Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trip to Florida

So here is all about Florida...the boys had already been there with the rest of my family for a few days.  They got to play on the beach a few days and hang out with the girls.....notice how pretty the sand and water is.... 
 When we got there for some reason we brought the RAIN!  It poured and poured and poured most of our time there.  We got out of the house on Wednesday and went to Fudpuckers....a restaurant and alligator place.  The boys got to feed the alligators and take a picture with them.  If you'll notice Weston holding the tiny alligator that is NOT real....well that's because we were making fun of him.  He was scared to death of the real one and was crying and wouldn't even touch it so we went to the gift shop and got a toy one that he could hold for his picture :)
We finally got to go to the beach on Wednesday afternoon I think.  If you'll notice the water wasn't very clear and actually we couldn't even swim because the double red flag was up that meant the current was too strong :(  So we played a lot in the sand and made up our own fun!
I stayed at the house with the two younger boys but everyone else drove to Panama City to go to the Place of Wax....well that didn't quite work out.  It was raining so much it was actually flooding.  They were closing roads and it was getting a little scary.  So they drove 2 hours to turn around and drive right back :(
Fun walk with the boys out behind the house we stayed in on the boardwalks....supposedly there was alligators but we never saw any there
Here's our attempt at some family July 4th pictures....enjoy :)
More beach on Friday....
It was a little on the windy side they had a fun boomerang/freesbie game
Hopscotch in the sand...
The four of us got to go out the last night to a nice restaurant.  Mom and dad kept the kids....yes, very nice of them. 
We decided to take our time on the way home and we took the boys to the USS Alabama ship in Mobile. 
Way home.....this NEVER happens so I had to take a picture....don't worry it only lasted a few minutes :)
Well even though it rained a whole lot and we drove a long ways we are still really glad we got to go and be there with our family!