Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fort, Science Experiments and Pops

We didn't have much going on today so we were just out playing in the backyard.  We had a big stack of logs so we decided to build a fort with them.  The boys made it their new club house and the first rule they stated was that "no girls were allowed"...so even mama isn't allowed in it :(  It's a pretty cool fort though!
We did some more sciene experiments last week.  We blew up a balloon using the baking soda/vinegar combo.  They thought it was super cool.....just look at Caleb's lips if you aren't sure :)
Then we made a lava lamp out of vegetable oil, water, food coloring and alka seltzer.  They really loved this!
Fun on the golf cart with Pops.  These boys sure love being able to see their Pops more!
2 passengers in the green car have changed....now it's Caleb driving (a little scary....he's sorta in his own world when he's driving) and Tyson as the passenger. 

Kinder, No Training Wheels, and Allowance

Bottom line my big boy is getting old.  It seems crazy to me that Weston is 5 and about to start kindergarten!!!  We went and registered him last Thursday at Mary Martin elementary where he will start in the fall.  He was so excited and loved every minute of it.  He kept telling me that I was going to miss him and that Caleb was going to miss him too :)  I think he's right. 
Another thing we've started is chores for him.  He has started making his bed (or best he can) every morning, putting all his clothes away and setting the table at dinner time.  If he does it all week he gets a $1 which is a LOT of money in his mind!!!  He asks everyday if it's payday yet :) 
He had tried the no training wheels thing about a year ago and almost had it and then we didn't keep at it and he never got it all the way.  Well now living close to Pops house he has a SUPER long driveway to practice on.  He found out that Kiersi was riding her bike without training wheels and that's all it took.  He asked Pops right then to take his off and he started riding it.  He is doing great!!!  He has figured out stopping and starting and all of it.  The video below shows him riding....he likes to ride it crazy and last night he had his first major wreck because of that....skinned knees, chin and forehead.  I'm sure it's just the first of many in my world.

Caleb Turns 3!

My crazy Caleb turned 3 last Friday.  His dad came home on Thursday night and that was the best surprise EVER!  He had a great birthday.  Logan took the boys out to my parents house Friday morning and they got to ride the tractor and pick up limbs and watch the train go by.....best fun for Caleb!  My mom gave him a cowboy hat and a holster and 2 play guns.  He LOVED it and has been wearing it since. 
Then after naps we headed to Chuck e Cheese and celebrated just the 5 of us.  It was a lot of fun and all the boys loved that place. 
Not a cake by Aunt Mel that's for sure but it was yummy!!  Chocolate of course if this mama made it!! 
Tyson sure liked it and would've eaten tons more of it if I would have let him! 
We love you so much Caleb!  You are so special to us and so unique in all your own ways.  We love how you always are yourself and are proud of that.  You have never met a stranger and will give a hug to any and everyone.  You feel deeply about everything and we are learning more and more how to understand your little heart.  We are excited to see what all the Lord does with and through your life.   
Happy 3rd Birthday!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Round Top with Melody

Melody asked me to go down to Round Top with her and some of her friends.  Misty and I had met her down there back when I was pregnant with Tyson so I've been once before.  It's basically a HUGE flea market with all kinds of unique finds that goes on in these fields for 2 weeks.  I was excited to be with Melody and liked the stuff down there and needed a break so I decided to go.  We went on Thursday and got there in time for this thing they call "Junk Gypsy Prom."  It was quite a sight to see.  I never thought I'd go to another prom :)  Well this was a little different.....there were all kinds there and it was definitely a great place for people watching.  It was FREEZING cold and we were wearing what you see below in the pictures.  It was fun though and fun to get to know some of her friends.  We shopped all day on Friday and of course I found several fun things to get.  Logan was working sorta close so he came and got me Friday night.  By that time I had NO voice.  I was only whispering and that is still the case today.  I think that cold air had an effect on me :)  Oh well it was fun and I'm glad I went!  But I will say the best part of the trip was watching my sister.  This is her place.  She was definitely in her element and loving every minute of it.  She's amazing at seeing not so cute pieces of decor and then knowing immediately where to put it in her house and how to make it look amazing!  It's a gift and I sadly do NOT have it.  She is so over the top friendly and loud too.  It was funny to watch her get to know just about every vendor that we bought from and making conversation with them.  She reminds me a lot of our dad.  She knew exactly where to shop and what our plan was all the time.  Being in charge is not a new thing for her :)  but she knows this place inside and out.  Everyone was eager for her advice on their purchases.  Anyways....it's been awhile since I've been somewhere like that with her and it was just fun to see her loving that place so much. 


