Friday, January 31, 2014

Progress on the House...Finally!

I do NOT get the patient award for this house.  Even back to buying the lot I was impatient.  But finally we finished up with the plans and got the permit and were able to start.  They poured the slab this past Saturday.  It was freezing cold but the boys of course had a blast watching it all.  
Love seeing them out there playing knowing that's where we're going to live in a few months!  They built themselves a little house with scrap wood :)
And yesterday we got walls!  
I am excited and trying not to be the nagging wife through the whole process :)  

Lucy Update!

So Lucy Marie Cross is her name officially.  We finally decided a few weeks ago and I love love love her name.  I went for a sonogram the day I left for Boerne (2 weeks ago) and she was measuring big (6 lbs and 6oz) so they moved up my due date to my original one which was February 13th. She is doing great though.....growing big...can you tell?!?  Not exactly sure why I'm posting this picture....I mean look at me!!!  That was a week ago 37 weeks exactly....
And then this was this morning....38 weeks and a day.  I was about to workout and I just think it's funny that no tank top will cover her!!!  Weston always tells me when she's sticking out :)  And yes, still running....privacy of my own bedroom/treadmill.
So the biggest thing lately has been working on her room.  Back a year ago when we moved the crib that Logan spent countess hours building got unhooked in the Uhaul trailer by a certain almost 3 and 5 year old....ratchet straps are just too enticing!  So poor Tyson has been sleeping in the crib this whole year with clamps attached to the sides holding certain boards together.....don't worry it was pretty safe :)  So I decided I wanted to paint the whole thing white for Lucy and Logan decided to go ahead and fix it too.  It has become quite the project....hours upon hours of building, sanding, staining, painting, sanding, painting, sanding and finally waxing it.  I never want to paint anything again :)  We tried the famous Annie Sloan Chalk paint on it and I love it!!!
We definitely have had plenty of helpers too!!!  We've laughed at the difference from the first time he built the crib when I was pregnant with Weston and it was just me and him out in the garage night after its me and him and 3 little boys that want to be right in the middle of everything :)
They learned how to use the router which was very exciting for them.
The shop vac was big entertainment!
Staining the new part....
Now painting....
I missed taking a few pictures in between....but painted 2 coats and then sanded for a distressed look....I love it!!!
Last night he finished up the waxing on it so tonight we get to put it all back together and move it in!  And why I say I never want to paint anything else again is because we did this to the changing table and the rocker/glider.  Gliders are NOT fun to paint....way too many little parts down under....but it's done and I love it all so much!!!  Worth it I think.....and hopefully Logan would say the same :)   Logan's done a ton of work on that he can do all of that and knows how...amazing to me!

My Mini Boerne Trip!

Logan asked before Christmas what I wanted for him to get me.  I couldn't really think of anything but I did really want to see my Boerne friends.  So I picked a weekend and made plans to go down for a quick visit.  The other big part of the trip was that I got to go ALONE!  This never happens at this stage of life....even for a Walmart trip :)  So thank you Mom and Logan for taking care of the boys for me!  While I was there we didn't do a lot, which was my at my request, but we did get to talk a lot which I loved every second!  It was so fun to be there with them.
My favorite friends in the world (plus Dena that couldn't be there) and miss them so much!!!
I insisted on NO baby shower....that was NOT why I was going down there but of course they gave me some sweet things for Lucy (yes, that's her name!!) that are special just because they are from them!!!  So thank you sweet friends for a really fun day and a half.  Thanks for getting babysitters and making food and making for a relaxing time with all of you.  

