Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Trot and Thanksgiving

We headed up to Weatherford for Thanksgiving this year. A few weeks ago, Rick (my 2nd dad), asked me to run in the turkey trot 10K with him. I agreed and then as the days went by I started really having my doubts. I've been running but on the treadmill most of the time and not 6 miles. The most I had been doing was about 4 or 4 1/2 miles. I got more and more nervous as the day came closer. He of course promised to go slow and even walk if I needed to.....he just wanted to do it with me. So we headed over to Fort Worth on Thanksgiving morning and did the run. It actually felt really good....lots better than any of my running on the treadmill. I'm sure it helped to have him to talk to and also so many people and things to look at besides the wall on the opposite of the room (when I'm on the treadmill). We ran pretty slow but never walked and we finished just over an hour. I'm not too ashamed at that for being 6 months pregnant!!!! Thanks Ricky for taking it easy and getting me to run a race....that'll definitely be something to tell this little boy when he gets here.

Thanksgiving was great! We had all my dad's side of the family over at my mom's house. It was really fun just to be with everyone. The food was great of course but even better was just to see all my cousins, aunts & uncle, and grandma. We played games after we ate which was a lot of fun too.
I think Aunt Mel bonded with Caleb over the weekend. They had fun being together. And all the kids had a blast! They were so hyper.....Weston and Caleb LOVE being with those girls. They are so busy and always doing something with them.
My dad gets the award.....he played with all of the kids constantly. Here he is writing with sidewalk chalk on their driveway. He took them on the golf cart, blue tractor, and down to see the train. They sure love their Pops!!!

The cold front came in on Saturday morning and so we had to get creative because as you know you cannot have 4 kids inside all day!!! So Pops has keys to the church gym and we went up there and played. We had a blast. We even got a game of kickball going with the kids. We had bases (which Caleb was always stealing) and taught them how to run the bases. It was really fun.
I am so thankful for my family. We had a great weekend being with everyone.

Putting up the Christmas Tree & Smores Again

We decided to put the tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving since we were leaving town. The boys were ecstatic about it....especially Weston! He saw Logan get all the boxes out of the attic a few days before and could hardly stand the wait till Saturday when we got it all out. They were big helpers putting up everything. And the best part of the day is when Weston gets to go plug in the lights every night. We keep reminding him that we are getting ready for a big celebrate Jesus' birthday. We are trying to keep the focus on Christ as much as possible this year. Weston is like a sponge and picking up on everything this much more than last year.
Can you tell who put the red balls on the tree? I have such great helpers! I know my tree will look different for the next few years but I have to admit I love it and it reminds me how special is makes them feel to be a part of decorating it.
After we got the tree up, we made fajitas on the grill and cooked smores in the backyard again. Maybe this will be our new tradition after we put up the Christmas tree every year. The boys of course loved making and eating them!

New HEB Plus!

It's not everyday in our small town that we get a new HEB! So we decided to brave the crowds and go to the grand opening. It's a great store and the boys loved the new carts that have the steering wheels! Caleb didn't so much like the HEB mascot....he was terrified and wanted to get away quick.
Our checker gave us a stack of HEB buddy bucks so we spent awhile putting all of them in and getting our stickers. Big fun for 2 little boys!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Smores and Football

We were supposed to go camping last Friday night but when we saw the weather and realized it was going to be in the 30's....we reconsidered :) So everyone decided to come to our house instead and we had hot dogs and smores. It was a lot of fun and much better to go to sleep in our warm beds!
Caleb's first smore.....I think he LOVED it!!!
This is our new favorite at night.....tackle football. Both boys love to get tackled by Dad. Caleb got down in a 3-point stance without us even telling him to do it. I can only imagine how much football in our future!

Friday, November 4, 2011

My 2 Pumpkins

Here's my 2 pumpkins for Halloween this year.....Caleb was cookie monster and Weston was Mr. Incredible. Caleb loved saying "cookie" over and over and Weston loved showing you his BIG muscles. They wore the costumes for a good 3 weeks before Halloween was ever here. They loved playing in them and I had to beg them to take them off.
This is how we role at picture taking in pumpkins.....face crammed with a graham cracker :) We got a few least they are in the same picture :) That is about my expectations these days.
Weston is with his buddy Reid and Caleb is with his girl-buddy Micah.
This was on the way to go trick-or-treating. They had a great time and had it figured out pretty quickly how to get candy.

We went trick-or-treating with our small group. It was all of them and a lot of others was really fun! Weston would get some candy and then hug the person afterwards....I'm sure they didn't really know what to think of him :)