Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last Few Weeks Around Here

My parents got to keep Melody's girls for a weeks so we got to spend a lot of time with them.  We went for snowcones one night :) 
They designed this awesome house for a butterfly one afternoon :) 
Caleb took swim lessons and did awesome!!! 
We finally braved the lake with all 3 this year.  We didn't last too long but honestly it went really well.  They boys did great and loved being on the boat. 
Even Tyson rode the tube with Logan. 
Happy Father's Day to this picture and it's seems like we have several of Caleb screaming :)  I can't even remember what he was screaming about.  
Popsicles on the driveway 
Love these pictures....maybe I just love any pictures I can get with all 3 of them smiling!!! 
Tyson got to do some mowing with Pops!  He loved every second of it.  I think he's going to be Pops little buddy just like the other two. 
THIS is an accomplishment.  It had a bazillion million pieces and Weston and I put it together over about a week during the little boys' naps.  He is so proud of it! 
We tried a free soccer camp last Saturday at the soccer fields in Weatherford.  This was Caleb's first time to play.  They did ok.  Weston got bored really quick and actually Caleb lasted the longest and did great.  He signed up and is going to play this fall.  He is just so cute in his shin guards :)
Swimming after soccer!!!  Weston is floating on his back for a whole minute by himself now!  He is doing great and LOVES being in the pool. 
I love this picture of my two goofballs. 
We were inside getting things together and little did we know what was going on outside.  Weston had hooked up the chain to the golf cart and had pulled it out of the garage!  Luckily it was turned so that it didn't hit Pops' truck.  Crazy boy!!! 
The older 2 went to the dentist this week.....sunglasses, earphones and a that's a fun dentist!  Thankfully their teeth looked great! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekend in Kansas

We drove up a few weekends ago to Kansas for Kai and Eli's birthday parties.  It was a lot of fun being there for it.
These 2 are going to be best buddies.... 
We went to the dinosaur exhibit at their Children's museum.  It was awesome!!  This t-rex actually roared and moved! 
That is a lot of boys!!! 
Caleb loved digging for artifacts.... 
They had a ton of these little blocks called Keva planks.  The boys loved playing with them. 
Tyson and the snake.... 
Logan got to celebrate his birthday again with his family.  He tried to pretend he was 23.....don't worry we know the truth!! 
For the party at Mal and Jason's house they had the sandbox closed up.  Well they didn't stop Caleb.  He was just dying to get in there and dig......we just saw him like this and it cracked me up! 
Then he decided to just go ahead and get all the way in. 
Lots of Mimi's popcorn to get us home :) 
For some reason I don't have any pictures of the boys party....maybe because I was chasing kids the whole time.  But it was really cute.  They had a Ninja birthday party and Jason designed an obstacle course in their backyard.  The kids had swords (pool noodles) they used to fight off the ninjas as they were completing the course.  All of the kids had a blast.