Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family Lake Day

We finally got to take the boat out for the first time this summer.  This is definitely a first to wait till the middle of June before we are out on the lake....but then again....lots of things look different than they have before seeing as how we are a family of 5 now!  We decided to go ahead and get some kid waterskis in hopes that Weston will be brave enough to use them and eventually all the boys can learn.  We got them last week and Weston tried them on.
 We just went to Canyon Lake on Saturday and took our neighbors, Megan and Austin.  They were a huge help with the boys and we definitely couldn't have done it without them.

Tyson came and it was his first time on the boat.  He did great considering how hot it was for him.  He mostly sat in his chair under the dash with his fan blowing on him.  He enjoyed it and slept really good under there.

This year Logan has 2 assistant boat drivers that want to be right there with him the whole time :) 
Here's Weston out in the water with Logan with his skis on....but that's about as far as we got the first day.  Hopefully next time we go we can get him to try it. 
These boys were pooped...Weston laid down on his own up at the front of the boat and we showed Caleb what Bubba was doing and he followed.  They both were up there for awhile and just about asleep.....too cute! 
This is Caleb napping on our bed when we got home....he was worn out! 

Baseball Game with Dad

Weston got to go with Logan last Thursday night to see the Missions baseball team in San Antonio.  It was with some other guys from the church.  He had a great time and probably his favorite thing was getting to eat a big blue snowcone :)  He loves getting to do stuff with his Dad!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Caleb and the Potty

I'm not sure it's official quite yet but Caleb is potty training.  He is really doing pretty good at it and I'm really proud of him.  He's been talking about it for sometime so I knew it was getting close to time to try it out.  We started last Monday with big boy undies and it's gone pretty well.  Yes, we've had a few accidents but nothing too major.  He definitely still wears a diaper for nap and bedtime.  We've worked out a deal with Weston though....if he gets Caleb to go potty, then he gets a chocolate chip too.  He likes this idea and has an huge influence on his little brother.....so I know that is helping quite a bit.  The other night Caleb wanted to mimic Weston going outside off the driveway.....so both boys with their pants to their ankles peed off our driveway into the grass.  I'm guessing I'm going to see lots of this in my future :) 

Father's Day and Tyson's Dedication

We had a special Father's day because we got to dedicate Tyson at our church.  My parents came in town for it too so I was able to be with my dad on father's day too!  Our little boy was so cute for his special day.  His proud brothers got to stand up there with him too. 

Our awesome family pictures.... :)

We had a great Father's Day.  Logan celebrated by going golfing after church that afternoon with his buddy.  Then he came home and we all went swimming.  He is an amazing dad to our little boys and I'm so thankful for him and the influence he has on them.  The boys each got him a gift of something that they could do with him....Weston got him a fishing pole so they could go fishing together, Caleb got him a coupon to go to a train museum in New Braunfels, and Tyson gave him a coffee mug with all 3 of the their pictures on it and a book so he could read it, drink coffee and hold him :)  So Logan has lots of Dad dates soon with his boys! 

Weston Goes Mutton Busting

What a fun night we had last Saturday night.  My parents came in town for the night so they kept the younger two boys and Logan and I got to take Weston to a birthday party.  This wasn't any normal birthday party....we got to all go to Tejas Rodeo.  It was for Reid's 4th birthday.  All 4 of the boys that went got to go mutton busting.  It was quite a night!  Here's my little cowboy before we left.....loving his cowboy boots!!!(thanks mrs. laura)
I had never even heard about this place and it was less than 30 minutes from our house. 
First we all ate together and had some cupcakes for the birthday boy!
Then the four of them (Reid, Matthew, Eli and Weston) got all ready to go....
The cowboy walked them into the arena and suited them up in helmets and vests.  We got a good laugh watching them because they had to find a bigger helmet for Weston because his head is so big!! 
When they got all ready, the cowboy walked them out (all of them holding hands) and they started.  Weston got second place and he did great!  He got 76 points for his ride and the winner got 77 points after him.  He had a pretty good fall off the sheep.....kinda funny/sad to watch.  You can watch his ride by clicking on this link....http://youtu.be/Aox7HJf9hI4  He is the 2nd one to ride on the video.
Here's what he got for doing it.....he's pretty proud of this bandana!
We got to stay and watch more of the rodeo....the boys loved it.
He rode the mechanical bull too....this boy isn't scared of anything!!!
Fun Fun night!!  We're hoping he'll do it again sometime....maybe at the Boerne rodeo at the end of the summer.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camp Out with Dad

Weston's been asking for awhile about sleeping in a tent.....so Logan finally gave in and they camped out Friday night.  They had a blast getting it all set up in the backyard :)

Don't you wish you were sleeping in there too??? 
What's camping out without smores???   

Well it was a really hot night that's all I'm going to say....or that's all Logan said.  We have a crazy infestation of really big grasshoppers right now too and Logan said there was one right about his head on the tree making his mating call all night long.  He said he was just sweating really bad too.  Needless to say, they lasted till about 2:30 and they both came in and got in their beds.  Oh and it was just Logan and Weston.  Me and the other 2 were sleeping great in the A/C :)  Way to go Dad!!!