Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kids, House Update, Great Wolf Lodge and Lucy Turns 3 Months!

Best picture of her right now....LOVE that smile!!! 
Well this picture is Weston trying to give her the bottle.  We've been trying and trying lately but she is refusing to take it :(  She only likes her Mama.  But I do love this picture....her looking up at her big brother! 

And of course someone else thought he needed to try too 

Weston driving the golf cart....with me behind him :) 
Finally we got this picture!!!  4 Mamaw, my mom, and my little girl :) 
Our Sunday school class went to an indoor gym in town called Maverick.  It's a gymnastics/cheerleading place.  The kids got to play and run and burn energy.  They loved it and cried when we all had to leave. 

This is the outfit my mom gave me before I even knew Lucy was going to be a girl.  My Mamaw had done the same thing for her and so she gave me a girl outfit in hopes that this one would be a girl.  At the time I wasn't very happy about her giving it to me....I felt like it was getting my hopes up for a girl to probably be let down BUT I guess it worked because we got our girl :) 
Here's a few pictures of the house lately....getting closer!!!  Hoping about 3 more weeks... 

Apartment Life = Lots of Parks 

This is what it looks like most days :( 

Oh those cheeks make me just want to kiss them!!!! 
We try the potty just about every morning and every morning it doesn't work....he tries but just doesn't go.  He HAS to be close! 
This is how he wanted to sit on the potty.....trash truck and crane truck within arms reach! 
Swimming time at my parents to have the goggles on :) 

 More park time!

 Weston had "Water Day" at school.  It is basically a day where they get to wear their swimsuits and play outside in the water all day.  Weston loved it of course!

 Caleb and I went up there for a little while.  He had fun playing with Weston.
My Papaw turned 92 on Sunday.  He is so special to us.  He ADORES Lucy...and I do mean adores.  My mom asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said I already got it.  And she said what did you get?  He said my little girl (Lucy).  He loves holding her and getting to see her.  I feel like I'm ripping her out of his arms when it's time to leave their house.  I'm so glad we are close now and able to spend more time over there. 
My nieces celebrated their 7th and 8th birthdays with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge this year.  We were very excited about this.  We actually ended up making it a surprise for the boys.  We picked Weston up from school on Friday and didn't tell any of them where we were going.  It's only about an hour drive from here so they were asking all kinds of questions on the way.  They thought we were driving to Kansas :)  They didn't even see it till we were literally in front of the front door....yes, very observant kids :)  They screamed and were VERY excited.  Lucy got her first night in a hotel room! And to wear her cute swimsuit for the first time. Yeah, only a mom with 3 boys and then a little girl would be a matching bow on with her swimsuit :)

My sister made the girls an "Olaf in the Summer" cake.  It was so cute and SO yummy!!! 
This little cookie monster ate about 3 or more cookies!!!  He kept stealing everyones when they weren't looking!!! 
Birthday girls!

The girls each brought one friend and they were all so excited to be with Lucy.  It was really cute :) 

Yeah so 4 kids in a hotel/amusement park type place = expensive.  So we packed cereal and milk and microwaveable pancakes :)  It worked!

This is where Tyson was camped out the whole time....slides with his Pops.  It doesn't get much better than that! 

So we just stayed Friday night but then you get to play in the waterpark all day the next day.  So we pushed them all through naps and kept on playing.  We got in the car a little after 5 to head home and they were pooped :)  It took about 5 minutes for the younger 2 boys to be out.   
Lucy turned 3 Months on Sunday.  Mallory gave her this outfit and I've been dying to get her to wear it.  It was SO cute on her!!!
She's the happiest and easiest 3 month old I've ever had or based on what I can remember.  She's sleeping and eating great.  She just started this talking/jabbering that is SO cute.  I don't remember this with any of the boys.  She's so loud you can't even talk over her sometimes.  I'm thinking she's going to be my talker (or well another one of my talkers.....Caleb is definitely a talker :).