Friday, July 15, 2011

Emerald Rainbow & Dinosaur Museum

We had a great week last week. We went to several different places. On Thursday we had playgroup at Emerald Rainbow in Bulverde. Both boys loved it! We hadn't been there in a long time so it was really fun to see Caleb loving it.
They just look like they love each other so much :) We're working on it :)
On Friday, Catherine and I took the older boys to a dinosaur exhibit at Rivercenter Mall. There were some big dinosaurs. We had fun looking at all the bones.
In this picture they are loving each other and hugging.......but these boys can sure fight too! They are best buds but I'm learning with boys that doesn't always mean they are being nice to each other. Sometimes they need a ringleader close by if they disagree. They are funny to watch sometimes.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th Weekend

On Friday, Catherine and I took Weston and Braden to their first movie in the theater....Cars 2. They both did pretty well. Weston loved it and thought he was so big sitting in that big seat. Thank goodness for snacks and lots of them or we wouldn't have made it very long. I'm don't think we'll be going every week to the theater or anything but I do think he enjoyed it and did well enough to try it again. He is getting so old and can do so many big boy things now!
Friday night the Robersons met us at the pool to swim and eat dinner together. We hadn't seen them in awhile so it was great to catch up with them. The boys had a blast together of course!
Saturday was one of the most fun days I've had in a long time! I have been meeting this summer with a college girl named Megan. She's interning this summer with the youth at our church. We asked her to go to the lake with us on Saturday and she brought along 4 of her friends (Mattie, Sarah, Becky, and Kalie). We had a BLAST with them. I think I thought I was their age (20) again. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. Here's some pictures from the day. Oh, and no Caleb, we got a babysitter for him and it was best for him. It's SO hot here right now and he would have been miserable on the boat for that long. Weston, however, was in heaven! All that attention from 5 college girls!!!

These pictures deserve some explaining.....we have 2 big tubes and we all six...yes, six, piled on ONE tube and made a pyramid!!!! We were laughing so hard I couldn't even breathe. It was SO fun! They are such a fun, amazing, group of girls that love the Lord.
Sunday we went to church. My boys gave me a little concert after Sunday school. Aren't they cute in their little blue and white striped shirts?
On the way home from church Weston started singing on of his songs off his favorite CD. It was so cute that I decided to record him. It's "His Banner of Me is Love".....but if you listen carefully he says "His Banner of me is wove".....LOVE IT!!!!
On Monday the 4th, we had Matt and Aren out to swim and eat lunch. Do you think we enjoy our neighborhood pool??? It's so fun and the crazy thing is that it's NEVER crowded!!! We love it!!!
I have 2 little fish for sure....they love the water and the older one has a really hard time getting out!

Future girlfriends???? I'd approve of them :)
Monday night we just stayed home. We made grilled burgers and ate leftover homemade ice cream. The boys loved it! Can you tell??

Can I have some more.....please???