We have a Walker!

He is all over the place now.  He's been walking for a little over a week now.  He has lots of falls but it doing really good.  His arms are hilarious to watch when he tries to keep his balance.  Love my big boy!

Easter and Mimi's Birthday in Kansas

We headed north weekend before last for Easter and to celebrate Mimi's birthday.  We had to take Logan's truck so we could carry a grill back that we had gotten at Christmas.  So it was tight quarters for everyone :)  The drive was a little rough but we somehow managed and made it.  Look at this kid's HUGE head!!!  It looks so heavy while he was sleeping....poor thing.  I sure hope there are a lot of brains up there!
Finally all 3 of them slept at some point of the trip.  I could watch their little faces sleeping all day. 
McDonald's ice cream is how we survived the last hour of the trip :)
And when we got there it was boys boys and more boys!!!
Oh and there was 2 sweet little girls that came over for Easter lunch....Kinley and Hollis.
Happy Birthday Mimi!!!
Time for some Easter egg hunting!!!
Poor Tyson missed out on the egg hunting....he was taking his crazy long Kansas naps.  He sleeps in a closet in the basement and it's really cold and dark.  He sleeps SO long there!!!  It's awesome!  So he still got his Easter basket and he was happy as can be.  I think his cousin Nate was more interested in the goldfish :)
Yes, that's Mimi on the scooter at age 56. 
Love love love this picture :)
He looks like a teenager eating his breakfast.  He is getting so old and big. 
And this is quite fitting for our family pictures.....it's Easter Sunday before we headed to church.  Who knows why he was crying....  We got to go to Mal and Jason's church.  It was great and just great to celebrate Christ.  His death for me has hit me differently this year than most.  It has been all around me....my bible study, Bible movie on TV, reading through the Bible, and several sermons I've listened to.  I hope and pray I never get over the Cross and the price He paid for me will continue to impact my heart.  Now my biggest prayer is that my boys will start to grasp what He did for them.  Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Missing Dad

There hasn't been a storm up here lately so Logan went down to Georgetown because there was a bad hail storm there.  So he's been gone a lot lately.  We miss him a lot.  So it's been a lot of mom lately :)  We've had to think of some fun things to do while dad is gone.  One day we went to Aunt Mel's house and helped her make cakes.  I actually helped her make this rainbow cake.  Isn't it cool???
One night we made homemade popcorn and watched our new favorite movie, Truck Tunes.  It's about 30 minutes and has a different song for each construction truck it talks about.  I think I now have them all memorized.  The boys LOVE it. 
I think Tyson liked the popcorn too :) 
Weston had another soccer game.  Gosh he's hilarious.  He thinks he's one of the best players and that he's the fastest on the team.  Most of the time he's kicking the dirt or swinging on the goal.  He has the best time though and loves being out there.  He is the team's entertainment I think :) 
Our new favorite is the $3 drive thru carwash.  The boys begged to go through it again so we have a clean car!   
Tyson wasn't sure what to think of it.  He's eyes were SO big! 
It was pretty cold a few days so we made a big train track and the superheroes took over the train.
Caleb and his coffee...in honor of dad :) 
We did an Easter egg hunt in our backyard with puzzle pieces that fit together to tell the real Easter story of Christ.  The boys loved it and had fun finding all of them. 
This is one of my favorite pictures.....Weston knew his dad was getting close to home and he went out to the driveway and sat in his little lawnchair and waited on him :)  He really missed his dad!