Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cookies with Mrs. Linda

We had a fun fun morning with Mrs. Linda. She came over and we all got to make sugar cookies together. I love this lady to pieces and she has become a part of our family! She loves on my boys so much and is an amazing example to me. We had a great morning and ended up with some pretty cute cookies! I think the boys ate their fair share of sprinkles and icing along way :)

Our Little Family Christmas

Since we travel every year for Christmas, we've started our own tradition of doing our own little family Christmas before we leave. So last night we had our time together. We started with yummy soup that is Dad's favorite. I lit the candles on the table and actually let them eat on the actual table....this is VERY rare...normally we have a plastic tablecloth on it. Even though there was the normal screaming and getting out of our chair during dinner it was still a fun dinner together.
Then of course we had to blow all those candles out :) Look at these 2 cheesy them!
Earlier yesterday the boys and I had made Jesus a birthday cake. Weston helped me put sprinkles all over it and decorate it. He was very proud of it. So after dinner we put on our party hats and sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. The boys loved it and took turns blowing out the candle for Him. Weston told me that Jesus wanted a vacuum cleaner and a swimming pool for his birthday :)

Then the best part.....eating the yummy cake!
Then....this is what happens at our house after the party.....
After dinner and cake, Logan told the Christmas story while we acted it out with our nativity scene. Weston liked was cute to get to do it this way.

Then we opened presents to each other. The boys knew exactly what to do. They were sure cute about it all. Weston had gotten each of us something through Awanas at church. It was all wrapped up and everything. That was really special that they do that for them. He gave each of us our presents and then proceeded to play with the one he gave Caleb all night :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE my 2 boys and hubby.....(and 3rd one on the way). This is one of my favoritest nights as a family. I know it'll only get more and more fun the older they get and the more they start really understanding why we are celebrating. I am so thankful for all that He has put in my life right now. The impact that one birth made that night so many years ago is beyond amazing to think about. I'm SO thankful that it has impacted and forever changed our house, our family, and how we live our lives.

Pops & Grams and the Bearded Man

Grams and Pops came down last weekend for a quick trip. We were so excited to see them and the boys were beside themselves excited to play with both of them. They got here during the boys' naps and Weston came running out of his room and ran and hugged both of them when he got up. He sure loves them!! We had a good time with them while they were here....finished up some Christmas shopping, went to chickfila, and went and saw Dad in our Christmas play at church.
Yes, the bearded man is my hubby. He's been growing for awhile...maybe a month and a half and I guess in man terms....He's a man...because it was really thick and came in all the way. Oh I'm so proud....don't I sound like it? Our church did a drive-thru Christmas production of the life of Christ. It was really neat. Logan played Jesus in the second scene when he talked with Nicodemus. It started with the manger scene and went all the way through to His resurrection. They gave you a CD to put in your car while you drove thru to all the different scenes. It was really neat and we've heard that 2 people came to know the Lord through it. Awesome! (sorry my pictures aren't very good....he had a wig that was awesome...wish I had a better shot of it)
So these are the last pictures before he went in to shave it on Saturday night. Is it all the way gone? No....he thinned it quite a bit but it's still really pokey :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Party

Sweet Cole had his first birthday last week and Catherine had a Santa party for him. She hired a Santa Claus to come and see the kids. It was really cute and all the kids loved it.....well most of them. Caleb only liked it if Momma was holding him :) So my big belly got to sit on Santa's lap too....I'm sure he was dying!!! We had a great time and it was fun to hear Weston talk to Santa. He said he wanted trains....big surprise!! I love these pictures of him with Santa....too cute!

Birthday boy and his family that we love!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Brothers that love each other???

We have finally turned a corner.....the last few weeks have been totally different around the Cross house. I have seen a huge change in how these 2 boys care about each other. They play together a LOT now, sing to each other, ask about each other, and share with one another. I'm not saying it's perfect by any means but it's an improvement. I'm so thankful for it and love to watch them with each other. Everyday Weston insists on singing to Caleb in his crib before he goes to sleep for his nap. And the crazy thing is that Caleb doesn't cry if he has sung to him!! Weston gets Caleb to eat things on his plate that I'm begging him to eat by just telling him to eat it! Oh my....the influence of an older brother! I'm so thankful for these 2 and can only imagine the fun it's going to be to watch all 3 of them together.
This is their new "clubhouse"'s under Weston's bed with the trundle pushed out. It's really cute to see them playing under there together.
Weston loves picking up Caleb when he hugs him....yes, he is strong...Caleb weighs probably 27 lbs or so now!!

Craft Day, Emerald Rainbow, and Christmas Parade

Last Friday, we got to go make some fun crafts with MOPS up at our church. The boys made the cutest table runner with their handprints, graham cracker stable, pipe cleaner Christmas tree, and paper angels. Weston had a great time making all the stuff and Caleb had fun eating the graham crackers :)
Saturday was cold and rainy so we headed up to Emerald Rainbow. Logan doesn't get to go there often with us so it was fun to get to go with him. The boys had a blast. Caleb was fascinated with the bowling lanes so we let them bowl a few times. I'm surprised the floor wasn't cracked after we left :)

Saturday night we headed to the Boerne Christmas parade. It was a lot of fun. Logan hates parades for some reason (I told him he can't live in Boerne if he doesn't like parades) but he agreed to go and I think he had fun too. We met Scott and Catherine and their boys their. They had a lot of fun watching all the floats go by.