Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Park and the Zoo

 We've been to the park a lot lately.  They have some great ones here in Weatherford.  One of the parks has a trail that runs down to the train tracks.  Well of course this has become our favorite.  We made a picnic and loaded up their bikes and headed there the other day.  Logan actually got off early that day and met us there.  It was fun but I had some tired boys after we finished!
They are loving the boots they got for the birthday.  Caleb wears them ALL the time and normally has them on the wrong feet with his jeans tucked in :)  Guess we are fitting in well to Weatherford with our boots :)
Logan had to get a big ladder for his new job and the boys had to try it out.  I'm not sure who was having more fun.
Today I did something I've never attempted before....taking all 3 to the zoo by myself.  The weather was so nice today and my sister got us a season pass for the boys birthday so I decided it was worth a try.  It honestly went really good!  The boys did great and we had a really fun time together.  Weston took pictures of all the animals with his new camera :)
Tyson did great too....he was definitely ready to get out of the stroller though....do you think he needs some longer jeans???  
The best part of the zoo was of course the train.  Caleb begged to ride the train the entire time we were there.  He had the cutest look on his face while we were riding it.  They all loved it...even Tyson.  So all in all a fun day with my boys.  We had a picnic lunch in the zoo and then headed home. 
This is from the other day but it's the cutest.....bed head and a bruise :)  Welcome to life as the 3rd child!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weston Turns Five!

Weston's actual birthday was last Monday.  We had a fun day just playing and being outside together. 
Mimi and Pawpaw bought him a remote controlled car and he has had a blast playing with it.  It's really fast and I have to admit it's really fun to play with (glad I'm a boy mom) :) Notice that he is wearing a Spiderman shirt, shoes, underwear, and rides a Spiderman bike!  This boy is obsessed!!!
He got to pick what he wanted to eat at every meal so he said cake for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch and chicken nuggets for dinner.  So here's his cake for breakfast :)
This is a cheeto that went with his sandwich
We love Weston so much.  He is growing and changing so much.  He'll start kindergarten in the fall....which I just can't believe!  He is hilarious and so stinkin smart.  He can figure out how anything and everything works.  He is a great big brtoher and we love this little boy to pieces!!! 
On Wednesday Catherine and her boys came to see us.  They were driving up to Illinois to see all her family and stopped on the way to see us.  We had SO much fun and wish it could have lasted much longer.  I had capes for her boys so they all put theirs on and we took pictures of them.   
I hung the banner up in our garage and it was like redoing the party for the Davis boys :) We even ate leftover cake later on! 
After naps we went out to Pops house and they got to play some more. 
My boys were so excited to show them the blue tractor.
and the orange one :)
Oh we miss those little boys and their mom and dad SO bad!!!  It was really fun seeing them.  We love them so much!!!!

Superhero Birthday Party!!!!

I had a really fun time planning the boys party this year.  Ever since Halloween Weston has been really into Spider-man, Caleb has been into Batman and well by default Tyson loves Superman :)  So we decided to make it a superhero party this year.  All of their birthdays are in the spring (t-Feb 29th, c-Apr 12th and w-Mar 11th) so it just works to do them all together.  This is the invite I used.  I didn't make them this year....too much this time.  I found them on etsy and the girl did an awesome job on them!  I was very pleased!
My sister of course made the cake and did amazing!!  It not only looked amazing it tasted amazing!!!  I'm so lucky to have her to do all our birthday parties :)
She did some cookies to go with it too.  They were so cute!!!
I painted this backdrop to have behind the table.  It's Gotham City...can't you tell???  It took a little bit of time but it was sure fun to use as a backdrop for the kids pictures.
I had 3 different tables for the food and cake that coordinated with all 3 superheros.  We had "wonder dogs" (hotdogs), "catwoman claws" (bugles), "joker's juice" (juice boxes), "marvelous mac-n-cheese", "mighty nuggets", "fighter fruit salad" and I can't remember the rest :)  I also did 3 different tables for everyone to sit at that coordinated with all 3 superheros. Somehow I didn't take any pictures of them :( 
Since we just moved back to Weatherford it was mainly just family at the party.  Cassy and Paul and their boys came but besides that it was all cousins. Here's Kai and Weston
Scary Batman....aka Eli
Cutest Batgirl :)
Super Aunt Mal and Super Nate :)
Super Pawpaw and Super Pops :)
My little Superman
My Batman
After everyone ate we did the Spiderman pinata.  My spiderman gave it a good beating :)
After the pinata was the best entertainment of the entire party.  Rick, who is like another dad to me, dressed up as Batman and came in on the tractor.  Batman on the beloved blue tractor....it doesn't really get better than that for little boys!!!  He was hilarious to say the least.  He didn't really know what to say or do and that made it more funny.  My boys told me it was the real Batman that flies from the sky.   
He sorta started acting like Santa Claus which made it even funnier.  They were sitting on his lap.  I think he was ready to make his exit :) 
I think these might be worth some money one day :)
Then we did cake!  I had superhero masks for everyone too....just cut out of felt and elastic tied on for the band.
We sang 3 times :)  First to my big 5 year old!!! (Spiderman)
Then to my big (almost) 3 year old!!! (Batman)
Then to my big 1 year old!!! (Superman)
We had been practicing blowing out the candle so he had to do it again :)
He went for a little fly 
Now it's time to dig in!!!  He knew just what to do....lots and lots of icing!!! 
This is my favorite....it's purple because the red and blue have mixed :)  Love that face! 
The amazing cake maker :) 
All my grandparents were able to be there too. 
We did a silly string fight in the yard after that too.  It was fun!
We got the boys bikes for their birthday.  They are loving them!!!  We've been going on many many walks in the neighborhood.  They love riding them on Pops long driveway too. 
One of our boys favorite toys in their big dump trucks.  They push them everywhere and load stuff in them.  It's been a favorite for a long time.  So we decided Tyson needed his own too.  So that was his birthday present.  He loved it! 
I made them all capes for the party with the letter of their first name on the back.  Nothing fancy....just cut them out of cheap black material, cut out the letters from sticky felt, and ironed on velcro tabs to take them on and off with.  Here's some pictures of them.
Mimi and Pawpaw 
Grams and Pops
My hubby who thinks he is Superman...oh I mean my hubby who is my superman! 
Cousins on my side
Cousins on Logan's side
My parents got them cowboy boots...this picture makes me laugh....spiderman in cowboy boots with sunglasses on.
Tyson got his new carseat from Mimi and Pawpaw.  He loves it and I love him facing the front!!
Fun fun day celebrating my 3 boys.  I love having them all together at one party.  It was a really fun day and great to have all of our family with us to celebrate.  I will say there was definitely something missing without all our Boerne friends there.  There will always be something missing at our parties without them there :)