Thomas.....it was hard to let that go when we had to leave :)
This was our attempt at getting them all posed for a picture.......great isn't it???

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ball Boy

Last night Logan had his first game of church softball. We all went to cheer him on. Weston was in paradise. He stayed in the dugout almost the entire time. He had so much being right by his dad's side. It made me smile just watching him. Caleb had a blast too......walking around, petting dogs, and eating snacks :) We have such an amazing church family. They really do feel like family to us so it was so fun to get to just hang out and talk with everyone. I'm looking forward to our Thursday nights at the ballpark!
That's Logan......way out in center field. Weston was screaming for him the whole time :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Caleb is walking!!

Caleb has finally decided walking is best.....or most of the time. This past weekend he started doing a lot more walking. He'll even stand up in the middle of the floor and start again after he falls down. He's SO cute!!! I love this little boy!
Here's my little boy showing off his new walking skills!!
This is hilarious.....but I think he was figuring out how to throw his head back and forth....
Big fun last night on the driveway......Logan got a bagger attachment for his lawnmower for his birthday so the big box was the best fun.

Mini Vacation with My Family

This past weekend we did another "mini" vacation again except this time with my family. We actually just did a "staycation" and stayed at our house. It was tons easier for us not to travel. Grams and Pops and the Bradleys all came down for the weekend and stayed till Tuesday morning. We went to Lake Medina on Saturday. It was hot but a lot of fun! I LOVE that place!!!

Greg getting some air on the wakeboard.....looks pretty impressive doesn't it???
Weston and Logan on the tube.
It was a little hot for Caleb but he did great. Grams has secrets or something because she had him asleep several times.
Greg and Kayden on the tube
Weston and Pops.....those two are inseparable......tubing or driving the boat together.
Dinner at Papa Nacho's.....yummy!
On Sunday for Father's Day, all the dads went and played golf together. I think they had a great time together even though it was really hot.
And I am so thankful for my dad. So glad I got to be with him on Father's day this year. He means the world to me!
And Happy Father's Day to my Logan.....he's the best dad these boys could ever dream of having. They love him to pieces....just watch them with him. They ALWAYS choose him over me :( It's ok.....I love watching him with them. He gives them 100% attention when they are around and they love it. Actually all our friends kids love him too!! So we are so thankful for Dada!
I don't have many pictures of this but on Monday we went to Schlitterbahn. It was a blast!!!! I got a babysitter for Caleb which was a really really good decison. He would have been miserable and hot. Weston was FEARLESS! He rode every ride and not only rode it but loved it. He was so fun to watch. The girls enjoyed it too....little different than their crazy cousin but they did great too. Weston somehow lasted from 10am to almost 7pm!!! There was no nap or rest time in there but LOTS of snacks!!!! He was one tired boy!
Thanks mom and dad for a really fun weekend!!! Thanks everyone for making the drive down. We love you all lots!

Videos from Great Wolf Lodge

I think my kid is going to need counseling!!! Does anyone else you know act this way about an iphone or an ipad??? He was singing a song/dance to them!!!! I don't have either one so maybe that is part of his obsession when he gets around them when we see Mimi. It was hilarious to watch this!

Weston on the slide at Great Wolf Lodge

Now it's Caleb's turn!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

Sorry this post is really late. Weekend before last we had a "mini" vacation with Logan's family at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. It was SO SO much fun. We had never been there and it was great!!!

Everything is geared toward the kids. The boys all had so much fun. Basically it's a hotel with an indoor/outdoor waterpark.
The biggest bummer of the whole weekend was that Weston wasn't tall enough to ride the big slides :( You have to be 42" and he's not there yet. Kai is tall enough though and he went on them with Jason. Here's some pictures of him.......he loved it!

We went to the Rainforest Cafe in Grapevine Mills mall one night for dinner. The boys loved all the animals.

We celebrated a few birthdays while we were there since we haven't all been together in awhile. They were all checking out Kai's new train book. And not sure what Kai is dancing about......funny.

Weston was really good at pushing Caleb around the halls of the hotel. He loved it and somehow Caleb survived it and even liked it. He is a little crazy with it.

The breakfast buffet at the hotel was so yummy! My boys loved it!!!

These two are so cute together......best buddies! I think they were comparing their bellies.....hmm....wonder who wins?
Dipping Dots......yum yum!

This is the indoor part of the waterpark. They had a huge area where the small kids could play.

Caleb is showing signs already of being just like his brother.....no fear! He loved going down all the slides that he could go down. He was so cute!

Cutest 4 boys ever......Eli, Kai, Weston and Caleb

Chick-fil-a for dinner!!

Iphone and the Ipad are these boys favorite things!

They had story time in the lobby every morning and night. We made it in our pajamas the last night for it.

That's the indoor waterpark....it's huge!

These are all taken by our great photographer.......Weston :)

While we were there they were having cheerleading camps. The last morning we got off the elevator on our way to breakfast and all the mascots came around the corner. I think Weston was a little surprised at all of them. They were really cute. No kangaroo though :(
REALLY fun weekend. Thank you Pawpaw and Mimi for a great vacation! We love you lots!