Friday, May 25, 2012

Logan's Spartan Race

 Logan and some guys from church competed (or maybe I should say completed) a Spartan race last weekend in Burnet.  It was 5.4 miles of crazy, insane obstacles.  They did it to raise money for Clays for Cara.  He had a blast and has already looked up when the event is next year!
The first picture is obviously the before picture.....and this is the after picture.  He was covered in mud and filth.  They had to army crawl under barbed wire, climb a rope, swim under something in a lake, climb walls, run through fire??, and lots of other stuff.  Me and the boys didn't get to go see him but got to hear all about it.  Weston had a scratch on his arm this week and has been telling me that he ran through fire with his friends....wants to be just like dad!

My crazy boys!

There is just never a dull moment in our house these days.  There is someone making a mess or climbing on something or someone is screaming or someone is hungry or someone needs something or something just broke :)  Here is Weston putting the ice pack on Caleb's forehead.  Caleb went and got it out of the freezer for himself....does that prove we have lots of bruises around our house??
Here's a list of what has happened around our house the last few top the list is Weston dropping my new iphone in his toilet (and no, it doesn't work yet), cabinet door ripped off its hinges in the kitchen, broken vase with flowers in it, recycle bin dumped out on the driveway with the hose bib turned on full blast....and they were filling up empty milk carton with water and dumping them on each other....this has happend two or three times..I can't remember....and one time they used an empty OJ container and Caleb had pulp all in his hair, came in their bathroom one day and there was standing water all over the floor....they were sitting up on the counter dumping cup fulls of water on the floor, and I'm sure there are tons more....that's all that comes to mind right now.
Oh and this is Weston's newest feat....climbing on the side of the boat, lowering himself into a big box and then falling over in it.....
This is teamwork at it's best.....they have figured out to work together to get Caleb in and out of his crib without mama's help.  To get out....Caleb starts putting his leg over and Weston stands on the bean bag chair and pulls Caleb out.  To get him in....Weston basically pushes Caleb up on his head while standing on the bean bag's a video of it.....enjoy :)
But admist all the craziness there is some really sweet time is some cuddle time with Tyson....
I feel like I better keep blogging about all the crazy things that happen so that when I'm old and have totally lost it one day I can read back and get a good laugh :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day, Wake Up, Kiddie Park, Cubbies, and the Tarantula!

Mother's Day was great this year!  I woke up to a cute little boy bringing me breakfast in bed!  Yes...Weston brought into my bedroom an english muffin with an egg and avocado on it and a smoothie...mama's favorite :)  The day before we were at HEB as a family (yes, it's our Saturday family outing) and the boys both picked me out some was cute to see what they picked...Weston got the carnations that weren't quite bloomed...probably so he could watch them everyday and tell me how they work :)  and Caleb picked the bright sunflowers.  I love my boys to pieces!  Weston told me that morning at breakfast that he got me some kitchen knives....yes, he sorta told me before Logan wanted but it was adorable.  Logan also got my blog printed!  He did the first 2 years which is 2007 and 2008.  I love it and it's going to be such an awesome treasure to have since I've blogged so much the past several years. 
This is what I find in the morning sometimes....they love to go upstairs and greet Tyson in the mornings.  They both love to get in his crib with him. 

Love this smile! 
On Wednesday, Linda took Chantel and me and all our kids to Kiddie Park.  Of course the boys had a blast.  Caleb was hilarious and in this really chilled out mood (which is normally NOT Caleb!).  He had his sunglasses on and was having fun sitting next to Micah.  It was cute to watch them all together. 
Wednesday night was Weston's last night at Cubbies for this year.  He had an awesome year and loved it every week.  He has learned so many verses and loves singing all the songs.  They had a little awards ceremony for them and I was the annoying mom down in the front taking pictures :) 
Weston singing his song....
And yes, you read the title right...a TARANTULA!  We were pulling out of the garage on Thursday and it happen to catch my eye up above the garage door....on the outside!  I was freaked out but just didn't do anything about it since it was outside.  WELL....later that day I went out to the garage to put something in my car and it was INSIDE the garage!!!  I screamed like a little girl for quite some time and finally braved putting a big tupperware container over the top of him as my boys laughed their heads off at their mama.  When Logan got home he disposed of him :)  If I was to find one of those inside of my house I would lose it!!!  It was SO big and SO hairy!!!  I've heard they are great for eating other bugs and stuff but I agree with Logan when he said he'd rather deal with all the other stuff!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tyson's Smiles, Big Brother, and Rainy Day Fun!

