Thursday, August 29, 2013

Weston's First Day of Kindergarten, His Day out with Grams and Pops, and He Learns to Waterski!

  Grams and Pops have taken each grandchild for a special day before they start kindergarten.  Well this year it was Weston's turn.  They took him to LEGOLAND at Grapevine Mills mall, Chickfila, ride the train in the mall, and then to see the movie Planes.  He had a blast and loved every minute of being the only one with the two of them.  Here's some pictures my mom took....
They said this was his favorite the cars down the track over and over. 
He thought this was really cool....being able to order food while you watch a movie!! 
Tired Weston.....long day with a lot of fun! 
He finally can climb the monkey bars all the way across by himself.  He is a very strong kid but he is also very heavy so this was quite a feat.   
Splash park in Weatherford 
Caleb insisted on bringing his trucks....this is his love. 
yummy chocolate cake :) 
cutie pie
my crazy boys! 
We had meet the teacher night last Friday night.  We took all 3 boys so that made it VERY crazy but overall it was great to meet his teacher, Mrs. Mosgovoy.  She seems great and he seems to love her already. 
For the last weekend before school started we decided to get the boat out for sadly only the 2nd time all summer.  We had so much fun!  We took the Garretts with us too. 
We bought a pair of kid skis last summer in hopes that Weston would just love it and want to do it.  Well he didn't ever even want to try.  So on his own initiative he was the first one in the water and the first one to try this past weekend.  He got up first try and skied awesome!!! We were very proud of him!

my boys sure love being with Mr. Brandon :) 
Audra tried skiing for the first time too.  She got up and did pretty good! 
I think Jayton liked the boat too. 
Silly dad trying to do tricks on the tube.  Weston was out there just cracking up at him. 
We had family night this past Saturday and watched Toy Story and ate popcorn. 
And then the day came....Weston started kindergarten.  He was so excited and so cute.   
what a picture.... 
walking in with dad 
Weston and Mrs. Mosgovoy on the firs day 
Caleb got to go to work with Pops on Monday.  He wanted to pack his lunch box just like Weston did.  He had a blast and loves his Pops!! 
And poor Tyson just had to stay home with Mama and clean the house :)  He's a good little helper! 
This is definitely a huge transition for our family.  Weston is loving it so far.  He's been really tired when he comes home everyday.  I think the only one having issues with it all is ME!  I miss my big boy so so much.  It seems like such a long day without him.  I know he is doing great and this is supposed to happen but I just miss being with him.  So hopefully I will adjust and get used to this new season of life.  At least I still have these 2 cute little boys at home to be with all day.