Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lucy Turns 1 Month, House Update, and Random Pics

Somebody thinks he is pretty big these days....big enough to drive the green car at Grams and Pops.  Better watch out for him!
  Same silly boy with a basket on his head....he walks around with it on there a lot :)
 Amy and Allison came over for lunch and to see Lucy.  Allison LOVED getting to hold her.  
 Love this little girl :)
 Papaw loves her too.  He never wants to let her go :)
 House is slowly coming along :)  Getting the shingles, stone and stucco done....
 Tyson is showing more and more interest with her.  You just never know what will be next....maybe a kiss one second and hitting her the next :(  But overall he is doing pretty well. 
 What?!?  I'm not the baby anymore??? 
 Crazy hair night :)
 And I do mean CRAZY!!!
 Yesterday was one month already :(  She's doing great!  We went back to dr today for her checkup.  She's up to 11lbs and 5oz (93%).  AND she slept 7 hours last night!!!  Wahoo!!!   
 I put this on FB yesterday...pretty funny :)
 She's got some curls when it's all wet....this is after her bath last night!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break 2014

I guess this is our first official spring break now that Weston is in Kindergarten.  I thought it was awesome timing with just having Lucy and with the time change.  The boys for some reason kept sleeping in most mornings till 8 or so and it was awesome!!!  Weston made his baseball debut the first part of the week with his first baseball game.  He was so cute in his little uniform.  He never got a hit but sure did try hard :)  They let him try playing catcher and he LOVED it.  He thought all the gear you have to put on was super cool. 
Wow....this is my backseats full!
One morning I was nursing and they all 3 managed to get bowls and cereal and start breakfast themselves.  I thought it was so cute seeing them all up there. 
 When the boys went camping, Tyson, Lucy and me went over to Melody's house for the night.  The girls had fun holding Lucy and playing with Tyson.  I think Tyson is Kiersi's little buddy and Lucy is Kayden's little buddy.  They are so cute with them both. 
 Aunt Mel 
 Also during the break we got to do a sip-n-see for Amanda.  She had a little boy, Bodie, about 2 months before Lucy.  He has so much hair and is such a cutie pie!!!
  Somebody got a big boy haircut!!  He looks so much like Weston now....and Pops.   
Jen came by and got to meet Lucy.  So fun to get to see her!!  Lucy and Claire are 4 months apart and will be good buddies :)
 This is what she wore home from the almost 3 weeks later it's fitting a little different :) 
 Jedi sword fight in our undies....yes this is totally normal for our house :) 
 One day we had to take Lucy to do her PKU and the weather was so nice so we went and road the train by the zoo and had a Chickfila picnic.  Very fun!
 And don't be thinking I could manage all them by myself!!!  Super Grams came along to help :) 
 me with all my crew :)
 We had dinner out a Pops and Grams one night and of course had to introduce Lucy to the golf cart.   
A little blurry....but really cute!
So a very fun week with my boys and little girl.  I was sad for Weston to have to go back to school and for us to have to start having a schedule again :(