Friday, November 15, 2013

A&M Game and Random pics of the Boys

Tyson has become the screamer lately :(  I wonder who taught him that....
This is what most of my days are like now....well not necessarily everyone smiling but the 3 of us.  Logan is busy with work and not around much and Weston's at school all day.  So it's me and the 2 younger boys.  We've had some adjusting time but it's going good.  They are learning to play together in progress...and I'm adjusting to not having Weston around as much.  I still miss him like crazy but I am thankful I am with these 2 all day :) 
Caleb is pretty good at getting Tyson to eat his food.... 
One morning I was running behind and Weston made his cinnamon toast....or maybe I should say sugar toast all by himself.  Don't worry...I did NOT let him eat that! 
Weston's school picture :) 
Yes, she is sticking on out there :)   
cutie pie with my boots on 
my helpers.....they just instinctively know when I'm making cookies and come running for a beater to lick :) 
Every year we pack some boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  The boys all pack a box that will be for another little boy their same age.  It's fun to think next year we get to pack our very first GIRL box!!!  Wahoo! 
Trying to fit into dad's shirt. 
They celebrated Veteran's week at Weston's school this week.  They had an assembly and asked everyone to submit pictures of the veterans in their life.  My Papaw Platt served in WWII so we got to post a picture of him.  Here's Weston's next to it.  He's been asking all kinds of questions this week about war and soldiers.  It's so fun to see him learning about so many things!
For Logan's birthday (yes, it was in June) he said he wanted to go to an A&M game.  So we finally got to do that this past weekend.  It was really fun and I know a lot of fun for him.  He drove me around and showed me the many places he lived and things that he did.  Yes, I did wear some maroon but don't worry I still cheer for the Baylor Bears :)   
After seeing all the sights at A&M, we had to stop in Waco on the way back!!!!  So we got a coffee at the famous Common Grounds :)  It was a fun trip with my hubby! 
All 3 boys are now decked out with Aggie wear.  Tyson isn't in the picture but him and little girl got stuff too.  Seeing as how the cost of A&M is a lot cheaper than Baylor I think I'm ok with them picking A&M :)   

Trip to Boerne and Halloween!

We spent the weekend before Halloween down in Boerne.  It had been WAY too long since we had been able to make a trip down there.  It was so good to see good.  We miss everyone very very much.  We got to spend some time with Allison and her kids.  The kids got in their costumes and ate cookies and played.  They loved it. 
Tyson had a few cookies :) 
Here's my 3 pirates.... 
Weston loved the paint....can you tell???  I'm not sure if his pumpkin ever dried! 
A bunch of sweet friends that we miss!! 
Silly Reid! 
Gracie pushing Tyson in their new cool swing 
We went to Sarah Pospisil's wedding while we were down there.  Justin and Misty wanted to keep Tyson for the night.  He had a blast.  They have a golf cart and that is his ultimate favorite thing on this earth currently.   
It was the most gorgeous wedding.  It was so fun to be there and be with some of our dearest friends.....very fun night. 
fun night with some of my favorite girls!!! yes, they had a photo booth at the wedding!!  You got pictures printed right there!
Got the belly as dressed up as I could :) 
Time to go home :( 
I could just kiss this picture looking at it.  Those big squishy cheeks and lips make me melt.  I love my boy. 
Silly Weston on crazy sock and hat day at school 
My cute, squinty-eyed pirate 
We did the trunk-or-treat at North Side this year.  It was fun but a very long night.  There were SO many people!!!  Melody and the girls came over to be with us and they were pirates we were a big family of pirates!!  Arggg! 
This is my pastor and his wife.....
Weston's Halloween party at school.... 
school carnival.... 
This picture cracks me up.  The older boys kept leaving their candy buckets down where Tyson could get to them and every time he found them he'd go dump everything out and find him something.  Got to love those little brothers!