Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ruidoso for Thanksgiving!

Quick baby update....everything is going well.  This picture was last week and I was 27 weeks.  Right after this I had some sort of stomach bug.....throwing up with a belly is not fun. It was a quick one and I'm not sure what caused it. 
This was the first thing that started off our Thanksgiving break....making the famous Cross cinnamon rolls.
Weston and his buddy James at his Thanksgiving party.....2 little Indians. 
Weston had early dismissal on Tuesday so we were all loaded up and ready to go to Ruidoso.  We picked up the Indian and headed west. 
Long trip....8ish hours 
My parents had the girls for the week because Mel and Greg took a 10 year anniversary trip to Costa Rica!!  They had a blast. 
It had snowed the weekend before so there was still a little bit on the ground to play in. 
This was a hit the entire time....Tickle Monster book....if you don't have it I highly recommend it!  They all had so much fun giggling while Logan would come after them with furry paws to tickle them. 
Cutest picture.....Tyson just sat up there by Kiersi and put his hand over on her leg :) 
This little boy was SO attached to his daddy while we were there. 
Breakfast time! 
Time to go sledding!  They are the cutest! 
This is a "mini" Pops....he found my dad's card shuffler and he was amazed!  He played with it nonstop and now that is all he is asking for it. 
Yes, we took the million train tracks and it was SO worth it.  Even the girls loved playing with them.  It was a lot of fun. 
Best thing I apple pie :)  sorry if that sounds like i'm proud. 
My turkey carver....we actually smoked the turkey this year on our smoker before we left.  It was pretty good but I don't think I'll ever say that turkey is ever just SO good.... steak yes, but not turkey :) 
Thanksgiving lunch... 
Pops and Kiersi at the coolest park ever!  We had been to one like it at a town close to Ruidoso but didn't know until this trip that there was one right in town.  We spent quite a bit of time there. 
The crew.... 
Logan was mister entertainer.....always playing games with all the kids to keep them laughing and entertained. 
thankfully he didn't hurt himself :) 
cutie pie just wants to be like the big kids 
There really aren't words for this video.....enclosed bathtub was like a piece of heaven for them.....
These pictures actually turned out really good!  No one is screaming there head off which is a plus. 
My parents and the girls went back on Saturday so after they left we headed to Grindstone lake and threw rocks.  Yes, this is what you do for fun when you have 3 boys.....and yes, it was fun.  Hope their little sister likes to do this one day. 
Who can find the biggest rock and throw it?!? 
Tyson LOVED throwing rocks and I mean really loved throwing soon as we got there he started and didn't stop till we forced him to leave.  It was pretty cute to watch.
Grams introduced him to hot chocolate while she was there and now he is hooked....just like his Mama. 
We had to go back for some more park time that night. 
My cutie pie and his turtle....newest friend 
It was a great Thanksgiving.  We are so grateful for the many things the Lord has given us.  It was a fun trip but good to be home Sunday night :)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Putting up the Christmas Tree

Weston got home from school the other day and there was ice in all the trees.  He went and got his golf club and proceeded to beat it out of the trees.  Entertainment. 
Since we were inside for several days because of it being so cold we got out this huge tub of trains that my sister had gotten the boys from a garage sale a long time ago.  Logan had a blast designing them an amazing track to play with.  It has proved to be hours of entertainment for these little boys!!! 
Weston put up the manger scene all by himself.  I didn't tell him how to arrange them and this is what he did.  I love it.  They are all worshipping Jesus :) 
Cold weather to little boys and big boys means one thing....building a fire :)  I think Logan has as much fun with it as they do. 
I had my helpers decorating the tree....I have some huge clusters of red balls all together at the bottom of the tree.....oh well I love it.