Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Caleb's Soccer Debut!

Well it may just be total chaos and crazy with 3yr olds running around the field chasing the ball all together but Caleb sure its CUTE out there!!!  He is so excited about soccer season and I know he'll do great.  He had his first game this past weekend and it was a sight :) Here's our soccer star....

Grandparent's Day at School

Weston had Grandparent's day at school this past Friday.  Grams and Pops got to up to his classroom and do a few things with him.  I think Pops even danced with him?!?!  Here's a video to prove it :)
Then they got to eat lunch in the cafeteria with him.  He LOVED it.    

Monday, September 9, 2013

Labor Day in Kansas

We had a great weekend last weekend in Kansas.  We got to spend lots of time with the Kriegers and Mimi and Pawpaw.  It was a fun weekend!
Caleb and Eli doing some superhero moves :) 
Tyson getting to ride with Tessa.... 
who is that?? 
he would've stayed in here all day! 
They had a kiddie pool below the slide of their playset.  It was big fun to slide down the slide into the pool!
too much tire swing for caleb....he puked :(
Weston and Kai chasing the ducks
Mimi and Pawpaw's new house.....or soon to be in a few months...
We spent one afternoon at their YMCA.  They have a waterpark outside of it.  The boys loved it! 
our attempt at all of them in a picture! 
Movie night with all of the was our only way we can get a picture of all of them not screaming their heads off :)
 I got to celebrate my birthday a little early.  We had some yummy steaks and chocolate cake!! 
tired boys...