Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weston's PreK graduation

Weston graduated from preK last Thursday night.  Today he's graduating from preK tomorrow it'll be college :(.  He is so ready for kinder and so excited about it.  I know it'll be a great thing for him.  His mama is just a little sad about it all though.  They had these pictures taken at cute.  It'll be fun to compare this to his high school graduation pictures one day!
This was our fun project we got to do for his graduation.  They traced all the kids on butcher paper and then brought them home.  We had to make it look as much like him as we could.  I didn't like the google eye look so I decided to print a picture of his face and glue it on.  It was pretty cute.  Of course he's wearing spider-man because I think that's what he wore to school 90% of the time. 
They had a little performance last Thursday night.  He sang a duet, said a verse, and did a lot of performing up on the stage.  He did great and wasn't scared one bit. 
While they were putting on their cap and gowns they played a video and said what each child wanted to be when they grow up.  Here's Weston's..... 
Walking across the stage :) 
Grams and Pops and 2 Westons!! 
Here's us with our big boy that we are so proud of.  He is growing and changing so fast right now.  Kindergarten here we come!!
Here's his two teachers from this year at preschool....Mrs. Karie & Mrs. Shelia
and this is his special friend that he talked about all the time..."Gracee".  She was giving him a hug before he left on the last day. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Time in Boerne

We got word last Thursday night that one of our good friends, Clay Aderholt, was killed in a car accident in Boerne.  It was devastating.  We loaded up on Friday and went down to Boerne to be with our friends.  Clay's wife, Allison, is one of my good friends and it's just heartbreaking.  I cannot imagine all that she is going through.  They have 2 kids...Reid who is almost 5(one of Weston's best buddies) and Gracelyn who is almost 2.  He loved the Lord and was an amazing man and dad.  He left an awesome legacy for his family.  Here are some pictures of him. 
He was an Aggie and LOVED college sports.
This little boy adored his dad.....
I was able to spend a little time with Allison....I wish much longer.  She has an amazing community around her which was so great to see.  Reid and Weston got to play together a few times and they had a great time while we were there.  If you are reading this, please pray for Allison and her kids as often as you think of it. 
Caleb got to be with Tyler while we were there too
And Tyson got to be with Mason a little bit
While we were there that weekend we got to be a part of Justin's baptism.  He was baptized as a baby but has since really started walking with the Lord.  He decided he wanted to be baptized and we were all able to be there to see it.  Here's all the guys that were there.  Logan and Justin have had a friendship that really sparked Justin's desire to walk with the Lord.  It was a really awesome day to celebrate his walk with the Lord.  We are so thankful for how the Lord has grown him in such a short time.
Our pastor from Boerne baptizing Justin in the Frio river.
One afternoon while we were there I got to spend time at Chantel's house.  I still hadn't met Reagan that was born back in March.  She is precious!!!  It was a treat to spend the day with them.
Catherine and Scott put up with up staying at their house.  We are more than a lot!!  We were so grateful they let us stay on such a short notice.  We had a great time with them.....and of course the boys did too!
We had some long, crazy days trying to see everyone.  It was an exhausting and emotional few days but we are so glad we went.  The boys did great!  Both of these next pictures are SO rare I had to take a picture of them.....older 2 hugging and Weston asleep in the car!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Last Few Weeks

Tyson has been addicted to the Geo-track trains lately.  He has already picked up on how to operate them from his brothers.  He loves using the remotes to turn them on and off.  He screams when I have to take him away from them.   
 We went to the zoo a few weeks ago with Grams.  It was MUCH different this time because it was SO crowded!!! I guess everyone is doing their end of the year field trips.  We still had a great time and even had a picnic by the train outside of the zoo and rode the train.  This was of course the boys favorite part!
Sleepy boy.....the train ride is about 30+ minutes and it was just too long of a day for Tyson.  He was out :)  I haven't gotten to hold him sleeping or even sitting still in a LONG time.  I enjoyed it! 
Popcorn from Grams :) 
One day it was cold and rainy and mom and me took the boys to the mall in Fort Worth.  Normally we don't mix with shopping malls but I have to admit this one is different!  There is this awesome play area and all the boys loved it.  And....there was a train INSIDE the mall!  So of course we had to try it out.
Ribs for dinner....yummy!
Pops using the blower on the boys.....they loved it. 
Silly boy...I found him this way one morning... 
We went to Melody's one day to help her bake cakes and I looked down at one point and Tyson was carrying this empty pan around and eating the cake as fast as he could scrape it out.   
Neighbors down the street are putting in a retaining wall.....entertainment for the boys! 
Pops look alike :)
Big helper... 
Cutie pie!  
Mimi and Pawpaw came down to visit us a few weekends ago.  Dinner at Rosas!
First sorta swim of the year at my parents house...brrr!!! 
Fun in the backyard.... 
Soccer season is officially over.  The last game we were here for Weston got a goal!!!  Mimi and Pawpaw and Ashley were all here to cheer him on.
You have to watch really closely but Mimi got his goal on video.  You can definitely see him celebrating afterwards.  She promised him gum, ice cream, and a new light saber if he got a goal :)