 Cutest smiles and expressions of my little boy....
 Big brother on duty....he goes and gets all the toys and plays with Tyson non-stop.  He even shares his beloved brown blanket with him.....this is HUGE!  He doesn't normally share that with just anyone :)
 Movie night.....they got to stay up and eat'd have thought we were at Disney World....they thought they were both big stuff!
 They have still been playing in the boat a lot.....they were trying to fit down into the storage area in the front.....silly boys!
 Tyson's first boat the garage :)
 Rainy day fun.....Davis boys were over and they found a puddle in the backyard.  It didn't take those boys long to figure out what to do in it.....then the clothes came off....I spared you those pictures :)
 Dump trucks in the rain!!!  It doesn't get much better than that!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tyson's Well Visit, Playtime in Boat, Night with Mrs. Linda, Cibolo Nature Center

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile.  With 3 we've definitely been home a lot more which you'd think would be easier to take more pictures.....and I have an iphone which I thought would make it easier too and it does but it's just BUSY!  There is no sitting around just taking pictures here and there and if we do go somewhere there is NOT a free hand to take and pictures :)  I'm loving it though and loving these boys to pieces.  It's such a fun, crazy and wild journey being there mama!  That is a picture of all 3 of them from yesterday.  Weston adores Tyson and would hold him all day if I'd let him! 
I love this picture of those dark eyes and hair.  He is precious and doing so great!  He is sleeping through the night!!!  Yes, 8 or 9 hours at 2 months!!!  We went for his well visit last week.  He weighed 13lbs 14oz (90%) and was 23" long (50%).  This is hard to believe but he is actually the lightest out of all 3 of the boys for his 2 month weigh in!  The doctor said he is doing great and very healthy.  We are so thankful for yet another healthy boy!    
He is smiling and talking to us all the time now. 
He likes the bumbo for about 2 minutes....that big head gets awfully heavy! 
Brother time on the playmat 
Caleb had his first frosty the other night after dinner.  It was ALL over him but he loved it!  He is definitely a 2 year old lately....which means they are as cute as can be and say and do the funniest things but also can throw the biggest tantrums and fits all in the same few minutes!!  It's amazing how that can happen. 

Like I said earlier, we have been home a lot lately so the boys have been finding new things to explore and play on.  The boat is parked in the garage and who knew it could be so fun for 2 boys.  They've spent hours in there just playing and doing who knows what.
This is the only picture I have from this but the older boys got to spend the night with Mrs. Linda.  She wanted to take them for the night and so they got to have fun with her while we went on a date!  Caleb slept in a bed for the first time and Weston was terrified of her dog :(  So they actually woke up at 5:15 in the morning!!!  Poor Linda!  They went for a ride in the wagon in the early morning hours :)  They had a blast though and love being with her! 
A new favorite of ours is Cibolo Nature Center.  I had been there once before but it was over 100 degrees so I don't remember much. Several of us met there the other day and had a blast with the kids!  I love this picture!!
My cutie pie :) 
Love this picture of Caleb and Micah....they have the same birthday but a year apart! 
Silly boy in his shades 
We walked down to the river and the boys had a blast playing in it and throwing rocks! 
Mason went swimming and definitely wasn't afraid of the cold water.....he's too cute! 
Fun day with fun friends!!  We'll definitely be going back!