Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Boerne Fire Station

MOPS had a day out to the firestation.  They got to climb on the trucks and learn all about fire trucks and firefighters. 
At the end, the fireman started putting on all his gear so the kids could watch.  As soon as he put his feet in his pants, Caleb started screaming for me.  He was sitting across the room and started running over towards me.  He did not like the fireman and thought he was very scary.  He wanted to go home.  It was sorta funny but sad and shocking too because he is never scared of much.  I tried to tell him that's the fireman is a good guy and he will help us if we ever need him to.  We left soon after that and I think we need to go again soon so he can get used to him.  Although he says he still wants to be a fireman for Halloween :) 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trash Truck, Boys, Soccer, Teeth, and Baby Connor!

Another science experiment.....this was like mini volcanoes....they loved it! 
The newest and greatest toy currently in the Cross household....when I brought it home Weston played with it for about 2 hours straight....didn't even take off his shoes or go to the bathroom! 
Weston was teaching me and Caleb where the alternator is at along with other things....
Weston had his first night of soccer practice on Tuesday night.  He did great and is going to love it! 
They use "mini" goals :) 
There are actually only 5 on his team and they play 3 on 3 so everyone gets a lot of playing time! 
Mr. Smiley 
How cute is he in that big high chair!!!  He loves cheerios now :) 
today's entertainment....made a concoction of pvc pipes and then used the air compressor to blow cheerios and acorns out the other end....big fun! 
all 3 playing together....ok sorta :)  Tyson LOVES watching them push their trucks around... 
love this....wish i wouldn't have had to tell them to hug each other!  maybe one day! 
my Caleb.....silly as can be 
Yes, this is sorta gross but it's a huge pile of hair!  all 4 of them got a haircut the other night in the bathtub.  Weston's hair made the most contribution to the pile.  It looked like a dead animal! 
LOVE him! 
can you see his 2 teeth??  my big boy! 
And the best for last.....Brittany and Grant adopted their 2nd little boy last week...Connor Jack Irons.  He was 8lbs and 15 oz and I'm dying to meet him!  They are doing great and adjusting to being a family of 4! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Birthday at Schlitterbahn!

My birthday was yesterday and we celebrated by taking the older two boys to Schlitterbahn waterpark in New Braunfels.  It's one of our favorite places and it was a LOT of fun.  My boys LOVE the water and so they were very happy all day.  I was sad to leave Tyson but I know he'll have many more days of this ahead.  Friday night we made fajitas and had birthday cake.  They took care of lighting my candles and blowing them out :)
We've gone to Schlitterbahn around this time almost every year and it's is back in and it's the next to last Sunday that they are opened so it's not very crowded.  Waiting in line with these 2 is NOT fun.  We packed our pb&j and made a day out of it.  The boys rode just about every ride we had time for.....there is NO fear in them :) Weston said his favorite thing was the "big drop" on the tube ride.
This is how we pushed Caleb from 10 till 5:15 (through his nap) cream!
This is what happened when we drove out of the parking lot :) 
REALLY fun birthday with my favorite boys!!

My Cutie Pies

Tyson's new love....mum mums
Caleb went and put this on himself and was riding around in the green car....silly boy 
This is how Weston came out of "room time"......cowboy hat, pj pants, and fire boots 
my favorite froggie 
my DIRTY boy.... 
Tyson feel asleep nursing the other night which NEVER happens so I had to just hold him for a long time and enjoy those moments 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Little Scientists

Tyson took a long morning nap so we had a little fun and the boys and I did some science experiments.  First we made a volcano....they of course loved this and wanted to keep doing it over and over.  Then we made our own bubbles and bubble wands.  We tried to blow bubble through penne pasta....little hard :) 
Then we made slime!  This was definitely one of the favorites.  I didn't have enough glue so I used modge podge and it kinda went disastrous.  Oh well...they had fun playing in it.   
Last thing was food coloring in milk.....then you put a drop of dish liquid in it and it reacts with it.  It was really cool and they loved this too.
So a fun day at home with my little scientists!