Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tyson Update #2

So no Tyson yet.....I went back to the doctor yesterday and he has moved on down to where he is supposed to be. I was dilated to a 3 so I'm scheduled to be induced tomorrow, February 29th, at 6am! So we're getting a leap year baby! I hope he's ok with that :) I'll hopefully post some pictures and about his birth in the hospital. We're super excited and can't wait to meet him. My family is all coming down tonight to be here with us and to help with the boys. Thanks for your prayers!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Finished Projects for Tyson

You maybe be wondering if that's actually me in the picture....well it is!!! And yes, I'm using a sewing machine!!! My precious friend Linda taught me how to use it! I found an idea on pinterest of taking your husband's old flannel shirts and making them into a baby blanket. I loved the idea and wanted to do it for Tyson. So with Linda's help I made it!! On one side of the blanket is the strips from Logan's old shirts and the other side is brown minky dot. It's so soft and going to be perfect for my little boy.

Here's the finished product! Thanks SO much Linda for coming over and helping me with it! I love it!

I made the boys all brother t-shirts to wear in the hospital or the days after Tyson gets here. There is "big", "middle", and "little" brother.

I also got letters to spell Tyson's name for above his crib and wrapped them in yarn. It was really cheap and I love how it looks.
Logan gave me a necklace for my birthday 2 years ago with both boys first letter of their name. I love it and never take it off. The company he got it from went out of buisness (big bummer) but I found one on etsy that was really similar. I ordered a "T" and got it in the other day. Now my necklace is complete!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Painting, Car Game, Pop Rocks, Cubbies Verse & Trailer

I've had some fun days just being home with my boys playing with them. I'm trying to soak up the time that I have just the 2 of them before Tyson gets here. We did some painting the other day. Notice Caleb is either eating his paintbrush or sticking it in his ears :)

We've recently figured out that for most everything that Caleb does he has his mouth opened to do it. Here's some sweeping action on the driveway.

Here's a goober telling me about his bobo getting hot.....silly boy!

Weston got a Cars movie driving game for Christmas and he has loved playing it lately. He finally decided to let Caleb do it too and is learning to share with him. It's pretty cute to see them both sprawled in the living room doing it together.

Dad had to stop at the store for something and he came home with Pop Rocks. He wanted to boys to get a taste of them. They loved them and we had a good time laughing at them eating them.
Weston goes to Cubbies (Awanas) at our church every Wednesday night. He learned his verse really well this week so I got him to say it on video for me. He has a few sneezes in the middle but he got it out.....love hearing him quoting scripture!! He has loved being in that this year.
Weston's been asking for a rope for quite some time to connect the wagon to his green car. He is normally trying to hook up green car to the boat but that doesn't quite work. So today Logan rigged up a rope and tied the wagon to it. Caleb got to be his passenger and they had a great time cruising around the yard and down the street.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tyson Update

I went back to the doctor this morning and first had a sonogram. She wanted to check his size and make sure everything was still going good with him. Maybe I shouldn't have been so shocked because we do seem to produce big boys but I was shocked because their guess today was 8 lbs and 10 oz!! Oh my!! I'm 38 weeks tomorrow so technically he has 2 more weeks left. Thankfully he is perfectly healthy.....already has 3/4" hair, big arms and legs! He is head down and face down which is good. So after the sonogram we met with my doctor. She said he is still too high and hasn't locked in behind my pelvic bone so we can't induce yet. There are many things that can go wrong if you are induced and baby isn't low enough yet. So we trust her and her advice so back to the waiting game. I go back Monday afternoon to decide what's next and hopefully to see that he has locked into place. Weston was 7 lbs 13 oz and Caleb was 8 lbs 14 oz so I'm guessing Tyson is going to break the 9 lb marker for us. I guess he knows he needs to be big and tough to keep up with his brothers :) So please pray that this little boy would get down to where he needs to be and that I'd be able to have him naturally. Hopefully I'll be posting about his birth soon!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tyson's Shower Weekend

So this past weekend was one of the most special I've ever had. It started off by having my 2 best life-long friends in town. Brittany drove over from New Braunfels and Jenifer was in town staying with me too. THEN Misty and Catherine treated all of us to pedicures!!! We left 8 boys at my house!!!! (yes, there were 2 babysitters watching over them) We had a great time gettin g all pampered....what a treat!
Then they gave me a shower that night. Here's the invite from it....so cute! 3 little boys in a tub!

It was such a special night that I will remember for always. They (Misty, Catherine and Dena) went WAY overboard and did WAY too much for me. They had the room at the restaurant decorated so cute in a bath theme. Everyone had brought me diapers for Tyson too. I felt so loved!!

THEN.....to my surprise my mom and sister walked in!!! I had NO idea that they were even thinking of coming and come to find out later it was all planned long ago without my knowing. It meant the world to me that they had made the long drive to be there for me.

Melody, Me and Mom

So what an amazing night. I was overwhelmed by who all gave up their Friday night to be there for me.....sweet sweet friends and family. I actually stood up at the end and gave a "mini" speech. I had written it down on a notecard before I got there that night. I'm sure they made fun of me but I had to take advantage of having all of them in the same room at the same time! I had my 2 best friends there that I've been with since 1st grade, my mom and sister, Linda (that is like family to me), Boerne friends (old and new) and FBC (old and new) friends. I can see so many ways that the Lord has used each of these women in different points in my life to keep me going and encouraged. Thank you to all these amazing friends that are in my life. Tyson was spoiled and so was his Mommy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Trip to Weatherford

We headed up to Weatherford weekend before last to see Grams & Pops. I had a conference for our women's ministry team over in Hurst so it worked out great for the all of us to get to go see my family.

Caleb is really into wearing other people's shoes right now.....here's him wearing my running shoes. Those chubby thighs are my favorite!

Pops celebrated his 58th birthday on Superbowl Sunday while we were there. We had fun celebrating with him and my sister and the girls came over too.

We took Caleb for a much needed haircut while we were in Weatherford. I took advantage of having my mom to help with me get this done. I normally cut it myself but he is SO squirmy right now I didn't want to mess it up. It was a challenge for the lady at Pro-Cuts but she managed to get it done.

Bubble bath in Grams's tub :)

Fun with Pops....yes, it's just a paper towel roll :)