Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of PreK!

Weston started PreK yesterday!  He was really excited and had a great first day.  He'll go Monday and Wednesdays from 8:15 to noon.  His teacher is Ms. Rebekah.  He walked right in when we got there and never looked back at Momma :)  We haven't done any preschool yet so this was a big day for him. Here is my big boy...
What a cheeseball! 
His brother was very sad....he cried his eyes out when I left him in the car and took Weston inside.  He missed him but it was SO fun to have some Momma time with just him while Tyson took a morning nap. 
Braden and him are in the same class so they were very excited about that.  Here they are about to walk into their class....best buddies!

Ice Cream!

We had a great weekend and didn't do too much.  I realized after looking at the pictures that it was full of ice cream!  Friday night we took the boys to Jason's Deli for dinner so of course the complimentary ice cream was their favorite part! 
Saturday night I made some homemade ice cream.  We usually do this several times in the summer.  We made chocolate this time and had some friends to swim at the pool.  It was really yummy and really fun!  I think Caleb liked it the best :) 
Gage was not happy when his was all gone! 
2 really really cute girls!!! 

Friday, August 24, 2012

3 Boys in a Tub

3 silly boys in a tub :) 
goof balls.... 
The newest fascination....cooktop gas burners.  Weston turns them on (yes mom...under my supervison) and tells Caleb how all they work.  The big middle burner is the most fun.
My next little cookie maker :)

Fun Day with Mrs. Linda

The boys had a really fun day with Mrs. Linda yesterday.  She came over to do something special with Weston before he starts preschool on Monday.  She let them cook a special lunch.  They got to do just about every part of it and they loved it!  They made mac-n-cheese, hotdogs, peanut butter on celery, and dirt desserts.  Caleb mostly loved the oreo cookies and Weston dug all the gummy worms out of the desserts :)
Then after Caleb went to sleep she worked with Weston and they made him a box for all his school papers.  He cut and pasted all kinds of pictures on the outside of it.  He is so proud of it.  She thought it was pretty funny the things he chose.  He didn't want any balls (basketballs or baseballs) on it but a race car, tractors of course and food :)  You've got to love the mind of a 4 year old!  We love you Mrs. Linda!  We had a really fun day with you!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aunt B, Pool, Children's Museum, Tyson in the Green Car and Peas

We got to go see Aunt B and Parker last Friday.  It was fun to see them because it had been a long time!!!  I didn't think to take picture when all of them were awake :(  So I only got a few.  And REALLY exciting....they are getting another baby Irons in a few weeks!!!!  It's another boy and we can't wait for another buddy to play with!!!!
Friday night was family swimming night :)  How cute is this little boy???
And this one too with his goggles :)
Weston's belly flop....
and back flop :)
and Caleb's BIG jump :)
I had bought a groupon for the New Braunfels Children's museum and it was about to expire.  So we all headed over there Saturday morning and did it together.  It's an awesome museum!  We loved it and had a great time.  The first thing was building a house....they spent forever fixing the plumbing :)  I realize how different Logan and I do museums.  I would have been way past and on to the next thing but he spent so much time teaching the boys at every station we went to.....best dad!
My little astronauts!
This was a definite favorite...
Tyson got to try the kayak
You are NOT supposed to drink the water :(  That's what Caleb thinks you do with all the water!
I finally started solids with Tyson.  His first dish was peas.  He opened his mouth wide like all Cross boys do!  I'm not sure if it's a favorite though...but he kept eating it!
This is what he looks like most mornings when I go in to get him :)  Think we might need to invest in some night time diapers!  He sure is happy though!!
We tried a walk in the wagon....need an extra seat!
This happened the other night....they turned on the water outside and let it run down the driveway and then started sucking it up and spitting it on each other. 
Then they found some PVC pipe and Weston would suck it up and then spit it through the pipe.....here's some entertainment....
Tyson's first ride in the green car
This is my favorite video.....Caleb talking and saying some funny words....listen for snowskis, waterskis, and cookie jar.