Crazy Boys the Last Few Weeks

Sorry I haven't blogged in forever!  Sometime weird was going on with blogger and it wasn't letting me post any pictures so now it's been forever since I've posted anything.  So there might be several today :)  Here's my boys and their morning coffee....yes, weird....this is thanks to their Mimi :)  I mean what other kindergartner is having a morning cup of coffee?!?
Tyson is loving his biggest brother these days....they have a special bond....since Weston goes to bed first (because of school), Tyson loves to crawl in there and cuddle with him.  It's really cute and hope they will all be close one day :)  I know the age gap is helping them be closer right now. 
Weston had a MLK day off which I LOVED having him home.  I wish they had off every Monday :)  I promised them we'd go to Fort Worth and ride the train at Trinity Park.  I had a few errands before and they were so patient and excited.  We pulled up to the train and it was closed :(  Big bummer.  So we got some chicken strips and went to Trinity Park playground.  It was a beautiful day and the boys had a blast. 
One day the park....the next night hot chocolate!  I feel like that's about how the weather has been lately!!   
Caleb and Tyson are beginning to get closer to with Weston gone at school all day long.  Its a much slower process but it's happening.  Tyson likes to tackle anyone :)  He was getting on Caleb's back while Caleb was doing push ups.  Do you like his form?? 
Wearing Bubba's shoes...
Last Friday we got to keep Grant and Brittany's boys for a few hours.  It was so much fun to have them with out their mom and dad so we could really get to know them.  The boys all had a blast together.  Tyson and Connor are cute little buddies!!!
Caleb was having a bit of a hard when we got him in the picture it kinda all fell apart :)
It's been so cold the last few days but today was finally warm so we had a little picnic in the backyard! 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas in Kansas

We left for Kansas on Christmas Eve.  It was SO cold there!!!  They had gotten a lot of snow the weekend before.  It was beautiful!
That night we let the boys give the other boys their gifts.  It was cute having them all lined up like that.  They all pair off so perfectly :)   
We got them all the pairs the same thing....and they all got games! 
I just want you to know there were about 20 pictures to get 1 of them all remotely looking :) 
family pic in front of the tree 
The next day all of Judy's side of the family came over for Christmas lunch.  After we ate and did gifts, Kelly read the Christmas story to the kids and had them put pictures of all the characters on the felt board.    

Then they made mangers with graham crackers and lots of icing and trees with sugar cones. 
double trouble checking out the new present 
There was a lot of Wii during the week we were there.  The older 2 love playing it together.   
Christmas dinner....yum yum!!! 
That night Mimi and Pawpaw did the boys stockings and presents.....they had a blast of course....
Oh he was SO excited about his Elmo....he has slept with it every night and every nap :) 
Caleb got a big boy bike!! 
Weston got a foosball table/air hockey table that dad is still putting together :) 
Younger 2 got this cool ybikes....they go from a tricycle to a strider bike. 
All 4 of the older boys got remote controlled cars.  They were super excited! 
Nate and his Mimi....he adores her :) 
Mimi and Pawpaw are building a new house just down the road from the one they are in now.  It isn't finished yet but they keep the heat on for the workers so we went down there to the basement and let the boys drive their remote controlled cars around.  They had a blast. 
We helped Mimi pack up the playroom a little bit and she found a tape and tape recorder.  The boys were amazed and listened to it for awhile.  They played with it until one of them pulled all the ribbon out of the tape :(
Mimi got all the boys matching shirts and ties to wear to TRY to take pictures.  Mallory took some in the backyard and she think she got a few to turn out.  It was humorous (I guess that is the word) to try to get them all to cooperate.  6 boys....6 and under....not an easy task.  We tried getting them to sit in front of the Christmas tree when we finished from so much.
not sure what is happening here... 

This was MORE than a favorite while we were there.  Tyson and Nate were constantly bringing out Mimi's cereal from the pantry.  She keeps it on a shelf where they can reach it but it was much too enticing for them.  I think Tyson ate his weight in mini wheats :)
We left on Sunday and headed back.  It was 17 degrees when we left Wichita and we weren't far from their house when I looked in the back to see this......really?  He had taken off his clothes.  Hard to understand boys sometimes.  He said he was hot. 
We made it home that evening.  Great trip and time with his family.  We are always sad to leave Kansas because we don't get to go there and see them as much as we'd like.  Next time we're up there we'll have baby girl with us!!!!