Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Groundbreaking Day at Church

Our church is about to build a new children's building. They have been raising the money over the last 2 months and now have all the cash in hand to start (which is amazing that they do that in that order!). So this past Sunday they had the official "groundbreaking" ceremony and they asked Weston to hold a shovel for it and dig some dirt. He of course was very excited about it and knew just what to do. Here's some pictures from Sunday....

Day with Dad

So last Friday was this little boy's dream come true. He got to start the day with Dad waking him up. He got all dressed up in his boots and flannel shirt (even a pen in his front pocket....just like dad). He got to drink coffee with dad and then load up in the big Tilson truck for the whole morning. They left the house and headed out to Medina Lake to check on of Logan's houses. Logan said he had a blast...he got to ride in the dump truck and operate the controls and do the same with the bobcat. This is a little boy's paradise!
After they left that house they got to go to a concrete pour that Logan had at a house in San Antonio. Weston was right in the middle of it all as you can imagine.
Logan brought him home after the pour for his nap. It was getting close to his nap time and he told me he was tired and needed to go night night. He has NEVER said this to me. He was already in his bed when I came into his room. I think he's adrenaline must have been on full blast all morning. It was definitely a day he'll never forget. Caleb will have to have his turn in a few years....and then Tyson in a few more years :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

34 Weeks

I have been terrible about taking pictures this pregnancy. I think my last one was around 4 months....well now I'm 8 months pregnant and my how belly has changed! He is growing big (as you can tell) and I'm feeling really good for the most part. Yes, I'm still running.....about 3 or 4 miles 4 times a week (on the treadmill....wouldn't want ANYONE to see me!). Some days it feels great and other days it feels terrible and like he's about to drop out of me :) My doctor is wanting to induce me at 39 weeks (very end of February) if he hasn't come before then. She knows my boys tend to be on the bigger side....so we'll see. He is getting heavy and my back is hurting some but not too bad....I'm sure the majority of it is from thing 1 and thing 2 named Weston and Caleb.
And I guess I haven't officially announced this on here but he's name is going to be Tyson. We wanted to use Logan's middle name, Tyler, somehow and decided to change it a little bit. We're still not sure on his middle name but we have a few weeks yet to decide that!!

Last Few Weeks

I haven't blogged in awhile but there has been plenty going on. These two boys are busy everyday....doesn't matter what day it is. I got these pictures really quick one morning before church. They were wearing their new shirts they got for Christmas.
We got an ipad for Christmas and it has been a hit lately. They both...yes, both....are enjoying playing on it. Who knew a 1 1/2 year old knows how to play games....well he does! Weston teaches us stuff about it. It's crazy to think what technology will be like in their life time.
We still spend most night out in the driveway or in the garage. Playing in dad's truck is one of their favorite things to do. Caleb has loved wearing his headlamp lately.

This is how Caleb rides the tricycle.....he can go all the way around the entire house doing that.
But sometimes I find him like this....
They are playing possum....yeah right like they'd sleep that close to each other without killing each other...maybe in like 20 years!
It's great living in San Antonio in January and not somewhere freezing cold. We've still been able to go to the park and enjoy most days playing outside.
One night we loaded up the green car and took it to this park. Weston had a BLAST riding it all over the trails. There were this really skinny bridges that he had to go over and he wouldn't even slow down to cross them. But the crazy thing is that he cleared them perfectly every time. He's a pretty amazing driver for age 3 :)

We went and spent the day last Friday with Brittany and Parker. They were having their driveway paved so the boys had a great time watching the bobcat move dirt.
Weston got some leggos for Christmas but they are TINY! I didn't even know leggos could get that tiny and detailed. We've built a few things the last few nights and he's had fun watching and playing with them. While we're building them he's always asking what is taking so long :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Christmas Travels 2011

We had a great Christmas week...I say week because it lasted that long with us traveling from one family to the next. It was so fun to have Logan off of work and to all be together for that long. We left the day before Christmas Eve and headed up to Weatherford. We got to see Papaw Platt and Mamaw while we were there. My Papaw had a stroke over Thanksgiving and they have both moved now to an assisted living place in Weatherford. It was good to see them but hard to keep the boys entertained in their room without them destructing something!
Next, we headed to Melody's on Christmas Eve and spent the night with them that night. We got to go to their Christmas Eve service at their church. The boys had a blast of course playing with Kiersi and Kayden.
Cookies before bed....makes perfect sense :) Oh well...it's Christmas!!!
Pops and Grams and their grandkids!

Tyson even got something from his Aunt Mel....really cute! I can't wait for him to be here!
Santa did find us even though we weren't at our house.....
My sister and brother-in-law were great hosts as usual and it was a fun time with them. We ate some homemade cinnamon rolls the next morning (Christmas day) and then got on the road headed to Kansas. When we got there everyone was already over there eating and celebrating. Aunt Janet gave all of us aprons her friend had made....mine has an interesting bump underneath it :)
Fun bubble baths in Mimi's bathtub......

Look at all those boys and their bare bottoms.....and to think there are 2 more missing from the picture!!! TOO cute!!

Weston was introduced to the Wii and loved it.....he actually was better than I thought. Kai can beat me at anything he plays :) They had fun playing on this together.

It was funny going from my sister's house where they were pushing around baby doll strollers to getting to Mimi's house and they are pushing around dumptrucks while they are shooting bad guys with their dart guns! Oh my the differences!!

Mimi and Pawpaw and all their grandsons....minus one coming soon :)
Krieger family.....Baby Nate was born November 29th....he's as cute as can be and definitely looks like the other 2 boys.
If that happens I better be getting a picture of it :)

Caleb giving the dogs some Captain Crunch...
On Thursday, we all loaded up and went to the zoo. It's the best zoo that I've ever been to before. The boys had a great time.

This is how Weston wanted to be carted around the zoo.....laying down in the wagon.
Weston got a little practice with baby Nate before we headed back....
Mimi tried to work a little magic with Caleb on the potty chair. He never went but he sure didn't mind sitting on it. It was too cute to see him up there with his squishy legs and puppy in his hand.
We had a great time in Kansas.....really hard to leave....harder this time than ever before and maybe somewhat because Mallory and Jason are living there now and we know it's going to be awhile before we see everyone again. Thanks for a great Christmas and time together. We love you all!
And yes, this is real......this is Weston asleep on the way home. We did for the first time ever have some actual overlap of them BOTH sleeping at the same time. Now it didn't last very long but it was glorious for those few minutes.
We stopped back in Weatherford on the way back and stayed a night. Pops and Grams actually let us and Melody and Greg all go out while they kept the kids. We had a lot of fun....went to eat and then went to Starbucks and played cards and did a lot of laughing. The boys had to get in a few rides on the big blue tractor before we could head home. Thanks Pops!
We also celebrated our 6th anniversary on New Year's Eve. We drove home and unpacked the car that day but it was a day spent together so that's all that matters. I am so thankful for my hubby.....he continues to be my very best friend and someone that I want to spend my time with. We have a blast together and love doing so many things with each other. He loves the Lord with his whole heart and always puts Him first when leading our family and making decisions. I am so very thankful for him and that the Lord brought us together 6 years ago.