Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Fun!

Tyson's hiding spot at the apartment.....actually all of the boys hiding spot.  They get in the cabinets and hide :)

Rompers might be my new favorite on her :) 
 all 4 of them in same picture....
 Tyson and his buddy Reid get to hang out and play while their older brothers are in swimming lessons.
 This is what Weston does to Lucy's chubby cheeks a lot.
New backyard!!! 
 yeah....who knows.

 Tyson finally went potty IN the potty the other night....first time so he got a big cookie right before dinner :)
 Logan throwing Tyson up in the air.....he loves it.  "Again Daddy....Again"
 The boys made some type of tent in their room.  Lucy is actually in there somewhere :)  Weston thought she wanted to get inside.
The boys slip n slide....although a roll of trash bags doesn't work so well....they split very quickly. 
So we got a little smarter and used a big tarp.....it worked!

Look at my sweet girl picking up her big head :)  And those back rolls.....love them! 
 Weston adores her :)  And I think the feeling is mutual....love her smile.

Lucy's Newborn Pics

Yes, I am aware that Lucy is NOT a newborn anymore but I realized I never posted all her sweet pictures.  Mallory came down a few weeks after she was born and took them all.  I love them and so ready to move in to our house so I can print some and hang them up!  So there's a lot but I wanted to make sure they were on here :)

All of us....this is a good as it gets :) 

And the rest are more humorous that anything.....enjoy :) 

probably my favorite :)