Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Last Few Weeks....and Some Special Visitors :)

Nothing in particular.....just some random pictures of my favorites this past few weeks :)

 His daddy wouldn't like this picture but I was just seeing the resemblance of Lucy and him.  They look a lot alike!!

Catherine and Braden got to come down weekend before last from Boerne.  It was SO SO SO fun to have her here and spend time with her.  She got to love on Lucy, Braden and Weston got to play nonstop, and I got my talking in for awhile :)  I miss her so much.  It was a much needed time together.  I don't normally give up my sleep but we stayed up talking till like 2:30 both nights!?!  I didn't want it to end :(  

They were over there just eating and talking away about stuff....funny to watch them. 

And Aunt B got to come meet Lucy too!  She was up seeing her parents and got to come visit one night....just wish it could've been a lot longer!!! 

My favorite pictures of Lucy so far :)  It was her first time to church this past week and she got to get dressed up.  She about melts me with that smile!!