Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Family of......

So these will not work any longer for our family.......
because we are growing to a family of 5! Yes, that's right.....I'm pregnant and we're expecting our 3rd child on March 6, 2012. So no motel rooms with 2 beds or tables for 4 will be in our future. We'll be that family that needs the fold out couch or extra chair! We are really excited and are pretty confident that this will be the last of our announcements :) We find out boy or girl on October 4th and I don't think that day can come quick enough.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Boys Lately

It's been so hot here so we've just been trying to create indoor fun....not easy with 2 crazy, active boys!!! We normally try to play outside as long as Mama can stand it....not very long. It's like they don't even realize how hot it is. We've been at the neighborhood pool lots, playing in the water hose often, having random dance parties, going to Dad's softball games, going to Home Depot kid's workshops and anything else we can think to do. I sure love these boys to pieces. I am so thankful that I am their Mama and I get to stay home with them everyday. They seem to be growing and changing so fast lately.
Our old vacuum cleaner died so we got to get a new one. You would have thought we gave the kid a million dollars. He was so excited about a new vacuum cleaner!!! He's been begging to use it everyday since we got it home :) I know I'll be wishing for this one day. We had some fun out of the box!
We finally put a new battery in the motorized car we got from passed down from the Roberson boys. Caleb is loving it! His big brother isn't so sure about sharing it...imagine that :) so he thinks he needs to ride it with him!
We've had some fun dance parties lately.....
Dad's softball games have been big fun on Thursday nights this summer
We got to make pencil boxes at Home Depot. Caleb learned quickly how to swing the hammer!
Picnic on the backporch.....
it's SO hot.....what do you expect from 2 little boys!!!!
These are Caleb's two favorite things lately to carry around.....measuring cup and his "night night".

Friday, August 12, 2011


So I've been meaning to post about this forever and felt like I was waiting for more answers before I put it on here but I'm not sure when that day will come. I think only the Lord knows that day. Our sweet friends, Justin and Misty McElhannon, from church are going through a really hard time. Justin has been diagnosed with 4 different auto immune diseases (RA, sclerdoma, polymyositis, and lupas) recently they added a fifth one that is affecting his lungs called interstitial lung disease. His lungs are the main concerns right now. He has been treated here in San Antonio and also taken two trips up to the Cleveland Clinic where they are treating him too. They have been amazing to see their faith and trust in our God through all of this. They have 3 boys, Bryce (who is about to start kindergarten), Brody, and Braxton. We love them all to pieces and just want Justin to get better. Please be praying for this special family to us. They are trying to live as normal as possible. He goes to work when he can but he experiences all kinds of intense pain and side effects ALL the time. He is currently on more medication that I can possible list or name. This past Wednesday night our church, FBC in Boerne, hosted a huge pancake benefit dinner for him and another family in our church. It was so amazing to see our church family come together for them. There were over 5oo people there and they had a huge silent auction. They raised $25,000 in one night! It's awesome to see the Lord work and bring people together through all of this. You can follow their story on Misty's blog www.keepingupwiththemcelhannons.blogspot.com

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fun at Grams and Pops House

We got to go up to Grams and Pops house weekend before last. Melody, Greg, and the girls were there too. We had a lot of fun getting to hang out for so long.
One night, we went and got snowcones.....yum yum!

All the cousins had a blast playing together on Pops and Grams HUGE driveway.

And of course lots of rides on the golf cart to go see the trains!

Caleb had plenty of room to roam around :) He got to try his big brother's bike!

Everyone on their bikes.....notice Caleb is on Weston's bike and Weston chose the tricycle.
They have a splash park at one of their city parks. It was so hot so they had a blast running from all the fountains.

We did LOTS of swimming....actually I think at least once a day!

On Saturday night, Aunt Diane, Ashley, and Grandma Martin came over and kept all the kids and we all got to go to the Ranger's game. It was a lot of fun to get to do that together without the kids. But it was REALLY hot.....but they won!

Aren't we cute in our Ranger's t-shirts???
Awhile back my mom had the girls' pictures taken by a lady in Weatherford so she's been wanting to get the boys' pictures done. So she bought them really cute overalls to wear and we had them done one morning. I have to admit it was one of the most stressful hours ever because my boys weren't interested in doing anything we wanted them to do! But hopefully she got some cute ones......we'll see. Here's some my mom took before we got started.....

Part of having girl cousins means getting to play with baby dolls......Weston doesn't seem to mind :)

Caleb was so tired :)
Logan and I got to go back on Sunday ALL BY OURSELVES!!! My parents kept the boys for a few days and let us have a little break. It was SO great and much needed. I haven't seen much of this love shown in the next few pictures but she took them while she kept them. I hope this is a new trend :)

Love my boys!!!!